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  • Eagle, John War
  • Earl, Elizabeth
  • Eason, Bo
  • East, Jeff
  • Easterbrook, Leslie
  • Eastin, Steve
  • Eastman, George
  • Easton, Sheena
  • Eastwood, Alison
  • Eastwood, Clint
  • Eastwood, Jayne
  • Eaton, Shirley
  • Eberl, Luke
  • Ebersole, Christine
  • Ebsen, Buddy
  • Eburne, Maude
  • Eccleston, Christopher
  • Echanove, Juan
  • Eckhart, Aaron
  • Eckhouse, James
  • Eckstrom, Lauren
  • Eddington, Paul
  • Eddy, Helen Jerome
  • Eddy, Nelson
  • Edelman, Gregg
  • Edelman, Herb
  • Eden, Barbara
  • Edmonds, Dartanyan
  • Edmonds, Mike
  • Edmund, Justin Pierre
  • Edney, Beatie
  • Edson, Richard
  • Edwards, Anthony
  • Edwards, Cliff
  • Edwards, Daryl
  • Edwards, Edward
  • Edwards, Eric
  • Edwards, James
  • Edwards, James L
  • Edwards, Jennifer
  • Edwards, Luke
  • Edwards, Meredith
  • Edwards, Paddi
  • Edwards, Penny
  • Edwards, Snitz
  • Edwards, Stacy
  • Edwards, Tony
  • Edwards, Vince
  • Efron, Marshall
  • Egan, Richard
  • Ege, Julie
  • Eggar, Samantha
  • Eggert, Nicole
  • Eginton, Zack
  • Egoyan, Atom
  • Ehle, Jennifer
  • Ehlers, Jerome
  • Eichhorn, Lisa
  • Eidel, Carey
  • Eidsvold, Gard B
  • Eigeman, Chris
  • Eikenberry, Jill
  • Eilbacher, Lisa
  • Eilber, Janet
  • Eilers, Sally
  • Eisley, Anthony
  • Eisner, David
  • Ejogo, Carmen
  • Ekberg, Anita
  • Ekland, Britt
  • Elam, Jack
  • Elcar, Dana
  • Eldard, Ron
  • Eldredge, George
  • Electra, Carmen
  • Elfman, Bodhi
  • Elfman, Jenna
  • Elg, Taina
  • Elise, Christine
  • Elise, Kimberly
  • Elizondo, Hector
  • Ellenstein, Robert
  • Ellington, Duke
  • Elliott, Alison
  • Elliott, Beverley
  • Elliott, Chris
  • Elliott, David James
  • Elliott, Denholm
  • Elliott, Dick
  • Elliott, Ross
  • Elliott, Sam
  • Elliott, Shawn
  • Elliott, Stephen
  • Ellis, Aunjanue
  • Ellis, Chris
  • Ellis, Edward
  • Ellis, James
  • Ellison, James
  • Elphick, Michael
  • Elsom, Isobel
  • Elwes, Cary
  • Embarek, Ouassini
  • Embry, Ethan
  • Emerson, Hope
  • Emerson, Jonathan
  • Emerton, Roy
  • Emery, Gilbert
  • Emery, John
  • Emge, David
  • Emhardt, Robert
  • Emil, Michael
  • Emmerich, Noah
  • Emmett, Fern
  • Emney, Fred
  • Emoto, Akira
  • Empson, Tameka
  • Enberg, Alexander
  • Enberg, Dick
  • Endoso, Kenny
  • Endre, Lena
  • England, Audie
  • Engle, William F
  • English, Bradford
  • English, Jessica
  • Englund, Robert
  • Engvall, Bill
  • Ensign, Michael
  • Entwistle, Harold
  • Epps, Omar
  • Erbe, Kathryn
  • Erdman, Richard
  • Erickson, Leif
  • Ericson, Devon
  • Ericson, John
  • Ermey, R Lee
  • Errol, Leon
  • Ertmanis, Victor
  • Erwin, Bill
  • Erwin, Stuart
  • Esmond, Carl
  • Esposito, Giancarlo
  • Esposito, Jennifer
  • Estefan, Gloria
  • Estes, Will
  • Estevez, Emilio
  • Estevez, Joe
  • Estevez, Ramon
  • Estrada, Erik
  • Evans, Art
  • Evans, Clifford
  • Evans, Dale
  • Evans, Edith
  • Evans, Evans
  • Evans, Gene
  • Evans, Lee
  • Evans, Linda
  • Evans, Maurice
  • Evans, Muriel
  • Evans, Robert
  • Evans, Rupert Holliday
  • Evans, Terrence
  • Evans, Troy
  • Evanson, Edith
  • Eve, Trevor
  • Evelyn, Judith
  • Everett, Chad
  • Everett, Rupert
  • Everhard, Nancy
  • Everhart, Angie
  • Evers, Brian
  • Evers, Jason
  • Evigan, Greg
  • Ewell, Tom
  • Ewing, Maria
  • Eyck, Peter Van
  • Eyer, Richard
  • Eyre, Peter
  • Eythe, William
  • Eziashi, Maynard
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    $38.49 list($54.99)
    1. Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease
    $27.97 $23.95 list($39.95)
    2. Pride and Prejudice (Special Edition)
    $26.24 list($34.99)
    3. Anne of Green Gables
    $74.98 $60.06 list($99.97)
    4. The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection
    $35.70 list($29.99)
    5. Toy Story
    $19.47 list($29.95)
    6. Million Dollar Baby (Widescreen
    $27.99 $24.00 list($39.98)
    7. Baa Baa Black Sheep - Volume 1
    $20.99 list($29.98)
    8. Ray (Widescreen Edition)
    $11.24 $9.28 list($14.98)
    9. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance
    $26.24 $19.93 list($34.98)
    10. La Dolce Vita (2-Disc Collector's
    $20.99 list($29.99)
    11. Collateral (Widescreen Two-Disc
    $39.99 list($29.99)
    12. Toy Story 2
    $11.24 $9.25 list($14.98)
    13. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    $11.24 $9.65 list($14.98)
    14. Journey to the Center of the Earth
    $11.24 $9.39 list($14.98)
    15. Patton
    $22.49 $16.90 list($29.99)
    16. Dumbo (60th Anniversary Edition)
    $18.74 $15.25 list($24.98)
    17. Pink Floyd - The Wall 25th Anniversary
    $14.98 $9.94 list($19.97)
    18. Bad Day at Black Rock
    $14.99 $13.68 list($19.98)
    19. The Princess Bride (Special Edition)
    $12.74 $11.43 list($16.99)
    20. Carmen Electra's The Lap Dance

    1. Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease Collection - Carmen's Fitness Collection
    list price: $54.99
    our price: $38.49
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0007TKH98
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 56
    Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    All four of Carmen Electra's sexy Aerobic striptease DVD's together in a collectable box set! Includes the original "AerobicStriptease," "Fit To Strip", "Advanced Aerobic Striptease," and "The Lap Dance & Hip Hop." ... Read more

    Reviews (44)

    5-0 out of 5 stars electra-fying Genius!
    These workout videos have changed my life!

    I got them for my wifey and now she is dedicated to
    working out with them, and I am dedicated to watching her
    work out with them!

    All of this physical conditioning has really helped our
    relationship, and we have put a couple of our other amazon
    aquisitions to good use as well, namely the dvds "GODDESS WORSHIP"
    and "NEW SEX NOW."

    1-0 out of 5 stars NOT WORTH IT
    I bought the bloody dvd set and it is the worst thing I have ever bought.It gives no credence wha has been promoted about it.It has no substance and completely a waste of time.I would rather work one the old Cindy Crawford Videos compared to this.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Awsome
    I just received my DVD yesterday and I'm about to buy discs 1 & 2 today! The lap dance was a little strange (I wasn't prepared with the right chair!) but it is a good warm up for the next disc. The Hip-Hop workout was awesome! I definitely worked up a sweat and I am pretty sore today. Carmen makes it look so easy to be sexy while doing this, but I did not exude the same confidence and found myself laughing at my own attempts to look sexy! It was really fun, though, and she takes the time to carefully explain each step. This makes it easy for the non-dancer types such as myself! After I got the steps down (I had to replay the disc several times!), I would rewind just until the last part which is when you go through the whole routine with the music. This is when I really started to get pumped up! I think this is a great workout program, and once I get the steps down well-enough, I think I may be able to feel more sexy while doing them!

    5-0 out of 5 stars So Much Fun!!!
    Before I tried this series, I was convinced that Carmen Electra was just another mindless pretty face.Now, however, I really respect her for her talent at leading a clear workout that otherwise might be frustrating. Although these dvds don't quite provide a thorough workout and require a bit of coordination (I'm far from a dancer), I use them on the light days that I alternate with my heavier cardio.The workouts are light and fun, and Carmen's demeanor and instruction emphasize that the workouts are meant to be relaxed. I felt slightlly idiotic starting out, but I discovered that after a few workouts I began to feel sexier as I was dancing.These dvds are also GREAT if you want to have a few girlfriends over for a "learn to dance for your boyfriend" party!

    1-0 out of 5 stars not worth the money
    I have all 5 of these "workout" DVDs let me tell you it is not worth it at all the only one worth buying is fit to strip. Its a workout. all of the DVDs could have fit onto one DVD they are lioke 15 min each. and she really doesn't teach you to strip. I couldnt wait to learn to lapdance and trust me this is not worth it ... Read more

    2. Pride and Prejudice (Special Edition)
    Director: Simon Langton
    list price: $39.95
    our price: $27.97
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005MP58
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 82
    Average Customer Review: 4.53 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (596)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A marvelous adaptation of one of the great novels.
    This A&E/BBC miniseries is a true masterpiece, bringing Jane Austen's most popular novel to life in a near perfect production. It has everything: authentic Regency Period atmosphere, costumes, settings, a beautiful musical score, excellent performances by a well-chosen cast. Andrew Davis's script does full justice to Austen's original. Colin Firth is excellent as Mr. Darcy, but Jennifer Ehle just takes my breath away with her magnificent performance, which catches every nuance of Elizabeth Bennet's character exactly right in every scene. It is a pleasure to watch all 4 1/2 hours straight through again and again. As a longtime devoted admirer of Jane Austen's works, I am very critical of any movies based upon her novels, but this has to be one of the very best adaptations of any major literary work.

    5-0 out of 5 stars WORTH OWNING AND REPEAT VIEWING
    I'm usually very hesitant about adaptations from book to film (especially classics), but this movie does justice to Jane Austin's timeless masterpiece. I rented this movie on a whim, thinking that it would at least be somewhat entertaining, but to my surprize and great pleasure, it not only captivated the true essence of the novel but the characters really came alive and stayed true to the story the whole way through. I eventually bought the DVD and I have NOT had "buyer's remorse" ever since. I get caught up in every moment of every scene of every viewing.

    There are no annoying "Hollywood stars" in it like in Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility, yet the acting is incredible. Although I enjoyed Sense and Sensibility (on the second viewing because the first time I watched it I fell asleep), it doesn't hold a candle to Pride and Prejudice. This adaption lets your imagination steep in the imagery, language, and essence of the film so you never get "pulled out" of a scence. If you're unsure as whether or not to buy this gem, just do what I did and rent it for the weekend. You'll soon discover that your movie collection will be lacking without this rendition of Pride and Prejudice.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Superb, true to Jane Austen adaption
    This version of Pride & Predjudice is my absolute favorite. I have owned the tapes and the original DVD. As far as the movie itself goes, the characters are all perfectly cast. From the embarassingly annoying Mrs. Bennet, the sweet oldest sister Jane, the condescending and IQ challenged Mr. Collins, to the feisty Elizabeth and the Proud Mr. Darcy, you will find yourself engrossed in every character's story. The script was written to stay true to the original novel. The scenery in breathtaking, and you will find yourself paying as much attention to the beautiful countryside as you will the drama.
    As for technical details, the biographies that are included on this special version are simply printed words on the screen. Interesting information, but each bio is only one or two paragraphs long with a complete list of credits for only a few of the characters. The mini featurette is okay.
    My bottom line: if you love romance, drama, and history then this is the movie for you. If you already own it on tape or have the original dvd, save your money and enjoy the version you have.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Period Movie - Lovely to watch
    As an avid lover of period movies, I received this particular one last Christmas. I've been able to watch it multiple times. I love Colin Firth's portrayal of a proud and prejudice man who finally learns there are more important things. It's funny and romantic and the dialogue, as with any period piece, will keep you on your toes . . . maybe that's why I can re-watch so many times. It is a timeless movie!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Colin Firth...need I say more? Great Movie Colin Firth aside
    This movie is so amazing I've watched it so many times and I never get tired of it. I thought this was by far the best film adaptation of the novel. Colin Firth portrayed Mr. Darcy exactly as I pictured him in my mind. I loved all the characters and felt like the actors/actresses lived up the their characters in the novel. While the picture quality may not be that great (read several comments about it) it didnt bother me one bit. The locations they filmed were simply beautiful, the story and characters entralling, and the costumes and scenes eye catching....I didnt even notice the quality. ... Read more

