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  • Ichaso, Leon
  • Idle, Eric
  • Imagawa, Yasuhiro
  • Imamura, Shohei
  • Inagaki, Hiroshi
  • Ingvordsen, J Christian
  • Ireland, Dan
  • Irmas, Matthew
  • Irvin, John
  • Irvin, Sam
  • Iscove, Robert
  • Israel, Neal
  • Itami, Juzo
  • Ivory, James
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    $685.95 $199.98 list($979.93)
    1. Star Trek The Next Generation
    $26.95 list($29.95)
    2. Howards End - The Merchant Ivory
    $20.24 $18.65 list($26.99)
    3. A Room with a View (Two-Disc Special
    $14.99 $9.39 list($19.98)
    4. Saturday Night Live: The Best
    $14.99 $13.09 list($19.99)
    5. The Rutles - All You Need Is Cash
    $29.99 $23.81 list($39.98)
    6. 21 Jump Street - The Complete
    $23.96 $21.84 list($29.95)
    7. The Remains of the Day (Special
    $17.99 $14.14 list($19.99)
    8. A Month by the Lake
    $11.99 $9.46 list($14.99)
    9. Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella
    $11.98 $7.75 list($14.98)
    10. Saturday Night Live: The Best
    $13.46 $8.99 list($14.95)
    11. The Outer Limits (The New Series)
    $23.96 $21.61 list($29.95)
    12. Maurice - The Merchant Ivory Collection
    $17.96 $13.52 list($19.95)
    13. Bitter Sugar
    $19.95 $12.60
    14. The Art of Sensual Massage DVD
    $11.98 $8.03 list($14.97)
    15. Jason X
    $17.95 $8.49 list($19.94)
    16. The Whole Wide World
    $11.96 $9.09 list($14.95)
    17. The Outer Limits (The New Series)
    $13.48 $9.22 list($14.98)
    18. Bachelor Party
    $26.99 $22.31 list($29.99)
    19. Chushingura
    $31.49 list($44.98)
    20. 21 Jump Street - The Complete

    1. Star Trek The Next Generation - The Complete Seasons 1-7
    list price: $979.93
    our price: $685.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00062RCBW
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 7977
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    2. Howards End - The Merchant Ivory Collection
    Director: James Ivory
    list price: $29.95
    our price: $26.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0006Z2NAY
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 3838
    Average Customer Review: 4.31 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (39)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Poignant & Brilliant!
    This movie is a must-watch for everyone who loves meaningful dramas. The cast is first-rate, the acting brilliant all round. Emma Thompson gave a definitely Oscar-worthy portrayal of a gentlewoman, Margaret Schlegel who is generous, honest, kind but torn between love for her sister, Helen (played by Helena Bonham Carter) and her pompous-and-brute-of-a-husband, Henry Wilcox (played by Anthony Hopkins). At the centre of the story is Howard's End, the beautiful country house/cottage which is a Wilcox's family jewel.

    The story reminds me of an Asian belief that if something is meant to be yours (eg. Howard's End rightfully belongs to Margaret as it was actually "willed" to her by the first Mrs Wilcox before she died), then you will get it in the end, no matter what. Everything comes a full circle in the end, that's what it means.

    This is one of the best period dramas I've ever watched - it's definitely worth your 2-1/2 hours.


    5-0 out of 5 stars This movie is GREAT!
    This is one of the best movies I have ever seen!!! Not only is my favorite actor in it(Sir Anthony Hopkins) who gives a brilliant performance as usual but the story is quite strong, also. Normally I don't enjoy period pieces too much but the acting in this film is spectacular! I love the way that Thompson plays a character that is strong, independent and yet so weak when it comes to her husband(Hopkin's). If you have enjoyed Hopkins and Thompson's work before you will not be dissapointed by this great film.

    5-0 out of 5 stars "A million square miles are almost the same as heaven."
    I loved E.M. Forester's book, HOWARD'S END, so I knew I'd love this film as well. Period pieces are my favorites and English period pieces have a special "something" about them. Maybe it's the lush cinematography or the brilliant acting. I suppose it's really a combination of many things.