    3. Anne of Green Gables
    Director: Kevin Sullivan
    list price: $34.99
    our price: $26.24
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005YNTR
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 455
    Average Customer Review: 4.81 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Album Description

    Import only NTSC/Region 1 DVD. Megan Follows, Tony Award-winner Colleen Dewhurst & Academy Award-nominee Richard Farnsworth give unparalleled performances in this critically-acclaimed motion picture, based on the international best-selling novel. Filmed amidst the spectacular scenery of Prince Edward Island, Canada, this Emmy Award-winning production follows the provocative life drama of orphan Anne Shirley (Follows), from her struggles as an adolescent to her triumphs as a young woman. A delicate epic full of wit, style & emotional power. Special features include behind-the-scenes clips, missing scenes, director's commentary, cast bios, previews, Megan Follows' audition. production stills & scene index. 1995. ... Read more

    Reviews (231)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent film!
    This is a terrific adaptation of the classic L.M. Montgomery coming of age story. It centers on young Anne Shirley, a strong willed, independent orphan who is adopted by siblings Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. They originally wanted to adopt a boy to help out at their farm, but instead received a surprise when Anne arrived at the train station. Anne's adventures growing up are both funny and heart-warming. This is a fantastic movie that will please youngsters and adults alike, as there is something here for everyone! Megan Follows is excellent as Anne Shirley, Colleen Dewhurst is wonderful as the stern but loving Marilla and Richard Farnsworth is great as gentle Matthew. The supporting cast also give splendid performances. Highly recommended!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Timeless memories of a Canadian childhood
    I can still remember the excitement I felt when I first saw Anne of Green Gables almost fifteen years ago. It accurately and lovingly captures the thrills of childhood, of breathless anticipation, the joys of friendship, and the final moment when we must bid our childhood goodbye and take our place in the grownup world. The performances are flawless and capture the original flavour of each of the characters from the book. Megan Follows IS Anne Shirley, Shuyler Grant is a kindred Diana Barry, and Colleen Dewhurst is the stern Marilla Cuthbert who finds her heart unexpectedly embracing the joys of motherhood.

    Everything about Anne of Green Gables is done with the utmost love and respect in regard to the original novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Anne is every child, with her eyes open to the world, her thirst for knowledge, her immediate trust, her quest for adventure, and most of all her imagination. Megan Follows captures the timeless appeal of the orphaned Anne with spirit, grace, and wit. Her humorous mishaps, personal struggles, and her newfound love for the Cuthberts as well as her love for Avonlea make her an enduring heroine throughout the ages. Who knows? After seeing this film you may discover that you are a kindred spirit as well!

    5-0 out of 5 stars its a classic!!!
    What can i say, I LOVE this movie. I grew up watching this one and Anne of Avonlea(now the sequel) I also read the books when i was young. I still enjoy watching them as an adult. I just wish i had a daughter to watch it with and enjoy with me. (we have two wonderful boys and most likely wont have any more) The characters fit the roles perfectly and are excellent. You just fall in love with them all.

    5-0 out of 5 stars DVD QUALITY GREAT ! I can see the print of the wallpaper
    After watching this often on vhs I bought a DVD and I noticed the difference right away! You can see the print of fabrics, wallpaper, and details of everything much better. This is a wonderful story and the music is beautiful. All the actors are excellent. Great movie for little girls with red hair! Its not easy growing up with red hair. I love the way Anne is portrayed in this movie. There is a black and white version made in the 1930's and its okay. This movie also shows a girl taking her education seriously. The only thing I didn't like was that Gilbert is a little too much the lovesick fool. I think most guys would have given up on her, she was very mean to him.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Favorite For Any Generation
    This series has always been in my heart and always will be. I can always see myself in Anne Shirley, just as I'm sure every other young girl will. Kevin Sullivan did a beautiful job of bringing to life the works of Lucy M. Montgomery's series of Anne of Green Gables. I loved this movie the first time I saw it on television on PBS and I was thrilled to finally find it on DVD. Anne Shirley is a young orphan girl with a huge imagination, daydreams, and a huge talker. She's transferred from home to home and then back to the orphanage until she is finally picked to live in a town called Avonlea. She lives with a family Marilla & Mathew Cuthbert (played by: Colleen Dewhurst & Richard Farnsworth). After worrying she wouldn't be adopted because she's not a boy she warms their hearts and starts a new life with them. And she then soon meets her bosom friend Diana Barry (Schuyler Grant) and of course Gilbert Blythe (Jonathan Crombie). We follow the lives of these characters that Anne meets along the way. This series is for any young girl or for any girl at any age to enjoy and the entire family. The fun part is you can also see parts of the cast that end up being in Kevin Sullivan's production of Road to Avonlea. But this series is wonderful, charming, and full of adventures. The supporting cast is quite amazing as well they include: Rachel Lynde (Patricia Hamilton), Miss Stacy (Marilyn Lightstone), & Aunt Josephine (Charmion King) just to name a few of my favorites. This movie is also about life and the human heart that we see through Anne's eye's. The DVD is full of tons of great stuff such as Megan Follow's audition, a small behind the scene's moments, missing scene's, & tons more. So I do highly recommend this film for everyone. ... Read more

    4. The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection
    list price: $99.97
    our price: $74.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0780626966
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 1829
    Average Customer Review: 4.69 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (176)

    5-0 out of 5 stars One, Two, this DVD's for you!
    This set provides the essentials, the movies one through seven. However the Encyclopedia disc is simply PACKED with extras. I think there is nearly 2 or 3 hours of extras. With that, any Nightmare lover can see the entity of this movie in so much depth and detail. You'll also find, if you haven't already, that Robert Englund and Wes Craven are "Bloody" genius'. There is a reason why A Nightmare on Elm Street is simply the BEST horror movie franchise in existence, and this collectors box set gives you 8 reasons why. Unlike it's rivals, the Nightmare series travels, it covers so many aspects of the evil inside (without embarassing itself by traveling to space!).
    If there is one thing I truly respect about this series is the sequels. Although parts 2-6 were not really scary, they did deliver what would become the quintessence of Freddy. The sarcastic, sometimes hilarious demon anti-hero who you can't help but cheer for. Also, it does something that no other horror movie franchise has. It's final part leaves the viewer just like the first one: terrified. I really feel that New Nightmare was so overrated yet so very well done.

    If you love these movies, BUY THIS SET! Well worth the money!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Campy horror at it's best! A terrific DVD set.
    The "Nightmare on Elm Street" series was, in my opinion, the only one that justified the number of sequels it had. It is also the most entertaining, original, and frightening of all the 80's "slasher" films. They may be a campy as a row of tents, but they are still among my favorite guilty pleasures.

    The first three movies are without a doubt the best, with part 4 being okay, and part 5 being awful. "Freddy's Dead" capped off the series nicely, while "New Nightmare" found a brilliant way of making another movie as a self-parody, rather than a cookie-cutting of the older movies. Many don't consider it to be part of the series, but it defintely is in my opinion. I will always pick Freddy over Jason or Michael Myers for his devious sense of humor. Who can forget the classic line "You've got the body, and I've got the brains". Great line.

    Collectors can enjoy a whopping 8 DVDs of Nightmare material, including all 7 films and a bonus DVD filled with behind-the-scenes extras, interviews, and other goodies. I enjoyed the book, but the extra DVD is a real bonus. It made the DVD set more enticing, considering the price tag.

    Unlike the Friday the 13th or Halloween movies, which specialized in cookie-cutter sequels and little to no variation, the Nightmare series is the one that is worth owning on DVD. The originality, the chills, and the fun make the series stand out from all the other campy 80's horror series. I can join the rest of the horror movie fans in saying "They don't make em like this anymore".

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Packaging of the Series
    Each DVD in this set has special features and the like. All movies have similair menu formats meaning that they were designed for the set, which makes it consistant and enjoyable. There is even an extra DVD full of special features inclucing, interviews with freddy, music videos, cast and crew, and even Clive Barker himself. There is this cool way to find all sorts of hidden facts and videos in an interactive way. You control you way through a dark maze and solve riddles and unlock doors. Really great set!

    3-0 out of 5 stars Pretty fun fare, these "Nightmares"...
    Since I've pretty much covered my thoughts on every 'Nightmare' flick in separate reviews-- and because I'm a lazy reviewer-- I'm just gonna talk about the bonus 'Nightmare Series Encyclopedia' disc that's included with the box set. If ya wanna know what I think about the movies, check out my reviews of 'em on their respective product pages-- they're posted in series order, from June 23 to June 30, 2004.

    Anyhoo, here goes:

    The Encyclopedia includes 'Prime Time', an hour-long documentary on the making of the first 'Nightmare', featuring musings from director Wes Craven, stars Heather Langenkamp and Robert Englund, and other people involved with the project. A few behind-the-scenes & technical things are shown as well. While I found some of the subjects' thoughts about the movie's significance and influence rather droning and pretentious, much of the stuff shown here was reasonably interesting.

    Then there's the encyclopedia proper, an archive of interviews and behind-the-scenes featurettes on every 'Nightmare' flick from the first on through to 'New Nightmare'. Much like the 'Prime Time' doc, the seemingly endless array of stuff has its more interesting parts and its drier and downright boring parts. While most of the interviewees (i.e. the films' directors, actors, writers, & producers) seemed a bit too full of themselves at times and made the 'Nightmare' franchise out to be more important and significant than it really was, these interviews paled in comparison to those of Clive Barker, writer-director of the 'Hellraiser' flicks. I tell ya, this guy's pretentious pontificating and going on and on AND ON about the horror genre could put the worst insomniac to sleep in mere moments! If ever there was a truly scary nightmare, it's tryin' to sit through an interview with this guy! Which now that I think about it would probably make for a pretty good story idea for a possible "Freddy vs." sequel! I can just see it now: "Both combatants possess some truly scary capabilities and skills! Freddy has the power to invade your dreams and kill you in your sleep! Clive Barker has the power to bore you into a coma in mere minutes with his endless babbling! Who will win this titanic tussle of truly horrific proportions? Find out when you go to see: 'Freddy vs. Barker'! Coming soon to a theater near you!" I'd be rootin' for Freddy, myself, even though Barker definitely has the edge in the scariness department...

    Also included is a trio of music videos, including Dokken's "Dream Warriors", as well as one by the Fat Boys and another by some other rap group whose name I can't recall. Of the three only the Dokken video is really worth checking out. BTW I'm surprised they didn't include Will "Fresh Prince" Smith's "Nightmare on My Street" video, which I kinda liked when I saw it on MTv many years back. Also included are theatrical trailers to every 'Nightmare' mo-pic.

    Finally, there's the Labyrinth game where you walk through the halls of Springwood H.S. to grab a few things and solve puzzles to help you unlock a few of the game's features. These features include a bunch of really corny MTv promo spots hosted by Freddy himself, a couple behind-the-scenes moments and interviews that weren't included in the encyclopedia section. Also thrown into this labyrinth were a few things that were carried over from the encyclopedia section, including several cast and crew interviews, the theatrical trailers, and the trio of music videos. I was kinda disappointed by the latter array of features, since I was able to access them in a different part of the bonus DVD, and didn't have to click through a maze of hallways to watch 'em. The way I see it, they shoulda' made the Labyrinth game completely of stuff I couldn't access anywhere else. Otherwise, I found the adventure engaging and surprisingly quick to get through-- it only took me about 90 minutes. I probably woulda' taken twice as long had I not fast-forwarded through the stuff I'd already seen before...

    Overall, I found the movies decent viewing even though none of 'em were all that scary to me. Funny for sure, but scary? Nope. Well, except perhaps for 'New Nightmare', a little bit. And the bonus platter had a nice array of good stuff, as well as some dull stuff. Fortunately, the dull stuff can easily be fast-forwarded through. Bottom line: this baby's worth at least one rental, just so you can finally say you saw all of the 'Nightmare' movies.


    5-0 out of 5 stars Greatest horror series!
    This is one of the greats of horror movies there have ever been. With one of the most infamous killers ever. Freddy Kruegar. These films represent his story...

    Nightmare on elm street - This is by far the best on the series. Freddy looks very dark in this one, and this is probably the one were he is the most violent. Robert England plays him so well. It can be shocking at times, but not scary. Lots of disturbing and strange scenes too.

    Nightmare on elm street 2: Freddy's revenge - A lot of people really hated this film because it messed with the original story. Robert Englund reprises his role as Freddy. It is set in the same area, but this isn't a film with nightmares. It starts off as a nightmare film, but at the end this is a normal slasher. That's why people didn't like it. Still, I still like it, and it contains so much more gore.

    Nightmare on elm street 3: Dream warriors - This is the one that made the second look like it didn't exsist. This one follows from the first, not the second. Many people enjoyed this one, as I did. Robert Englund is back, and so is Heather Lagnekamp (played the main character from the first film). The story concentrates on a group of teenagers this time, and their nightmares, and Freddy is back again, invading their nightmares. This one is probably the most fun, since Freddy gives us better and more creative death scenes, like the puppet scene (SICK!). This one isn't set on Elm street though, it's a hospital, but it has good atmosphere. An enjoyable entry.

    Nightmare on elm street 4: Dream master - This was a dissapointing sequel, which I also didn't like. Freddy loses his touch in this film. It can also be very stupid at times, and the deaths are -- creative -- but very OTT. The gore is the same (OTT). It does continue from the third, but the leads who survived in the third don't survive for long in this one, and it changes to another story. This is quite a bad entry to the series I think.

    Nightmare on elm street 5: Dream child - This is very much the same to the fourth, but this is the worst in the series. The film doesn't concentrate enough on Freddy, but instead it's his mom. Freddy's one-liners are very cheesey and crap, and there aren'r enough deaths in this one. This one concentrates more on Freddy's past. Shame, 'cause the opening of this is quite scary.

    Freddy's dead: The final nightmare - People also don't like this one, the consider it to be more funny than scary - which it is, but it's a really good film. It opens up quite satisfyingly, and the film also gives us information on Freddy, before he became a killer. This is the only elm street film where he doesn't use his claw to kill someone, but he kills people in a cool, fun way. I like this entry, certainly an improvement to the lat tow films.

    Wes Craven's new nightmare - I actually like this film. It's all about Freddy in the "real" world. Many roles from the original movie star in this and play themselves, as this film is like a docusoup. Once you get to the last thirty minutes of this film you'll love it. But, Freddy isn't in much of the start of this film, and it has a story that can be quite hard to follow. Other than that, this is an excellent film, and it's a great and different way to end the series.

    A classic horror series that must be bought. ... Read more

    5. Toy Story
    Director: John Lasseter
    list price: $29.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000059XUT
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 660
    Average Customer Review: 4.89 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (81)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Toy Story
    1995's "Toy Story" was the first feature length film generated entirely by computers, and Pixar's first dive into theatrical films. The movie opens as young Andy turns 7. The undisputed leader of Andy's toys, a 50's cowboy doll named Woody (Tom Hanks), finds himself challenged by the new toy on the block, "space ranger" Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen). When Woody's plan to get rid of Buzz backfires, the two find themselves lost in the suburbs. Woody and Buzz relize they have to work together to get back to Andy's, and they eventually become the best of friends. The humor and animation is terrific, and a great start for Pixar. This lead to several other successes, such as A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo.

    Now on to "the vaults". Disney is trying to squeeze every last penny out of the cash cow, and have the two Toy Story films under lock and key, no doubt so they can sell millions of "Special Editions" in five years. Once again, Disney appalls me with their unmatched corperate greed. In conclusion, Toy Story is an excellent film and a true must-see.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Secret Lives of Toys Revealed
    "Toy Story" is a modern fairy tale created with appropriately modern computer animation. Its snappy dialougue will appeal to adult viewers, the spectacle of fantastic toys coming to life will appeal to children, and adults may wax nostalgic about the toys they enjoyed as children, several of which are featured in this movie.
    The story revolves around a cowboy doll named Woody, and his imminent replacement as the favorite toy of his owner, Andy, by Andy's new Buzz Lightyear doll, a multigadgeted gift that Andy receives for his birthday.
    Tom Hanks'personality shines through in the persona of Woody, and Tim Allen's voice lends the right amount of charisma to Buzz.
    In the process of forming an eventual friendship, the characters go through a lot of antagonism and a lot of other real human emotions. As they prepare for life in a new home, they are imperiled by the sadistic kid next door named Sid, into whose clutches they fall by accident.
    It's entertaining to watch the toys interact with each other.
    Buzz gradually learns that he is simply a child's plaything and not the noble space crusader he fancied himself to be in the beginning, and Woody learns to share his special place in Andy's heart. A great supporting cast including Annie Potts as Woody's sweetheart, Bo Peep, Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head, Jim Varney as Slinky, Wallace Shawn as Rex, John Ratzenburger as Ham, and Laurie Metcalfe as Andy's mother help fuel this tale.
    Seeing this innovative film made me want to buy dolls of Woody and Buzz as collector's items. But I am content with just a copy of this movie. The second installment of the "Toy Story" saga is an enhancement of the first one, and just like the first, nothing short of delightful.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Original and fun for the whole family!
    This movie took me by storm when I saw it back in the summer of 1995 at the theatres and let me tell you, this movie is still one of the best computer animated movies of all time. In fact this movie shattered new grounds back in 1995 by not using drawing cel animation and instead this movie is the first of an unbroken chain of computer generated animated movies that has continued to date with "Finding Nemo".

    The plot is absolutely joyful and stunningly original. The story revolves around the quiet family home of a quiet town where a boy owns numerous toys with his toddler sister. The toys however, are almost like beings of their own and are 'living' as well but stop 'moving' when the boy comes back into his room. However, a cowboy named Tim is the most popular 'toy' in the boys bedroom and is kept by the pillow almost every night until on his birthday, he gets a fancy astronaut toy named Buzz Lightyear who has many 'gizmos' and in time takes over the toy cowboys place as the most popular toy and Tim gets enormously jealous of this. However, after a botched attempt to remove Buzz, the cowboy himself along with Buzz end up in the hands of a punk teenager who takes joy in blowing up toys with firecrackers and or other means like burning, breaking, or smashing them and/or even taking them apart and re-assembling their parts to create 'mutant' toys and now the clock is ticking for Tim and Buzz to escape from the boys house before they end up being blown to molecules.

    This movie is absolutely fun and original even by 1995 standards. The computer generated special effects are innovative and unbelievable especially considereing the fact that this movie came out nearly a whole decade ago. The whole tone of the movie is just fun and charming and is for the entire family. Not only that but this was what put the then newcomers Pixas right into the front seat of movie animation and would be the start of an unbroken streak of excellent movies from this dynamite team.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Computer animation wow. 16th april 2004.
    The toys are great, the graphics and scenery is too. The collectables are boys mostly but the film is ace for anyone. The 3D toys look real, the colors are excellent[like finding nemo]. The talking toys are all friends, and they live with their owner andy.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Hit Me With Another One!
    Give me another Toy Story and while your at it lets go for a 5th. Wow lets see...Tom Hanks and Tim Alan...Pixar and Disney...Go get it or miss out! ... Read more

    6. Million Dollar Baby (Widescreen Edition)
    Director: Clint Eastwood
    list price: $29.95
    our price: $19.47
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005JNP1
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 74
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Clint Eastwood's 25th film as a director, Million Dollar Baby stands proudly with Unforgiven and Mystic River as the masterwork of a great American filmmaker. In an age of bloated spectacle and computer-generated effects extravaganzas, Eastwood turns an elegant screenplay by Paul Haggis (adapted from the book Rope Burns: Stories From the Corner by F.X. Toole, a pseudonym for veteran boxing manager Jerry Boyd) into a simple, humanitarian example of classical filmmaking, as deeply felt in its heart-wrenching emotions as it is streamlined in its character-driven storytelling. In the course of developing powerful bonds between "white-trash" Missouri waitress and aspiring boxer Maggie Fitzgerald (Hilary Swank), her grizzled, reluctant trainer Frankie Dunn (Eastwood), and Frankie's best friend and training-gym partner Eddie "Scrap-Iron" Dupris (Morgan Freeman), 74-year-old Eastwood mines gold from each and every character, resulting in stellar work from his well-chosen cast. Containing deep reserves of love, loss, and the universal desire for something better in hard-scrabble lives, Million Dollar Baby emerged, quietly and gracefully, as one of the most acclaimed films of 2004, released just in time to earn an abundance of year-end accolades, all of them well-deserved. --Jeff Shannon ... Read more

    Reviews (186)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Everyone's already taken the compliments this movie can get
    I can't believe how much I liked this movie. I'm not really one for Boxing or Dramas (Unless their really good) but I was was pleasantly surprised.

    Good performances on all sides (Hilary really deserved that Oscar), and the film also has you caring for the characters...maybe not all of them, but definately Hilary Swank.

    - - -SPOILERS AHEAD- - -
    I hate using words like "heartbreaking," but that's just what the ending to this story was. It will wreck you for a week. My Dad, who I viewed the movie with, hated the ending. He wanted one of those fairy tale finishes but, in reality, the world doesn't have too many of those. I, on the other hand (While I was fighting like Mike Tyson to hold back tears), admire Clint Eastwood for not being afraid to take a story (no matter how "good" or "inspiring" it is) and do a complete 180 from the cliche ending it seemed it was heading. It takes big grapes to do that.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Boxing Hilary?
    This movie uses its extremely strong characters and a decent storyline to create what could literally be called a modern day classic. It shows a softer side to Clint Eastwood that I am not sure we have ever seen before. Hilary Swank is outstanding - I wish I had a better word for her performance - but I am not sure there is one. They key to this film is her ability to pull off the boxing segments in a convincing manner - and she does that in spades. Her right hook appears to be truly devastating. Morgan Freeman also turns in an awesome performance - both he and Swank are worthy of the Oscar. Million Dollar Baby is a film that should not be missed. See it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Great Movie With An Unbelievable Scene!!!
    This movie stars Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank who seems to get another Academy Award every time she appears in a movie.This movie seems to be a female version of Rocky at the start but then becomes a touching human drama. The only thing that spoiled this movie for me was the usual sanitized Hollywood Death Scene. The last time I checked if your oxygen supply is cut off then you turn red, then blue then purple.Not so in this movie. I am sure that Doctor Kevorkian would have loved this movie for this reason alone.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Million Dollar Baby
    Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman are fantastic and Hillary Swank absolutey stunning and beautiful even while dawning shorts and sweating like the proverbial pig.This is easily the best movie I've seen in years, it is a must see for not only boxing fans, but anyone who enjoys a movie that has it all.Did I mention Hillary Swank:)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Should be about 17 stars
    Let's face it Clint Eastwood's head should be up on Mt. Rushmore.While critics are going bananas over garbage like Kill Bill & Shanghai Noon & Pulp Fiction & nonsense like Star Wars..Clint not only consistently delivers the goodsHeck,,even his lesser pictures like Every Which Way But Loose and Space Cowboys are hugely entertaining. this is along with Unforgiven his crowning achievement. In other words it's as good as it gets...& to think it's about a female boxer of all things...just see it. ... Read more

    7. Baa Baa Black Sheep - Volume 1
    Director: Dana Elcar, Lawrence Doheny, Ivan Dixon, Russ Mayberry, Jackie Cooper, Philip DeGuere, Walter Doniger, Alex Beaton, Robert Conrad, Barry Shear, John Peyser, Edward Dein, William Wiard, Jeannot Szwarc
    list price: $39.98
    our price: $27.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0007YMWGY
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 93
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (12)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Baa! Baa! Baa! MORE! MORE! MORE!
    One of the proudest claims I can make about my life is being a former Marine, like Maj. Gregory "Gramps" Boyington; albiet an unknown to one of the most famous. ("The Duke" John Wayne wanted to be a Marine & didn't make it!) The only thing that gives me more pride is knowing these heroes respected guys like my sainted Dad, who flew gas & trash over "the Hump" in C-47's (the gray cargo plane in the series) from India into China over the Himalayas in support of their combat against the Japs.
    I was at NAS Lakehurst in 1978 when this great show aired on commercial T.V. and, even though most of us knew the show was highly Hollywoodized, we would still take over the barracks rec room everytime it aired, and would yell & cheer like Limey football fans thru every combat scene in each episode.
    With all the second rate crapola flooding the market these days, it's GREAT to see DVD's of a show worth the expense hit the shelves, and I really hope the entire series will be issuedsooner or later (PREFERREDLY SOONER!!!!!!)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Next?

    3-0 out of 5 stars Volume One, Not Season One
    When I opened the shipping box, I was surprised to see that I was only getting half of Season One.I need to train myself to make sure that the Title reads "Season One" instead of "Volume One."After the initial shock, I started to enjoy the episodes I remember when the show was called "Baa Baa Black Sheep."I like how they kept the scenes of what was to come before the opening...a 70's TV drama thing.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Disappointment for such a great series
    I eagerly awaited for this series to come out on DVD and now that I have it I was disappointed in the way they produced it. FIrst I don't care for the two sided discs but the main disappointment was the fact that they didn't include all of Season one's shows, just 10 shows plus the pilot. Since this show only ran two years and considering how much they charged (which is reasonable for a Season One if it is complete!!!) It seems to me that they should have included the complete season One. I sure hope they put out the rest of Season One and for Season Two put all of the showes out at once!! This is a great show, Robert Conrad is so sexy in that tight flight suit, sort of distracts me from theFU-4s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Only Half of the First Season
    I was disappointed on opening the box to find only 12 of the 24 first season episodes.Not a great deal but still worth getting. ... Read more

    8. Ray (Widescreen Edition)
    Director: Taylor Hackford
    list price: $29.98
    our price: $20.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005JND5
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 7481
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    9. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Special Edition)
    Director: George Roy Hill
    list price: $14.98
    our price: $11.24
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00003RQNJ
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 693
    Average Customer Review: 4.57 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (93)

    5-0 out of 5 stars "You Just Keep Thinking, Butch...!"
    This film truly deserves the description of being a "Classic." Paul Newman and Robert Redford (in the company of Director George Roy Hill and a particularly appealing Katharine Ross), take the history of the bloodthirsty "Hole-in-the-Wall Gang," and turn it into an affectionate cinematic portrayal of male bonding and cultural change.