    HOWARD'S END is set, for the most part, in London, and revolves around two families: the Schlegels and the Wilcoxes. The Schlegels and the Wilcoxes are separated by class; the Schlegels are a middle class family, comfortable, but definitely not "old money," while the Wilcoxes are far more "to the manor born." Society, at the time HOWARD'S END takes place, dictated that the Schlegels and the Wilcoxes definitely not mix. However, mix they do, with disastrous results.

    In the Schlegel family are two sisters, Margaret (Emma Thompson), the older and plainer, and Helen (Helena Bonham-Carter), the younger and more beautiful. We know trouble is brewing when Helen becomes involved, though briefly, with young Paul Wilcox. Of course, the Wilcoxes consider Helen (or any Schlegel, for that matter) to be beneath them, but the affair also distresses the Schlegels as well.

    The lives of the Schlegels and the Wilcoxes are destined to be intertwined, however, and Margaret befriends Ruth Wilcox (beautifully played by the always-ethereal Vanessa Redgrave), the mother of young Paul. The lives of the two families become further entwined when Ruth Wilcox dies and leaves her lovely country home, "Howard's End," to her good friend, Margaret. Of course, this doesn't sit at all well with the Wilcoxes, who are truly shocked, and Henry Wilcox (Anthony Hopkins), Ruth's husband, tries to cover up Ruth's final wishes and keep Margaret away from "Howard's End."

    But that is far from the end of the story and far from the end of the intertwining of the lives of the Schlegels and the Wilcoxes. In a superb and tragic subplot, both Margaret and Helen attempt to befriend a poor clerk, Leonard Bast (Samuel West) and, without meaning to, cause him to lose his meager job and leave him with no hope for the future.

    The conclusion to this film is surprising and explosive, but the beautiful script by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala is quite understated and the film, like the book, never slips into melodrama.

    This is a period piece that is enhanced by flawless and understated acting from all. Emma Thompson as Margaret Schlegel is superb and she certainly deserved her Oscar for Best Actress for this film. Anthony Hopkins is, of course, flawless and Vanessa Redgrave's performance is subtle and beautifully nuanced. Samuel West, as the tragic Leonard Bast is wonderful as is Helena Bonham-Carter, though she is not the equal, at least in this film, of Thompson.

    HOWARD'S END isn't a particularly long book, but this is, at two and one-half hours, quite a long film. The pacing is rather slow and deliberate, but I never got the feeling that things should have been moving along any faster and, for me, at least, the two and one-half hours passed by very quickly. The film holds your interest at all times. HOWARD'S END is a film that contains a bit of everything. While it is tragic, there are times when you laugh or smile, there are times of unsurpassed beauty and there is melancholy and regret aplenty.

    I would definitely recommend HOWARD'S END to anyone even remotely interested in period pieces and even to those who aren't. Who knows, you just might find a new genre that you love.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Perfection Personified
    This story line is good enough to keep you in suspence and entertained at the same time. Anthony is perfect as usual. The greatest part of this story is the first glimpse into the cottage at "Howards End". Upon entering the house, the most glorious piano begins to play in the background music. The music is so hauntingly beautiful, so perfect for the setting that I found myself in tears throughout its playing. I had to have the movie, just for the piano alone.

    Anthony Hopkins stars as Henry Wilcox, a member of England's ruling class who finds himself slipping into a romance with Margaret Schlegle (Emma Thompson) after his wife has passed away. However, before her death, Ruth Wilcox (Vanessa Redgrave) had stipulated that she wished to leave her family home "Howards End" to both Margaret and her sister, Helen (Helena Bonham-Carter). Of course the Wilcox family, being stuck up and spoiled, did not follow through with her wishes and this becomes the focal point of the plot. Along the way there is adultry, corruption, deception, original sins revisited and even murder - in short, everything one could expect from an impeccibly crafted story turned into a poignant and stirring film experience. Producers, James Ivory and Ismal Merchant have given us one of a handful of truly stirring dramatic/epics, filled with the sort of grand illusion and entertainment value that Hollywood used to provide en masse during the 1930's and 40's. This is definitely a worthwhile excursion.
    Columbia has done a beautiful job on the transfer. There is absolutely nothing to complain about and I defy anyone to be disappointed with the quality of this mastering effort. My one regret, this disc comes with NO EXTRA FEATURES. Apart from this oversight, you must definitely take a road trip to Howards End. ... Read more