    Taking place at the end of the 19th century, Butch and Sundance are, as veteran actor Jeff Corey, playing a sympathetic sheriff and accidental existentialist, snarls, "two-bit outlaws on the dodge!" They spend much of the movie dodging a posse hired to hunt them down and kill them in the wake of a series of amusing train robberies. The location shooting of their escape is breathtakingly beautiful.

    Ultimately, they have to flee the closing frontier, and end up in Bolivia, which is portrayed as a kind of low-rent version of the Old West. Their trip to South America is an intermezzo, done in sepia tint, focusing on their stay in New York, which, with its (relatively) modern conveniences, underscores how anachronistic their lifestyle has become.

    Their inability to rob banks in Bolivia without using Spanish-language crib sheets is both hilarious and touching, a kind of paradigm of cultural and technological dislocation.

    In keeping with its 1969 release date, the film has a strong antiestablishment cant to it: Authority is faceless, unyielding, and, mostly, inept. It is telling that Butch and Sundance kill no one until they "go straight" as payroll guards. Their criminal lifestyle is romanticized as a kind of "On The Road" on horseback. That this doesn't offend the audience is a measure of how fine this movie is. The warmth and humor overcome both the moral relativity of the characters and their sad ending.

    Newman and Redford are wonderful together as the affable outlaws. Newman's Butch is a charming, flaky visionary who is trying desperately to cling to the past. When confronted with the new alarms and teller's cages at a favorite bank, he dismisses the guard's explanation of, "People kept robbing us" with a wistful, "It's a small price to pay for beauty."

    As Butch says: "The future's all yours, you lousy bicycles!" In a sense: the Western Outlaw was succeeded by "Public Enemy Number One" when cars succeeded horses, and train and bank robberies became Federal crimes. "Your times is over!," Jeff Corey insists, and he's right.

    Redford plays Sundance as the stylish straight man, never quite falling prey to Butch's dreams, but never able to dismiss them utterly: "You just keep thinking, Butch, that's what you're best at!" The onscreen chemistry between Newman and Redford is so palpable that although they only made two films together ("The Sting" in 1973 is a modernized version of "Butch & Sundance"), they can easily be considered one of the finest comedy duos ever, anywhere. The dialogue between them is banter between two very good, very old, very comfortable, friends. Maybe there was a script involved, too.

    "Butch and Sundance" may be short on facts, but it speaks a kind of truth for which facts are not needed.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Newman & Redford's First Film Together
    Paul Newman and Robert Redford are two of the biggest movie stars of all time. They are also the best of friends and that friendship shines through on their first film together, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid. The film is set in the old west, but it has a definite 60's feel to it. Butch and Sundance are anti-heroes who defy the "establishment" by robbing trains. Finally the train company gets fed up and sends an elite team of bounty hunters to track them down. This inspires the film's classic catchphrase, "who are those guys" as Butch & Sundance can't shake their pursuers. The film has a light comical side to it as Mr. Newman is at his charming best as Butch and Mr. Redford elicits laughs as the uptight Sundance. Katherine Ross provides a pretty diversion as Sundance's beautiful schoolteacher girlfriend, Etta Place. Mr. Newman & Mr. Redford are instantly likable in the lead roles and you can feel their real affinity for one another come through in the film. The movie was a major box office hit and won and William Goldman won an Oscar for his crisp and witty script and But Bacarach and Hal David won an Oscar for the film's theme song "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" which B.J. Thomas took to number one in late 1969.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Style and Substance
    I remember seeing this movie at the cinema as a kid (many years ago)and being knocked out by how COOL Redford and Sundance were. You know the scene in Blues Brothers, the doorway of the transient mens refuge and the rocket launcher, and they just get up, brush themsleves off, music resumes and go on as if nothing happened. That cool. And so when they get to the stage of being concerned "who ARE those guys" we have substance for the actions they take afterwards. Now watching this movie on DVD with my kids, they didn't get enraptured as I did at their age. As you might guess, not enough action for their generation - and yet, when there is action, it plays with as much emotion as the best of hollywood today. A tremendous cast delivering a tremendous performance, this will always be one of my favorite movies.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Sticks pretty well to historical fact
    For one when Butch and sundance are being chased up the mountain by the posse Butch mentions Joe LaFors (sp?). I checked a while ago. LaFors really existed as a lawman at the time. But Etta Place (Kathryn Ross)though she really existed was actually not a school teacher. More likely she was a prostitute.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Butch & the Kid
    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is one of the best movies (if not the best!!!) I have ever seen. The action, the interplay and the chemistry between the 2 leading stars (Newman, Redford) is like "poetry in motion". The action is non-stop, as well as the comedy, especially of Newman. Even though there is quite a bit of violence throughout the movie, I would recommend that everyone buy the video!!! ... Read more

    10. La Dolce Vita (2-Disc Collector's Edition)
    Director: Federico Fellini
    list price: $34.98
    our price: $26.24
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005JKGO
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 658
    Average Customer Review: 4.48 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (27)

    5-0 out of 5 stars An Existential Masterpiece
    Although "8 1/2" is often touted as Fellini's greatest work, this other, equal masterpiece from roughly the same period grows more and more profound over time. An amazingly photographed and energetic survey of ennui and despair, "La Dolce Vita" is Fellini's rumination on the intellectual and moral death of an aspiring artist, who is equally a Fellini surrogate and a stand-in for the director's perception of modern man.

    Though it began life as a sequel to "Il Bidone," "La Dolce Vita" ended up an autobiographical precursor to "8 1/2" by fictionalizing Fellini's earlier life as a journalist and newspaper caricaturist rather than his career as one of the great filmmakers of the 50s and 60s. As the celebrity journalist in crisis, Marcello is fantastic -- as graceful and intelligent and sexy a performance as the screen has ever seen -- and his romp with the unbelievably pneumatic Anita Ekberg in the Trevi fountain is one of the great iconic moments of world cinema. There's a haunted, despairing quality to Mastroianni's acting here that is so subtle and cumulative that by the end of the film his predicament of quiet despair overwhelms the viewer.

    Bottom line: no thinking person's film collection should be without this movie, which is as beautiful and moving as any piece of art ever created, in any medium. Fellini and his fantastic cast are all at their peak as artists, and few films have ever approached their achievement.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Get this onto DVD!
    My favorite Fellini film, combining the brilliant kaleidescopic parading of faces that characterize his later films with the humanistic neorealism of his earlier work. Told in a series of all-night parties that each end with the recognition of dawn, the movie tells the story of a tabloid writer who has risen to the top of his profession only to be dragged down because he can't find any sustaining meaning in the glitz and glamour.

    But the story line, although more important here than in later Fellini films, is really just a device to put actors on the screen, and nobody does this better. The cast is real reason to see this; Mastroianni in the role of his life, Anouk Aimee as a bored rich woman, and Anita Ekberg spilling out of her dress as an American actress are merely the most famous - every single performance, even by the most trivial of parts, is astounding and some of the best ever captured on film. My personal favorite is the clown trumpet player with the balloons at the Cha-Cha Club - in the middle of his performance he flashes one quick look at Mastroianni that speaks volumes.

    Unfortunately, the only version I have ever seen is in a standard screen ratio that is obviously badly panned - in a film this full of images there is almost more panning than actual camera movement going on, and still too much is happening off-screen. This movie needs badly to be letterboxed and given a new subtitle translation - but in the meantime, even if you have to settle for the poor VHS version, just enjoy what we have, from the awesome set pieces like the chasing of the Madonna and the final party, to the amazing Nino Rota score and the haunting organ melody of "Patricia".

    5-0 out of 5 stars 5 star FILM--0 stars for a DVD that isn't released!!
    WHERE IS THE DVD of 'La Dolce Vita'?? This is far superior art and entertainment to that wonderful-but-ridiculous '8 1/2' I mean, we all love Fellini, but why is his most coherent and artistically mature film lying around in some distributor's vault while trash like 'Shanghai Surprise' and box-sets of Whoopi Goldberg movies get all these million-copy releases?? Fellini is more than '8 1/2'; FEEL FREE TO RELEASE THIS DVD ANYTIME!! Ugh, do I have to get a region-free DVD player to watch foreign films? Heck, there are some American classic films that do not have release here, but are being printed in UK and European codes. What is wrong with American distributors?? We want our Fellini, and we want it now!! Gimme the sweet life gimme the sweet life GIMME THE SWEET LIFE!!!!

    P.S. To all sympathizers, Bergman's 'Persona' is FINALLY getting American release in February. Cross your fingers they don't back out at the last minute in favor of a straight-to-DVD sequel to 'Finding Nemo': 'Filet of Nemo: Almond Crusted with a Side of Rice Pilaf,' starring the voices of Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Aniston, and Dom Deluise.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Fellini 's Vita
    I am very fortunate to meet Guiletta Masini, the lovely wife of Federico Fellini. I several times wrote letters to Fellini himself and he answered back me. That had been going for a while till he died. If you doubt me, I can provide you copies.
    I am only one Deaf authority on Fellini and his movies. I have a good collection of video, vhs or dvd. Many books about him and his movies.La Dolce Vita and 8 and half are my top favorites. I saw them in 35mm, 16mm, tv, vhs and dvd versions but the 35mm verisons are always the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks, F.R. Gomez

    3-0 out of 5 stars So ... ?
    I does lack a plot. I almost fell asleep during the first half. It picked up during the 2nd half when the main character ran into his father. That was interesting for me, for personal reasons. But, having just watched it, all I can say is that it left me with an emtpy, hollow feeling. If that was the point, then the movie is quite successful. Mind you, I'm not the usual "simplistic" movie watcher. But that was my feeling... ... Read more

    11. Collateral (Widescreen Two-Disc Edition)
    Director: Michael Mann
    list price: $29.99
    our price: $20.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005JN2Z
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 51
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (2)

    5-0 out of 5 stars GREAT MOVIE!!
    I'm not a Tom Cruise fan but this gets two thumbs up! Saw it twice in the theater, and am gonna buy it on DVD and watch it again!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Micheal Mann will do it again
    I know this movie will be awesome this is a Micheal Mann movie. Just look at the list of movies he's made Manhunter, Heat (one of my all time favorites), The Insider (another one of my all time favorites), and Ali. In all Micheal Mann's movies there are alway's awesome plot's, plot twists and performances. Ten years ago Tom Cruise was an awesome bad guy in Interview with the vampire, and again Tom Cruise will be awesome as a bad guy. I know Jamie Foxx who is always good, and Mark Ruffalo will put on good perfomances. So be ready for a night on the town. ... Read more

    12. Toy Story 2
    Director: Lee Unkrich, John Lasseter, Ash Brannon
    list price: $29.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000059Z8M
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 1125
    Average Customer Review: 4.85 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (453)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Toy Story 2 Is Better Then the Original!
    I had expected a dull child's cartoon with a meaningless plot and dull was I ever wrong! Toy Story 2 is funny, exciting, dramatic, and very entertaining! This time around, Woody is stolen by a greedy toy collector...why? Because it turns out that Woody is a valuable doll from the 1950's when he had his own popular TV show! As Buzz and the rest of the toys frantically try to find a way to rescue Woody, our cow-boy hero meets other toys just like him---Jesse the cow-girl, the Prospector, and Woody's hillarious horse. And all this time Woody starts to wonder if maybe he's found his rightful home...or has he? The animation is tops, the plot is engrossing, and the movie is excellent! If you think an animated feauture is just a bunch of interesting graphics then you're wrong! This is a heart-warming and wonderful family film.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Toys
    Toy Story (1995, 80 minutes, Dolby Digital Surround; Audio Commentary, Interviews) As 6-year-old Andy's favorite toy, Woody (Tom Hanks), a take-charge, pull-string cowboy, is confident in his role as room leader. But after Andy's birthday party, newcomer Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), a flashy space ranger with laser action and pop-out wings, crash-lands into Woody's world.

    Buzz instantly wins the admiration of Andy's other toys, igniting a rivalry that lands the duo inside the home of Sid - the toy-torturing boy next door. To escape Sid's evil plans, Woody and Buzz must work together and realize they've got the perfect each other!

    Toy Story 2 (1999, 94 minutes, Dolby Digital 5.l Surround EX; Audio Commentary, Sep. Film Score Audio Track, Outakes) Andy goes to summer camp and the toys face a new crisis: Woody turns out to be a valuable collectible, and is kidnapped by an evil toy collector. It's now up to Buzz and the gang to find a way to save him.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Five stars for the movies, one star for Disney
    Why must they stick to this archaic way of releasing their movies on video/DVD? I could understand discontinuing collector's or limited editions, but why discontinue entire movies? Well we all know the answer, I just hate to be jerked around like this. Disney is the largest movie company in the world but our enjoyment of their films is based around their idiotic release/discontinue schedule.
    Well, with that unpleasantness out of the way, I must say Toy Story 2 is my favorite animated movie of all time and the Toy Story series is my favorite animated series (if you think about it, though, that's not saying a lot). Let's just do this in the order they came out.
    Toy Story blew my mind, because the things they did in that movie (the first in particular) were so like me when I was a kid (at that age). Toy Story is sure enough my second favorite animated movie ever. It's funny, and colorful, and touching. I think all good kid's movies should have a sense of wonder, or delight, and it shouldn't be in either a cynical or naive way. They should show wonder in a way that can be found in the real world, which is a balance hard to find. The original Toy Story has all kinds of wonder and awe, both in positive and negative ways (some kids could be afraid of Sid but I bet they won't be able to stop looking at him). It's about finding your place in life, and what to do with what you've got. When Buzz happens upon a commercial for himself and then tries to fly through the window-well that is one of the most touching scenes in any movie I've seen. And the whole ending sequence is beautiful, from Buzz and Woody on the RC car going through traffic, or them being blasted from a rocket through the air. Not to mention it's filled with all kinds of toy-related jokes that any kid can relate to. I think it's safe to say it'll be looked back on like the very first full-length animated movie (it was Snow White, wasn't it?).
    Toy Story 2 is nearly flawless. It has one of the craziest openings for a movie ever, and I love the way it can find a way to have characters with all kinds of motives. Al is driven by his greed, the Prospector is jaded but just wants to be loved, Jessie hasn't given up hope yet so is overjoyed when she can find a way to confirm her hopefulness. The movie uses the toys as a metaphor for growing up and moving on: or not. You can aspire for your dreams or you can realize you're happy with what you've got. Toy Story 2 is/was the last movie Disney made with Pixar before they got too smug and self-indulgent. They realized they had the power to stir emotions and awe (they also realized they could make a ton of money), but instead of giving us a sweet movie like Toy Story, we got the self-congragulatory Monsters Inc, with its obvious conflicted main character, and instead of a great secondary character like the Prospector, we got Boo. Finding Nemo was a step in the right direction, but in my opinion doesn't have the heart of the Toy Story movies.
    I can actually think of one thing wrong with Toy Story 2, and that's that lame Sarah Mclachlan song. I'm not one of those people with a weird Randy Newman fascination, but his songs were so much better than that one Mclachlan song. I guess it's because the scene in which it's used is already so emotional, instead of Newman's weird but effective delivery we got Mclachlan hammering the point home with her yodeling. But I love that scene because it shows how the little girl grew up. Other than that, Toy Story 2 is great: funny and vibrant, even on my crusty old VHS tape.
    I wish I had these movies on DVD. They spark wonder in me at my age just like they did when I first saw them. They have plenty of in-jokes and such but also have a timeless quality (and a strong sense of innocence). Five stars for the both of them, the best animated series of all time.

    5-0 out of 5 stars It's Different.
    It's different from your average animated film. So was Toy Story part 1 but this one is better. The movie plotting is a lot better in this part. I give it five stars(I'd give it six if it was in my hands!)

    4-0 out of 5 stars The secret lives of toys
    Woody (Tom Hanks), who turns out to be a rare collectible, is stolen by an unscrupulous toy store owner and slated to be sold to a toy museum in Japan. Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and friends embark on a dangerous cross-town rescue mission. This is a very entertaining and perceptive film that remembers the guilt that a child can feel over outgrowing a favorite toy. Sammy the bear was my own constant companion when I was a young child. As I grew older, I sometimes felt a pang of shame when I would encounter him lying unloved and unplayed-with in the bottom of my old toy chest. I hope he's as philosophical and understanding about it as Woody is. As cheerful as this film is, it takes on an added dimension by honoring that first melancholy that a child feels upon outgrowing a formerly cherished plaything. The animation and voice talent are also top-notch. ... Read more

    13. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
    list price: $14.98
    our price: $11.24
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000083C6R
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 959
    Average Customer Review: 4.92 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (61)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Loneliness, Love, Solitude, Eternity
    "The Ghost and Mrs Muir" is one of those extraodinary films that works on a deeply emotional level. One would think, "A romance between a woman and a ghost? How silly!" Well, that kind of reasoning does not apply here. Joseph Mankiewicz, along with splendid performances by Tierney, Harrison, Sanders, along with the rest of the cast (including a very young Natalie Wood) achieve a very moving, touching story about loneliness and unrequited love. Miss Tierney, one of my favorite actresses, portrays Lucy Muir-a young widow of strong character who moves into a haunted cottage by the sea, and develops a friendship/romance with the cottage's ghostly former owner, Captain Gregg, played with great charm and gusto by Rex Harrison. This "love that can never be" will only reach fruition when Lucy dies. Captain Gregg, knowing this, decides to leave Lucy, leaving her with no memory of him. After a disastrous affair with a philandering author, played by George Sanders in one of his signature "cad" roles, Mrs. Muir resolves to live her life companionless-until her true love comes to claim her in death. Lucy grows old and finally dies, Captain Gregg returns for her, and the two walk off together into the mists of eternity. This film has a very quiet charm-it never bashes you over the head with pathos-it just works its way into your heart. Even its humor is very subtle-not the thigh-slapping kind, but far more subtle. Add to this lovely photography, and, of course, Bernard Herrmann's remarkable score. Herrmann proclaimed this score his personal favorite, even jokingly referring to it as "my Max Steiner score". It is filled with great warmth and longing, and, even listening to it by itself without the images, brings tears to my eyes. It is very hard, in my opinion, to pull off romantic films without becoming maudlin and sappy. Happily, this gem of a film pulls it off beautifully. They certainly DON'T make them like this anymore!

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Little Gem
    This is a fabulous film. The gorgeous Gene Tierney was born to play the widowed Lucy Muir--a young woman seeking personal fulfillment, as well as financial independence from her loathsome in-laws for herself and her young daughter, Anna (portrayed by Natalie Wood). While house hunting, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to a seaside dwelling considered uninhabitable by its agent and, after taking up residence, falls in love with the spectral former owner, Daniel Gregg (Rex Harrison), a full-of-himself sea captain who hasn't quite come to terms with his accidentally having taken his own life. After helping Lucy to acquire financial security, Gregg unselfishly opts to make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of his soulmate: concerned that she feels divided between his world and that of the living, he suggests to her while she sleeps that her recollection of their association, if any, is a dream and so it is until the film's climax. This tender, perfectly-cast love story is presented without the slightest trace of mawkishness under Joseph L. Mankewicz' direction and the performances are all stellar--George Sanders as Lucy's caddish suitor is particularly entertaining. Bernard Herrmann's appropriately haunting soundtrack is justifiably famous--one can detect the direction he'll take in his future work--and is available on CD from Amazon. It's entertaining on its own and definitely worth having.
    The DVD is mastered from a good print and has nice, crisp contrast; the audio is fine, too. I haven't watched the film with the commentary, but the extras are nice and include an A&E Biography segment of the life of Rex Harrison, a theatrical trailer, and a collection of stills. Viewers are offered a choice of Spanish or French dubbing, as well as Spanish or English subtitles, and the menus are easily navigable. This film spawned a short-lived, late-60's TV show starring Edward Mulhare and Hope Lange in the title roles, as well as a condensed, made-for-TV production on Fox's Hour of Stars in the late 50's that has only recently resurfaced--it stars Michael Wilding and Joan Fontaine.
    Kudos to Fox for staying competitive with the likes of heavyweights such as Criterion and Kino in their treatment of the classics in their catalogue. They provide quality (including nice keep cases as opposed to Warner's crummy cardboard "snappers") at very attractive prices and are clearly attuned to the public's expectations unlike, for instance, Universal. Fox has made it very easy on the wallet to own some of the finest movies ever made. If you agree with me that they're doing a good job, drop them a line at to let them know.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Unexpectedly wonderful love story
    On paper, the premise of the movie sounds ridiculous. A ghost and a woman falling in love with one another? But watch what happens and you'll totally be drawn in. After Lucy Muir moves with her young daughter and trusted servant to a seaside cottage, she discovers that it's haunted. However, she is so in love with the house - it suits her in a way she can't define - that she can't stand the thought of leaving. After the ghost, a sea captain named Daniel, fails to scare her away, they reach an agreement to live amicably with one another.

    The conversations between the two are initially hilarious, but gain a strong emotional dimension as the prim Victorian woman and coarse sea captain get to know each other better. Their connection becomes so powerful, you almost forget at times that the captain is a spirit. However, as right as they are for one another, there is still that physical barrier between the living and the fleshless. What's also interesting about the film is its psychology. Daniel is Lucy's ideal man - is he really a ghost, or just the product of her overactive imagination? Regardless of what you think the answer is, the question becomes increasingly important during the second half of the movie, when Lucy is pursued by a flesh-and-blood man, a suave and oily writer, who is certainly not her ideal but makes her commitment to the sea captain waver.

    As Lucy, Gene Tierney is wonderful - she is great in both the humorous scenes and the troubled, emotional ones. She makes Lucy come alive as the proper, well-bred lady who also has a quirky side to her, and a resilience not found in many women of the time. And Rex Harrison is marvelous as Daniel. Though I first cracked up when hearing his gruff, earthy voice, he quickly won me over. Especially memorable is his bedside monologue to Lucy, which will bring tears to your eyes.

    4-0 out of 5 stars An unusual film with spectacular music and cinematography
    More of a romance and a mood piece than a ghost story, this lovely little one-of-a-kind work from Fox (of all studios) brought out the very best in most of the people concerned. The score by Bernard Herrmann, has been justly praised again and again, and its evocative and sophisticated (and extremely non-sugary) romanticism it rivals his later beautiful work for Hitchcock and Truffaut. The gorgeous cinematography (eloquently described on the commentary by Greg Kimball) is exceptional, with exceptional black and white tonalities and use of mise en scene. And Gene Tierney, that most beautiful and inconstant of Hollywood actresses, was never more up to a script than here: her manneredness never seemed more charming, and she is quite fine in her later scenes when she's asked to be her character in middle age (and then old age). Only Rex Harrison, in a barking performance as the dead Captain Gregg, doesn't seem up to standards of the others. The film has nice extras, especially in Kimball's very informative commentary, which gives fine background material about how things were filmed and how Fox operated.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Poodle rates this 5 wags of a tail
    This great film touched me deeply.
    I love everything about it.
    Please do not forgett the tissues. ... Read more

    14. Journey to the Center of the Earth
    Director: Henry Levin
    list price: $14.98
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    Asin: B00007JMD8
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 2177
    Average Customer Review: 4.51 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (98)

    3-0 out of 5 stars Solid, entertaining classic restored
    It's a fun movie. You can argue with the the "science"; you can argue with some of the optical effects (the use of poorly matted lizards vs. stop motion animation is a minor drawback to the film)and you can argue with some of the deviations from Verne's classic novel but none of this off sets the sheer aura of fun that surrounds this 50's classic. Made at the tail end of the science fiction boom that made the cinema profitable again during the threat of television, Journey succeeds through the top flight direction, witty dialog and performances of the cast.

    James Mason is perfectly cast as Professor Lidenbrook and Arlene Dahl plays his spirited romantic interest. The plot is fairly well known so I'll stick to the quality of the film, restoration and DVD transfer. Pat Boone's career as an actor was often blighted by his singing career. He wasn't considered a "serious" actor. He gives a energetic performance that counter balances Mason's intense take as Liddenbrook.

    The direction by Hollywood vet Henry Levin sparkles with a number of inventive set pieces. Michael Todd's spare no expense production allows this lavish production to continue to shine nearly 45 years later. The art direction is often imaginative and, despite the limitations of the time, manage to convey the wonder of Verne's original novel.

    The optical effects are quite good half a century later. The matte paintings and miniatures still allow one to suspend disbelief and sink into the world portrayed here. The use of redressed lizards for the grand finale does undermine the conclusion a bit. Surprisingly, Todd and director Levin opted for using this approach instead of the more time consuming stop motion animation of Ray Harryhausen or Willis O'Brien. Although it would have delayed the film a bit and increased the budget as well, this brief sequence would have been more believable and lively if it had been made using O'Brien or Harryhausen.