    3. A Room with a View (Two-Disc Special Edition)
    Director: James Ivory
    list price: $26.99
    our price: $20.24
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0001DCYUU
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 1102
    Average Customer Review: 4.25 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    Nominated for eight Oscars in 1986, including Best Picture, and winner of three (Costumes, Art Direction and Adapted Screenplay), A Room with a View is the film that defined Merchant-Ivory as the masters of the romantic period piece.A brilliant adaptation of E.M. Forster?s novel, A Room with a View tells the story of the coming of age of Lucy Honeychurch (Helena Bonham-Carter).Longing to burst free from the repression of British upper class manners and mores, she must wrestle with her inner romantic longings to choose between the passionate George (Julian Sands) and the priggish but socially suitable Cecil (Daniel Day-Lewis).Boasting a brilliant supporting cast, A Room with a View is one of the most romantic of romantic comedies ever filmed. ... Read more

    Reviews (114)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Merchant/Ivory bursts onto the scene
    One of the most charming films of the last century was this chamber love story. Extremely literate and intelligent, this Victorian story is easily accessible as an extremely well versed John Hughes could easily write the simple boy-meets-girl storyline. Fortunately for us, he was unavailable and the resulting film, made outside the Hollywood Studio system, avoids many current clichés and uses smart character to propel the story. Well, this is a Merchant Ivory film so propel might be too big a word. There films are usually soft character driven stories with a lack of speeding cars, ricocheting bullets or clever profanity. If you can tolerate small, romantic character pieces, this is one of the best. Great performances by Denholm Elliot, Maggie Smith and Judy Dench sturdily support the love triangle of Daniel Day Lewis, Julian Sands and the phenomenal Helena Bonham Carter. With beautiful classical music and nice cinematography, this view is a pleasant one. The DVD has a shaky video transfer and sufficient audio. It offers no extra material.

    This exquisite classic of Merchant-Ivory is sensually explores the struggle between the tight exterior of the British upper crust and the seething passion that lurks just beneath in the increasingly powerful middle class. You've seen a movie or two for sure that veer around such themes, but very few films have captured this combination of class struggle and personal liberation any more evocatively!

    Our protagonist is a young, passionate and repressed Miss Lucy Honeychurch (Helena Bonham Carter in possibly her best role ever) who exemplifies this unspoken inner-outer conflict. As she struggles between what is expected of her, to marry the effete and obnoxious Cecil Vyse (Daniel Day Lewis in a richly textured performance), and what she really wants, to be with the yearning, romantic George Emerson (a soft and unfocused Julian Sands) Miss Honeychurch must juggle class concerns and personal desires.

    As with any Merchant Ivory product, the all-round cast is vivid and intriguing. Maggie Smith never leaves a dull moment in any of her movies, a credo she maintains here as well as Lucy's nervous and confused escort -- for which she received a well deserved Oscar. As George's bewildered and sweet father, the marvellous Denholm Elliot steals every scene in which he appears. Lastly, Simon Callow as the ebullient, robust Reverend Beebe captures all that is good and true about humanity.

    A word for the DVD. The cinematography in this movie sparkles, and the DVD does complete justice to Ivory's camera skills -- the shots are so pure you will want to taste the dew resting atop the grass in the sumptuous English gardens.

    What a complete movie, full of life, love and hope! Highly recommended for your collections, you'll watch this more than once.