    All of this would have been to no avail if not for Bernard Herrmann's moody, inventive and idiosyncratic score for the film. Herrmann's best scores (North by Northwest, Psycho, Citizen Kane among many other classic scores)helped elevate the quality of many films. Hitchcock, Welles, Ray Harryhausen, Brian DePalma and Martin Scorese all recognized that Herrmann's scores were important characters in the films they directed.

    The transfer is beautiful given the age of the original negative and condition of many of the films from this time frame. While the restoraation isn't as rich as that given to cinematic classics like Vertigo and Spartacus, the film benefits from the restoration efforts. The colors are vibrant and rich and, with few exceptions, the transfer is sharp and not as grainy as one would expect (particulary during the optical effects sequences).

    The DVD transfer is quite good as well. Again, grain problems to crop up now and again and the widescreen transfer isn't flawless but these are fairly minor complaints. Fox has, on the whole, done a marvelous job restoring this classic adventure film. Sadly, Mason, director Levin and Todd are all deceased so we don't get any first person observations about the production of the film on a second audio track. Since Pat Boone is still very much with us, it would have been interesting to hear his memories on the production of this fine film.

    I have very fond memories of watching this on the 3:30 Afternoon movie on KGO-TV in San Francisco (and, if memory serves, a couple of times on John Stanley's Creature Feature program as well). It's a perfect rainy day Saturday movie. It's enjoyable for the kids and, yes, even for this adult despite the wonderous explosion in visual effects over the years. While you're at it, you might also enjoy Jon Amiel's The Core an update of sorts of this classic film. Amiel's film vividly recaptures the sense of wonder and power of this type of film with his modern day take on the same theme.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Grand "Cinemascope" family entertainment from the 1950s!
    OK, there's been some controversy here about the quality of this release, so let me put it to rest. This DVD is spledid! I think this adaptation of Jules Verne's 1864 French novel is a prime example of 1950's wide-screen motion picture family entertainment -- it's wholesome and has a little something for everyone. This is the best film version of this story, the most recent of which was done for the USA Channel on cable in 1999 and was very campy. They couldn't match the 1959 production values of this 20th Century-Fox film that has excellent color photography and art direction, and Bernard Herrmann's wonderfully atmospheric music score. These elements have continued to make it a favorite with fantasy film fans who can appreciate older movies, though it's true that some of it is silly at times, but I don't think the film's makers were trying for a serious movie. It also contains one of James Mason's best performances (He was always good). It's wonderful "Cinemascope" escapism from the bygone Eisenhower-era of the 1950s. Even though I've been watching it on TV since I was a kid in the sixties, I'd only seen pan&scan versions, and it wasn't until I got it letterboxed on laserdisc that I finally saw what a big-screen entertainment this movie was meant to be. It has splendid scope and a score by Bernard Herrmann that takes you right down into the bowels of the earth. Listen to it and you'll notice what I mean, as the movie progresses the music keeps going into a lower and lower register. Five organs were used, including one meant for a Cathedral. (The complete original recordings of the score are available on CD from Varese Sarabande.) Sure it's long in the telling and takes a while to get you down that extinct volcano in Iceland, but it's fun all the way with great special effects work by L.B. Abbott and matte paintings by Emil Kosa Jr. It's been a long wait for this to come out on DVD but it's now worth it. Although Fox should have known that fans would want more extras, including a production and poster still gallery and audio commentary by Pat Boone and Arlene Dahl perhaps?, or an expert on the production? (Perhaps we'll get it in a future release?), they have thankfully included the original theatrical trailer, whic is a lot of fun. They've also gone to great efforts to restore the color negative, and this 16X9 ANAMORPHIC TRANSFER has been struck from a newly made interpositive print, and has been further enhanced with digital video. The original 4-track MagOptical soundtrack is here offered in Dolby Digital 4.0 surround. Although the directionalized dialogue is often off the mark, the aged soundtrack sounds great and will really rumble your room if you've got a subwoofer. If you are a fan of 1959's JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, you'll be very happy with this DVD. I'd give this DVD five stars but for Fox skimping on the extras. Boy, you people at Fox can be real dummies!

    4-0 out of 5 stars A film for the whole family
    Fox Studios was so successful with this film that they immediately made another Verne classic, "The Lost World" with Claude Raines as Professor Challenger. "Lost World" didn't fare as well. The reasons were obvious.

    "Journey" was put together by a team of Hollywood professionsls at all levels: script, direction, actors, production deisgners. They were all dedicated to one goal: to entertain the audience while not pandering to them. The actors take their roles seriously, bringing them to vivid life.

    This is a long film for a general release, family oriented project. It goes into good, solid character development, rather than settling for action over story, as they did with "The Lost World." The only thing both films have in common appear to be dinosaurs.

    The special effects are excellent. Try not to compare them to what can be computer-generated today. Matte painting artists of the old Hollywood studio system could truly be called artists; this film is a prime example of this art.

    Bernard Hermann's score is one of the true stars of the picture. It supports the film; it is like a character all its own; it complements the story rather than overpowering it.

    This is a movie that can be seen over and over through the years and it still appeals. Once again, the DVD format presents the film in its original CinemaScope aspect ratio, which is the only way to appreciate a truly excellent example of the old Hollywood in its finest form.

    5-0 out of 5 stars all time classic
    i remember seeing this movie as a re-release in t he 1960's
    these are the type of movies that should never be put to dvd,
    instead released to the theatres every so often where
    mom's can drop off the kids for saturday afternoon fun.
    james mason did a great job
    alene dahl was hot to trot
    pat boone played a 2nd fiddle good performance
    thayer david ( what a wimpy creep..!)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Rated "G" for "Great"
    This movie captured my imagination as a child, and I'm pleased to say that it retains all its adventurous charm twenty-five years later.

    Based loosely on the Jules Verne novel, the movie tells the story of a group of scientists (and a scientist's widow ... and a hunky Icelander ... and a duck) as they follow the trail of a long-dead explorer into - wait for it - the center of the Earth. The film is partly a vehicle for Pat Boone's singing career, partly an excuse to design one fantastic set after another (partly filmed in Carlsbad Cavern National Park), but it's mostly a decent adventure story with the ever-wonderful James Mason leading the way. Sure, some effects are poorly done with blue screens, matte paintings, and miniatures (not bad by late '50s standards, though), but it doesn't take much suspension of disbelief to get into spirit of the thing (my 4-year-old screamed at the Dimetrodons), and an emotional connection is built between the audience and the characters (Count Saknussem's fate is richly deserved). Be sure to watch for Alfred the Butler (Alan Napier) as a University of Edinburgh dean.

    The limited bonus materials are all worthwhile (as opposed to DVDs that cram in the extras, mostly mediocre). Included are movie trailers for nine Fox sci-fi movies (Sean Connery's Zardoz must be seen to be believed) as well as the trailer for Journey. The only other bonus is a before-and-after comparison of how the film was restored. There's no documentary showing the process, but the side-by-side and split-screen comparisons help you realize how close this treasure was to being lost.

    This is a great film that deserves to be part of anyone's collection. The effects may be dated, but the adventure and characterizations are as powerful today as they were in 1959. If you're looking for a film the whole family can enjoy that isn't so sugary sweet it necessitates a visit to the dentist, Journey to the Center of the Earth fits the bill. ... Read more

    15. Patton
    Director: Franklin J. Schaffner
    list price: $14.98
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    Asin: B00005PJ8O
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 590
    Average Customer Review: 4.75 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (155)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Entertainment, but . . .
    George C. Scott's portrayal of General George S. Patton is outstanding in capturing the essense of the man; so much so that one thinks of Scott when considering the historic Patton! Scott's deep voice better fits the profane and volcanic nature of the General, who was "blessed" with a high and squeaky voice! A classic war film that provides great entertainment with each viewing. That said, I must take exception with a reviewer who lauded the film's accuracy. It is anything but historically accurate. The overall timeline is correct, but anyone who has read a book on Patton (especially the "Patton Papers") will spot the dramatic license taken by the Hollywood producers. Just to name a few: Patton knew that he would command Third Army before he left the Mediteranean for England. In the film, he wasn't told until after D-Day! Another: the entire exchange between Patton and Montgomery in Messina was fabricated; as was the competition between the two for Messina. This said, "Patton" remains one of my favorite movies, and I recommend it to anyone. Just have that book ready on the coffee table (also available from Amazon!)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Not the best war movie, but great character study
    It may be treasonous to suggest that Patton is a flawed WW2 movie, although it is leaps and bounds the best character study ever developed inside a war movie. Not for nothing was this Nixon's favorite flick. George C. Scott justly deserved an Oscar for his portrayal of the hugely idiosyncratic Patton. I was 14 when I first saw it, and it was a real eye-opener for someone who (growing up in the military) thought all Army generals were bland smiley Eisenhower clones.

    Scott's Patton is sensational, and manipulates the audience into a genuine love-hate relationship with the man. He was a tyrant, but soft-skinned. He was a brilliant tactician who was respected above all others by the Germans. He was also a mean, petty, competitive SOB who could waste soldier's lives to feed his ego, and with primitive political sensibilities - kind of an American Arik Sharon.

    Flaws? Well... the movie certainly blitzes through WW2 history. Near the end of the film, the flim shows Patton's troopers rescuing the surrounded 101st Airborne at Bastogne (December 1944), and suddenly, it's May 1945. This skips over perhaps Patton's worst moment, when in 1945 he ordered a small task force to penetrate far behind German lines to attempt a rescue of his son-in law languishing in a POW camp (he was captured during the Kassarine Pass battles). The mission was a dramatic and costly failure.

    I did have problems with the other significant generals portrayed in the movie. Montgomery was pompous, but he did pull the British through in North Africa. In Patton, he has few redeeming features. Karl Maulden's Omar Bradley is just too nice for a four-star general - probably because the real Bradley served as a technical consultant for the movie, which must have stirred interesting emotions in the man. The real Bradley experienced a real love-hate relationship with the flashy, tempermental Patton.

    The biggest flaw in Patton is technical. Like the earlier film, "Battle of the Bulge", American tankers drive 1950's tanks (Chafees?), and the Germans get bigger American tanks. (In unlikely movies like Kelly's Heroes, they used real Shermans). This is way before "Private Ryan", so the battle scenes are dramatic enough but do not have the punch of recent movies.

    The real reason for "Patton" is the man, not the battles. In this, the movie surpasses "MacArthur" and similar biopics. And this definitely has the best music score of any war movie. So maybe it gets a "five" after all.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Decent Film/No Frills DVD
    It's to the much-deserved credit of the underrated George C. Scott--simply brilliant here--and director Franklin Schaffner that the celebrated general of "Patton's" title comes across more the tragic hero and less the right-wing nutjob, especially considering that the film debuted in 1970. "Patton" is worth a look for that bit of storytelling finesse alone, but the film offers much more, effectively examining both the highs and lows of the headstrong general's World War II days. Though it lacks the poetic grandeur of epics like "Lawrence of Arabia" or "How the West Was Won," "Patton" nonetheless operates on a big scale, and Scott's larger-than-life portrayal is never obscured by the production's legions of soldiers or frequent changes of scenery. The script, co-written by Francis Ford Coppola, stays focused on the professional aspects of Patton's life--his devotion to duty, command, and career--and wisely avoids bogging down with diversions into romance or family life. Some might find such an approach imbalanced, but most viewers will likely enjoy the "purity" of what is, for lack of a better term, a satisfying "guy's story." Look for Karl Malden in a great supporting role as Omar Bradley, and enjoy Jerry Goldsmith's bombastic score, rivaled only by John Williams' Indiana Jones overtures. Still, "Patton" is not without faults. Military buffs may bemoan some technical inaccuracies, such as using tanks that don't fit the historical period; at times, the characterizations devolve into caricature, especially that of British General Montgomery; and some of Patton's borderline psychotic behavior--his various rages and obsessions with dreams and reincarnation--seem too easily dismissed as colorful idiosyncracies. The DVD itself is rather bare for a film that received many Oscars, perhaps the biggest flaw of all.