    5-0 out of 5 stars They do not come better than this
    James Ivory's "Room With a View" is a tour de force. Adapted by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala from the novel by E.M. Forster, "A Room with a View" is a shining example of Merchant-Ivory's ability to achieve maximum quality and opulence at minimum cost. It shows the life of Lucy Honeychurch starting from Italy, going through England and ending in Italy. This is a thoughtful movie that requires one to understand the standards of England then to realize that it is fighting against the set rigid style of life. This style of life is eternal and can be seen in movies like "Guess who is coming to dinner". Denholm Elliot raises his son to not care about anything but truth and beauty. The acting and screenplay is wonderful. Daniel Day Lewis does a superb job as Cecil. Judy Davis is superb as the novelist, Eleanor Lavish as is Maggie Smith.

    Even the humor in the movie is unusual. When the English chaplain in Florence, Mr Eager shows a chapel and mentions, "Remember that this was built by faith in the full fervor of medievalism", it prompts, Mr Emerson to say, "Faith indeed. It simply means that the workers were not paid well." The movie has understated humor that is refreshing compared to the usual slapstick. Scenes were the brother and sister are together are especially funny.

    A lot of people found the movie too slow. Well, this is not a cop movie, it requires one to think about what goes underneath each person. The movie is based on one of the special books that breaks down class distinctions, though it is subtle and dignified. I personally felt that this was the best movie of the year and easily bet "Platoon" in its class. A winner of three Academy Awards, "A Room with a View" is not what one could call fast-moving, but fans of the Merchant-Ivory team will enjoy luxuriating in the film's leisurely pace and stimulating cast of characters.

    5-0 out of 5 stars One of my favorite films!
    I saw this film when it first came out, in the theater, and it has remained one of my favorite films. It was the first film I bought when I got a VCR. This is one of those elegant Merchant-Ivory productions (which also include Maurice and A Passage to India, other E.M. Forster adaptations to film) that sets the late Victorian/early twentieth century world in upper- to upper-middle class England in such gracious light.

    The stars of this film include Helena Bonham Carter as Lucy, the heroine, and Julian Sands as George Emerson, her free-spirited suitor, who shocks everyone by doing such risque things as running around without a jacket, or kissing someone (willing) in a field of poppies. The official suitor of Lucy is the stuffed-shirt Cecil Vyse, whose personality seems like it is jammed in a vise. There are great performances by Judi Dench (as a conventional free-spirit, one who likes to be freespirited but not at the expense of reputation), Rupert Graves, Simon Callow, Denhom Elliot, and an outstanding performance (as always, she just has to walk on the set and the film gets an extra star) by Maggie Smith, as the gossipy and fretting aunt and chaperone to Lucy, who eventually comes round to recognizing and rejoicing in the true love of Lucy and George.

    The sets are beautiful, the costumes all very much a part of the period, as are the small touches that make up the style of English society that Forster was trying to expose and celebrate in different ways both at the same time. The music is enchanting, with the glorious opera piece "O Mio Bambino Caro" sung by Kiri te Kanawa.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Are you serious?
    I heard such wonderful things about this movie and was really looking forward to seeing it. I had a couple friends over to watch it and out of the four of us I was the only one left awake to see the end. I was so disappointed. The movie was too long and left me feeling cheated at the end. So gald I didnt buy it. Rent it first before buying... ... Read more

    4. Saturday Night Live: The Best of Chris Farley
    Director: Gary Weis, Bill D'Elia, Dave Wilson, Walter Williams (IV), James Signorelli, Tim Robbins, Beth McCarthy-Miller, Christopher Guest, Mike Judge, Robert Altman, Adam McKay, Eric Idle, Andy Warhol, Robert Marianetti, Claude Kerven, David Wachtenheim, Paul Miller, Albert Brooks, Paul Thomas Anderson, Robert Smigel
    list price: $19.98
    our price: $14.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000C2IQW
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 765
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (2)

    5-0 out of 5 stars this is the best fukin SNL movie ever
    this is one hilarious gut busting comedy with all of chris farleys greatest SNL moments. GET THIS DVD