    5-0 out of 5 stars GREATEST WAR FILM EVER MADE
    In 1970, two films juxtaposed each other. "Patton" was an unlikely winner of eight Oscars. The pacifist Scott for all practical purposes took his Buck Turgidson character and refined him into the real-life Patton. In interviews, Scott said he found his research of Patton revealed an unbalanced man, but on screen Scott nailed him as the vainglorious, brilliant, driven warmonger he was. Steiger was offered the role first but turned it down because it glorified war. Vietnam was absolutely at its apex. It was very surprising that Hollywood would make such a film at that time. But director Frankin Schaffner had served under Patton, and after making "The Planet of the Apes" had the clout to call his shots. The film did not get America behind the war, but it did cause Nixon to start bombing Cambodia because the Patton story convinced him to get tough. The screenwriter, oddly enough, was Francis Ford Coppola, who may have done himself a turn. Coppola was no war lover, and wrote "Patton" as a man obsessed with war ("God help me, I love it so"), deluded by visions of Napoleonic grandeur mixed with Episcopalian Christianity and karmic reincarnation. The intent may have been to show a psychotic military man, to de-mask his heroism, and this may have been what prompted Scott to play it. From page to screen there are virtually no changes, but if Coppola was trying to put down the military by showing Patton's human warts, the result was a brilliant work that now is one of, if not the most, conservative pictures ever made. Watching "Patton" stirs wonderful pride in two countries (Great Britain is prominent in the film) that were tough enough to stand up to the Nazis when the rest of the world cowered in victimhood. Karl Malden's Omar Bradley is Patton's perfect foil, as is the Bernard Law Montgomery character. The film saved Coppola, who was about to be fired as "The Godfather" director. When he won the Oscar for "Patton", it gave him too much clout to get the axe.


    In this post-9/11 world everyone should see this film if only to see and hear the famous speech Patton gave to his troops, opening the film. He starts out by saying that no one ever won a war by dying for his country. One wins a war by getting the guy on the other side to die for HIS (other) country. The Islamic terrorist plaguing the world today all say they want to die. Patton would say that he is glad to oblige them.

    Just a warning, don't expect to learn anything about the conduct of the Second World War from this film. It is first and formost a character study of Patton, the man, and I can't praise George C. Scott enough for his stupendous performance. It is rare in history that an actor adapts so well to the role he is playing. ... Read more

    16. Dumbo (60th Anniversary Edition)
    Director: Ben Sharpsteen
    list price: $29.99
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    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005KARK
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 457
    Average Customer Review: 4.26 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    The Dumbo 60th Anniversary Edition was the beneficiary of an electronic film restoration process where every frame of film was scanned into a high resolution computer system, then painstakingly examined and repaired frame by frame to eliminate negative and positive dirt, film scratches and the like. A high definition transfer was done and color correction was supervised by Disney Feature Animation to ensure faithful reproduction of the colors as they were originally intended. ... Read more

    Reviews (127)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent for two and three year olds and everyone else too!
    Dumbo is a cinematic milestone and masterpiece of family entertainment. The storyline and characters are well rounded enough (just) to entertain adults and older children and the quality of the animation both holds children's attention and enables them to empathise with the principle characters. In addition, the moral of the story is well presented without being clumsily overstated as in much modern animation.

    Both my children have frequently watched this DVD (which first came out (without extras) in Europe in 1999) since they were one and both enjoy it imensely.

    I'm both astonished and disturbed that anyone could deem this movie unsuitable for children but can only assume they come from the same group of people who banned Robin Hood books from schools for being 'pro communist' and Shakespeare for being 'too explicit'!

    The 'drunken scene' is funny, brief and discrete (all you see is the shadows of characters through canvas). As to fast forwarding through the dream sequence for the kids' benefit because it is 'too long' that is verging on irresponsible. All doing so teaches a child is that it's OK to have a short attention span and to zoom through films to the 'interesting bits'. Perhaps I was wrong though and the moral of the story has been hidden too deeply "Persevere - Don't Give Up" is lost on some people.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great, despite the grainy picture quality
    This sweet animated film (only 64 minutes long) is truly a Disney treasure. The simple story is about a little elephant that just doesn't fit in because of his freakishly large ears. Timothy, a little circus mouse, befriends Dumbo and sees only beauty in his new friend. Dumbo entertains us, as well as teaches us a timeless lesson about love and tolerance in a world that is often times unkind and cruel. The animation is rather simple as compared to the detail found in Snow White or Pinocchio, but it somehow works because of the film's other strengths. In Dumbo your emotions run the full spectrum from laughter to tears. The musical numbers are memorable, especially "Baby Mine". Baby Mine is a tearjerker if ever there was one. The crows add great comic relief toward the end of the film. The Special Bonus Features on the DVD are a real nice touch and generous. Among the extras are a "Celebrating Dumbo" featurette, two animated shorts, and a Music Video of "Baby Mine" sung by Michael Crawford that will have you sobbing all over again, guaranteed! The only complaint I have was mentioned by other reviewers, that being the grainy quality of the film. This flaw simply does not make any sense. I would have expected that Disney, promoting Dumbo as the "60th Anniversary Edition", would have bothered to restore the picture and audio elements. The DVD back cover makes claims to Dumbo being digitally restored and remastered with a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, but it certainly is not evident to me. I guess we should be thankful for the merits of the DVD which are many. Recommended.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A True Disney Classic
    This is one of Disney's true enduring classics. The story is simple. A baby elephant is delivered to the delighted Mrs. Jumbo, but he has big ears. Dubbed Dumbo, he is soon separated from his mother and must find a way to deal with his ears on his own. With only Timothy Mouse to help him, he soon learns that, thanks to his big ears, he can fly.

    I have always loved this movie. The story is simple, but moves quickly and from heart felt emotion to laughter easily. The moral is simple, but isn't preachy. Watching this movie again recently, I was surprised again at how much of the early story to told in song. I usually forget "Look out for Mr. Stork" and the song they sing as they build the circus in the rain when thinking about the classic songs. "Baby Mine" is one of my favorite Disney songs because of its heartfelt emotion and I love all the puns in "When I See an Elephant Fly."

    This is a truly remarkable movie. Pop some corn, sit back, and joy this classic tale.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Good, yes... however...
    Sure, it's a good tale. However, one thing you might consider before letting your children watch it is how dark this movie is. This movie is an exploration of some of the more darker and vile aspects of the human psyche. It is an animated meditation on abuse, slavery, and mistreatment. As such, it may disturb not only the children watching it, but the parents as well. Think twice about this one. There is also the very weird scene where Dumbo gets stinking drunk on alcohol and has "hallucinations." Yes, you should very much think twice about this one as a parent.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Dumbo, a classic
    Made in the 40s and still appreciated by yours truly now. My favorite scene is when Dumbo and the mouse fall into the well and his wine in it. they get so drunk and they ended up hallucinating for like a 10 minute long substance abuse horror scene for children. honestly, unless you are taking shots of cheap vodka or smoking out of your buddies pipe whose name is an inside joke, do not let your kid see this part. (OR ANYOTHER SCENE because I remember crying when I was a little kid when Dumbo goes in a different cage than his mom on the circuis train and they get separated).
    Anyways, about that scene. why does it last so long? was it like an inside joke to all the older viewers? i think this movie was the origin of the timeless hallucination of pink elephants. it is so trippy like when the elephants combine and they shoot into the sky or something like that and everything turns into fire works.
    the next morning dumbo and his mouse friend end up in a tree and they're like man what happened. ... Read more

    17. Pink Floyd - The Wall 25th Anniversary (Deluxe Edition)
    Director: Alan Parker
    list price: $24.98
    our price: $18.74
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0006ZE7G2
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 1642
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    By any rational measure, Alan Parker's cinematic interpretation of Pink Floyd: The Wallis a glorious failure. Glorious because its imagery is hypnotically striking, frequently resonant, and superbly photographed by the gifted cinematographer Peter Biziou. And a failure because the entire exercise is hopelessly dour, loyal to the bleak themes and psychological torment of Roger Waters's great musical opus, and yet utterly devoid of the humor that Waters certainly found in his own material. Any attempt to visualize The Wall would be fraught with artistic danger, and Parker succumbs to his own self-importance, creating a film that's as fascinating as it is flawed.

    The film is, for better and worse, the fruit of three artists in conflict--Parker indulging himself, and Waters in league with designer Gerald Scarfe, whose brilliant animated sequences suggest that he should have directed and animated this film in its entirety. Fortunately, this clash of talent and ego does not prevent The Wall from being a mesmerizing film. Boomtown Rats frontman Bob Geldof (in his screen debut) is a fine choice to play Waters's alter ego--an alienated, "comfortably numb" rock star whose psychosis manifests itself as an emotional (and symbolically physical) wall between himself and the cold, cruel world. Weaving Waters's autobiographical details into his own jumbled vision, Parker ultimately fails to combine a narrative thread with experimental structure. It's a rich, bizarre, and often astonishing film that will continue to draw a following, but the real source of genius remains the music of Roger Waters. --Jeff Shannon ... Read more

    Reviews (323)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Same as the last DVD release but still a great film
    If you are a fan of this film, as I am, please note that this release is an exact duplicate of the last DVD release but with new packaging.The documentaries are worth the price of the disc alone, as they are excellent.A great transfer of a great film.

    As a side note to "Der Kommissar", the last I heard, we have freedom of speech in this country.So, I am mentioning your "review" in my own and there is nothing you can do about it.I could care less if you are a "top reviewer" or not - never presume to tell me what I can or can't do again.Who the hell do you think you are?

    5-0 out of 5 stars New but....whats new?
    I did notice a clearer picture overall when comparing it to the first DVD release, since it does say high definition. As far as audio is concerned...havent ran it on a legitimate 5.1 or better system to compare the me if anyone knows if this new version is remastered, again?

    5-0 out of 5 stars Greatest Rock Movie Ever!!!
    Pink Floyd is the greatest band ever and the wall is one of their best albums. The movie is not for everyone though. If you don't like Pink Floyd then you probably won't dig the movie. But if you like Pink Floyd, you will definetly like the movie.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Respectable
    I am a long-time fan and follower of The Floyd, their music has touched me in a way that no other band has. My favorite works by them are Dark Side, Animals, and Meddle. The Wall is an amazing story more than it is an album. Although it is great, it is not really a Floyd album to me, because it lacks the greatest asset that floyd has to offer: the epicly symphonic pieces of rock music. (excepting Comfortably Numb). The album was made to be listened to by yourself in a dark room. The story is meant to be composed by you, in your head. It is supposed to be meaningful to you in your own head. You deserve to have your own interpretation of it. The Wall is a good movie by movie terms, but it goes against everything that the Wall stood for. The album is ofcourse, asking for a movie like this, but it is much better for the movie to just be in your head, not spoonfed to you by the screen. If you want the quintessential Floyd movie, sync up the Wizart of Oz with Dark side of the Moon, and you will see the Floyd for what they really are.

    1-0 out of 5 stars A horrible disappointment and mangling of The Wall
    I just watched this movie this afternoon for the first time and I was truly stunned and blown away with how absolutely abysmally horrid this movie is.What makes it truly unbearable is that in addition to just being a bad movie in the first place, the actual music of The Wall is distorted and re-recorded in such a horrible way -- for example, the actor who plays the teacher says "Stand still, laddie!" instead of the original recording, and says it very badly and unconvincingly. ... Read more

    18. Bad Day at Black Rock
    Director: John Sturges
    list price: $19.97
    our price: $14.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0007TKNH4
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 587
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    One of the first Hollywood films to deal openly with white racism toward Japanese Americans during World War II, this drama directed by 1950s action maestro John Sturges (The Great Escape) stars Spencer Tracy as a one-armed stranger named MacReedy, who arrives in the tiny town of Black Rock on a hot day in 1945. Seeking a hotel room and the whereabouts of an ethnic Japanese farmer named Komoko, MacReedy runs smack into a wall of hostility that escalates into serious threats. In time it becomes apparent that Komoko has been murdered by a local, racist chieftain, Reno Smith (Robert Ryan), who also plans on dispensing with MacReedy. Tracy's hero is forced to fight his way past Smith's goons (among them Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin) and sundry allies (Anne Francis) to keep alive, setting the stage for memorable suspense crisply orchestrated by Sturges. Casting is the film's principal strength, however: Tracy, the indispensable icon of integrity, and Ryan, the indispensable noir image of spiritual blight, are as creatively unlikely a pairing as Sturges's shotgun marriage of Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen in The Magnificent Seven. --Tom Keogh ... Read more

    Reviews (30)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Solid "Rock"
    This is a thrilling suspense film from start to finish.Though set apparently in post World War II Arizona the film has the feel of a traditional western.One could draw parallels to another classic western, "High Noon", in that the film's protagonist MacCreedy (Spencer Tracy) is confronted with sociopathic bullies and has difficulty enlisting the aid of the few people of good will in Black Rock.Whereas "High Noon" was considered a metaphor for McCarthyism, "Bad Day at Black Rock" tackles the theme of racism, in this case the prejudice that was prevalent at the time against Americans of Japanese descent.John Sturges crafts such an effective tale that you don't feel you are being preached to.Tracy is solid as the one-armed inquisitor.The supporting cast is all first-rate with Robert Ryan, Ernest Borgnine, and Lee Marvin especially good as the creepy heavies.Great Technicolor and tremendous use of widescreen on display here.Andre Previn contributes an effective score.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Audio track for french language - discusting
    The english audio track is good, but as far as the french track it's not worth a penny, noise on the track are so loud; My French friends we're so disappointed.
    I think WB is producing full sh.. DVD and have no respect for customer. They don't do quality testing on DVD products...
    It's an excellent movie, but not the right compagny to produce a DVD...

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent!
    Spencer Tracy as the mysterious man in black. What is he doing in a small middle of nowhere desert town? It's film noir in color! It's absolutely fascinating and when it's ended, one has to see it over again because it's almost a perfect movie. There are no wasted shots. And the music score by Andre Previn is a perfect compliment to this widescreen thriller. It has Ernest Borgnine, Lee Marvin, and Robert Ryan at their nastiest!! It's great!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Tracy at his best
    Tracy portrays a one-armed man who arrived in a small town only
    to discover it is hiding things.Led by Robert Ryan he is stonewalled in discovering the truth but eventually does. This
    film also features Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine in supporting
    roles.This is a perfect film to watch Tracy.He appears to be
    doing nothing but is absolutely wonderful.Anne Francis is very
    good also.This is one of Tracy's finest efforts and the dvd
    release is most welcome.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Myfavourite film
    This is a really good thriller Weston.The cast is wonderful all first class performers especially Tracy and Ryan. It has been around in the pan form. It will be great in wide screen with a good sound track.I can't recommend it enough. ... Read more

    19. The Princess Bride (Special Edition)
    Director: Rob Reiner
    list price: $19.98
    our price: $14.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005LOKQ
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 109
    Average Customer Review: 4.69 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (664)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Rob Reiner Weaves His Best In Fanatsy!
    THE PRINCESS BRIDE is directors Rob Reiner (A Few Good Men, Stand By Me) third feature film ever. It was based on a book written by Academy Award Winner William Goldwin (Misery, Maverick, Chaplin) who wrote this book for his children in 1973. After almost 15 years, and several studios, MGM decided to back it up and make the finished film.

    It fun, it's funny and has adventure and romance, monsters and villains. It also has some of the best performances of an ensemble cast in a fairy tale ever. Robin Write-Penn (Then Robin Write at 19 years old) (Forrest Gump, Unbreakable) starring as Princess Buttercup who has fallen in love with a farm boy-turned Pirate, Cary Elwes (Twister, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Quest For Camelot) and is seeking the kidnapped Princess from three renegades played by Wallace Shawn (Toy Story, Star Trek Deep Space Nine). The late Andre The Giant (Trading Mom) and an astounding performance by Mandy Patikin (Yentel, Alien Nation, Chicago Hope-TV ). Christopher Sarandon (Nightmare Before Christmas, Fright Night, Just Cause) and Christopher Guest (This Is Spinal Tap, Best In Show) head up the evil King and sidekick roles. The chemistry between Cary and Mandy is phenomenal. They are seriously funny in a sarcastic and monotoned way. The swordplay is the best I have seen since Errol Flynn.

    What makes this movie special and energetic is the magic of fantasy with a splash of you have to believe in True Love for all this to work and for your happiness to be real. Shot entirely on location and with a minimum of a budget the movie is wonderful to watch and look at. A GEM for all the family - literally.

    The DVD extras include three behind the scenes documentaries and lots of production photos. Very well put together and filled with interesting comments and antique dotes from all the cast and crew. There's even a behind the scenes home movie view of the production thanks to Carry Elwis himself. Of the trailers and production posters show you more of movie making and what it takes. The audio commentary by Rob Reiner is comical and very interesting. There is also a commentary by William Goldwin which gives you a lot of insighjt to the production. This is a great addition to the family film collection. (10-27-02)

    5-0 out of 5 stars "My name is Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!"

    Director: Rob Reiner
    Format: Color
    Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
    Video Release Date: March 7, 2000


    Cary Elwes ... Westley
    Mandy Patinkin ... Inigo Montoya
    Chris Sarandon ... Prince Humperdinck
    Christopher Guest ... Count Tyrone Rugen
    Wallace Shawn ... Vizzini
    André the Giant ... Fezzik
    Fred Savage ... The Grandson
    Robin Wright Penn ... Buttercup/The Princess Bride
    Peter Falk ... The Grandfather
    Peter Cook ... The Impressive Clergyman
    Mel Smith ... The Albino

    Carol Kane ... Valerie
    Billy Crystal ... Miracle Max
    Anne Dyson ... The Queen
    Margery Mason ... The Ancient Booer
    Malcolm Storry ... Yellin
    Willoughby Gray ... The King
    Betsy Brantley ... The Mother
    Paul Badger ... The Assistant Brute
    Sallie McLaughlin

    A storybook stable boy turns pirate and rescues his beloved who is about to marry a dreadful prince.

    The story is told by the Grandfather (Peter Falk) to his cynical (at first) Grandson (Fred Savage).

    The story is a love story with all of the elements of a fantasy fairy tale. Westley (Cary Elwes), the good guy, is opposed by Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin--"My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Be prepared to die!"), at first, and then wins Westley's admiration. Another opponent who becomes a co-conspirator, is Fezzick (Andre the Giant). Buttercup/The Princess Bride (Robin Wright Penn) is the princess who needs rescuing.

    There is a lot of good tongue-in-cheek humor involved, and even though it is understood that this is a story told to a young boy, there is nevertheless a good level of tension involved.

    This is a fun movie.

    Joseph (Joe) Pierre

    author of Handguns and freedom...their care and maintenance
    and other books

    5-0 out of 5 stars What a marvelous movie... I waited too....
    long to buy this movie -- my boys loved it the first time they watched it. It is timeless, a great comedy, wonderful lines.....
    A great addition to our movie selection!

    4-0 out of 5 stars A family comedy funnier than this? Inconceivable!
    For millions of television viewers who grew up during All in the Family's groundbreaking run (before it became stale in the post-1977 seasons), Rob Reiner will always be remembered as the Meathead, a.k.a. Archie Bunker's ultra-liberal, atheistic, and argumentative son-in-law, Mike Stivic. But Reiner, whose father Carl is one of America's best comedic writer-actor-directors (The Dick Van Dyke Show, Your Show of Shows, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid), is far more than just a good actor with one famous role, for after he left Norman Lear's flagship comedy series after six seasons, Reiner the Younger followed in his father's footsteps to become a well-known and well-regarded actor, writer, producer, and director.

    One of Reiner's best films is 1987's The Princess Bride, a witty-yet-sweet comedy/fantasy written by two-time Academy Award-winning screenwriter William Goldman, who adapted his own novel about the beautiful maiden Buttercup (Robin Wright), whose true love, a young farmboy named Westley (Cary Elwes), goes off to sea to seek his fortune, telling Buttercup that he would come back for her.

    But when Buttercup learns that Westley's ship has been attacked by the Dread Pirate Roberts she swears she will never love anyone again, an oath she keeps even when she accepts a marriage proposal from Florin's Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon), a handsome yet somewhat shady fellow who probably could give Machiavelli some lessons in, well, Machiavellian diplomacy. His plan is simple: take over as King of Florin as soon as his father passes away, get bethroded to a beautiful engaging commoner, then stage her kidnapping and demise to incriminate the neighboring rival kingdom Guilder and start a war.

    Aided by the equally heinous Count Rugen (Christopher Guest), Humperdinck hires a trio led by the too-clever-for-his-own-good schemer Vizzini (Wallace Shawn), the revenge-obsessed Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin), and Fezzik (Andre the Giant), a brawny hulk with a heart of gold and a fondness for rhymes. The three manage to kidnap Princess Buttercup, but before they reach the Guilder-Florin border they run into an unforeseen obstacle: a dashing swordsman dressed in black.

    Goldman's clever way of grabbing the audience's heart and funny bone is to present this fairy tale with a framing story of a 1980s grandfather (Peter Falk) who visits his sick grandson (a pre-Wonder Years Fred Savage) and reads the tale of The Princess Bride to him, following a long family tradition.

    Reiner gets wonderful performances not only from the major cast members, but also from Billy Crystal and Carol Kane, who play Miracle Max and his wife Valerie in a short but hilarious scene. He approaches the fractured fairy tale as a comedy/romance/swashbuckling adventure, poking gentle fun at the conventions of all the fantasy/medieval adventure films of the 1930s and '40s without being obnoxious or too sardonic. The result: a film that overcame box-office failure (it had a brief and unprofitable theatrical run in the summer of 1987) by becoming a home video success. (This is not unique to The Princess Bride, either. 1939's The Wizard of Oz was no box office champ when it premiered; only when it became an annual TV staple in the mid-1950s did Oz become a family classic.)

    The 2001 MGM Special Edition DVD presents The Princess Bride in its original widescreen format, and features a director's commentary track by Reiner, a writer's commentary by Goldman, English and Spanish audio tracks, a new documentary on the making of the film ("As You Wish"), plus theatrical trailers and two original featurettes.

    As Vizzini might have added, to try and find a funnier family film is absolutely inconceivable.

    5-0 out of 5 stars An Awesome Movie (Review by Jennifer Baker)
    The Princess Bride is an excellent movie, and though at first viewing may seem pretty simple, it has much deeper meeting, but it may take more than one viewing to see this. First of all, it teaches the all-too-true, and sometimes overused lesson that good will prevail over evil. This is shown in Inigo's avenging of his father's death and Westley's rescuing of his true love, escaping his encounter with death, surviving "The Machine", making it through the fire swamp, battling the ROUS's, wrestling a giant, swordfighting with a Spaniard, and out-witting a Sicilian. (whew!) However, if you look closely, and watch this movie at least 100 times (which I have), then you will come to see that there is a lot of symbolism in The Princess Bride. Whether Buttercup is wearing blue (sadness) when she is getting married or red (danger) when she is kidnapped,the symbolism in this movie shows just how detailed this movie really is, which in turn makes it all the more fun to look for and watch. So in conclusion, The Princess Bride is a swashbuckling fun time for the whole family!!!!! ... Read more

    20. Carmen Electra's The Lap Dance & Hip Hop
    Director: Edward Lachman
    list price: $16.99
    our price: $12.74
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0007TKH02
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 589
    Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    Get ready for the legendary Lap Dance. This is a step-by-step guide to the sexiest routine around that introduces even more technical moves to your repertoire, so you can tighten and tone while you’re turning someone on. The Lap Dance is sure to make you look good, feel great, and spice up your personal life!In Hip-Hop, Carmen boosts the aerobic intensity through the roof with a routine that’s one of her personal favorites! Carmen combines the sexy confidence of hip-hop dance with some incredible moves that’ll help you tone your way to a dancer’s body! ... Read more

    Reviews (44)

    5-0 out of 5 stars electra-fying Genius!
    These workout videos have changed my life!

    I got them for my wifey and now she is dedicated to
    working out with them, and I am dedicated to watching her
    work out with them!

    All of this physical conditioning has really helped our
    relationship, and we have put a couple of our other amazon
    aquisitions to good use as well, namely the dvds "GODDESS WORSHIP"
    and "NEW SEX NOW."

    1-0 out of 5 stars NOT WORTH IT
    I bought the bloody dvd set and it is the worst thing I have ever bought.It gives no credence wha has been promoted about it.It has no substance and completely a waste of time.I would rather work one the old Cindy Crawford Videos compared to this.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Awsome
    I just received my DVD yesterday and I'm about to buy discs 1 & 2 today! The lap dance was a little strange (I wasn't prepared with the right chair!) but it is a good warm up for the next disc. The Hip-Hop workout was awesome! I definitely worked up a sweat and I am pretty sore today. Carmen makes it look so easy to be sexy while doing this, but I did not exude the same confidence and found myself laughing at my own attempts to look sexy! It was really fun, though, and she takes the time to carefully explain each step. This makes it easy for the non-dancer types such as myself! After I got the steps down (I had to replay the disc several times!), I would rewind just until the last part which is when you go through the whole routine with the music. This is when I really started to get pumped up! I think this is a great workout program, and once I get the steps down well-enough, I think I may be able to feel more sexy while doing them!

    5-0 out of 5 stars So Much Fun!!!
    Before I tried this series, I was convinced that Carmen Electra was just another mindless pretty face.Now, however, I really respect her for her talent at leading a clear workout that otherwise might be frustrating. Although these dvds don't quite provide a thorough workout and require a bit of coordination (I'm far from a dancer), I use them on the light days that I alternate with my heavier cardio.The workouts are light and fun, and Carmen's demeanor and instruction emphasize that the workouts are meant to be relaxed. I felt slightlly idiotic starting out, but I discovered that after a few workouts I began to feel sexier as I was dancing.These dvds are also GREAT if you want to have a few girlfriends over for a "learn to dance for your boyfriend" party!

    1-0 out of 5 stars not worth the money
    I have all 5 of these "workout" DVDs let me tell you it is not worth it at all the only one worth buying is fit to strip. Its a workout. all of the DVDs could have fit onto one DVD they are lioke 15 min each. and she really doesn't teach you to strip. I couldnt wait to learn to lapdance and trust me this is not worth it ... Read more

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