    5-0 out of 5 stars Mostly great for boring times
    I saw this at a friends house. It's pretty funny, but some is not. ... Read more

    5. The Rutles - All You Need Is Cash
    Director: Eric Idle, Gary Weis
    list price: $19.99
    our price: $14.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00004ZEU2
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 1576
    Average Customer Review: 4.71 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (63)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A must for Python, Beatles fans
    What's genius about the Rutles is this: Watch the Rutles, and then watch one of the Beatles documentaries (the Compleat Beatles, etc) - then note that the Rutles was made PRIOR to any of the decent Beatles documentaries, yet looks like a parody of the real deal.
    This mockumentary pre-dates Spinal Tap, and takes a different approach - by chronicalling supposed "source" material - news reels, press conferences, etc. The approach works well for Eric Idle, and the music by Neil Innes is perfect - slightly silly, but more Beatles than Weird Al.
    The knowledge of the Beatles - their personal history, their tv appearances, their scandals, etc - is so well known by Idle - makes this mockumentary spot-on accurate, and all the more funny.

    The DVD is worth having. If you have this on VHS, you've got a pretty lousy transfer from the original 16mm film. The film was restored and retransfered for DVD, and it casts the movie in a whole new light of clarity.

    The bonus material isn't much to write home (or Amazon) about, but it's nice to have the stuff added on such a low priced DVD.

    5-0 out of 5 stars terrific sendup of Beatlemania stands up well after 25 years
    In 1978 it was easy to remember Beatlemania, and this sendup of the mass hysteria was spot-on and hilarious. Starting as a skit for Saturday Night Live, and popular enough to get built into a feature-length film, this Eric Idle project is layered with jokes, spoofs, terrific songs, and great cameos by George Harrison, Mick Jagger, Paul Simon and Idle's wife, and it is still very funny 25 years later.

    DVD extras are quite good. Eric Idle's commentary is excellent -- informative and entertaining. There are also 4 deleted scenes that last about 18 minutes; a photo gallery with 29 pictures; a "Play Songs Only" option, where you ee only the film's songs (Goose Step Mama, Number One, Between Us, With a Girl Like You, Hold My Hand, I Must Be in Love, Living in Hope, and Ouch!).

    The look and sensibility of the film are exactly right, the writing is VERY funny, and the songs are surprisingly Beatle-like and quite listenable. If you are a Beatles or Monty Python fan, or if you just love good comedy, you will probably get a real kick out of this.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Side Splitting Hilarious
    The movie was made more than 20 years ago, but retains its relevance as the Beatles continue to be a cultural icon. While the Rutles was not originally intended to be a full length movie, the product is great.

    The project was completed long before John Lennon's murder, so all four members could approve the project. The Beatles are spoofed by the characters in the unique personality traits possessed by each member of the fab four and their scandals. The one-liners and song parodies prove Eric Idle's value to Monty Python and strength as comedic writer. The parody on Yoko Ono being "... a Nazi who's father invented World War II" is hilarious. Look for a scene midway through the song "Ouch!" in which Idle can not even control his own laughter at the monsterous woman in a bikini. I bet it a was too hard to get through a take with a straight face. This is a must for Beatles fans and Monty Python fans.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Idle and Innes compliment each other perfectly
    This little treasure is something that all Beatles fans, Python fans and early SNL fans should own. It's the one thing that Idle says he is most proud of, and for good reason. His little bits, which perfectly parody the Beatles that Idle so adored, fit seamlessly into Innes' fantastic songs. Idle comments that Innes' songs added another dimension to the Beatles songs they're based off of rather than becoming shameless parodies (are you listening Weird Al?) and he is quite right.

    The film contains moments of comic genius, but mind you they're mostly subtle moments of comic genius. The people I've run into that didn't think this film is funny at all tend to like the blatant, loud, American-style humor. So be patient with the humor, enjoy the music and discover the true genius of the Rutles.

    By the end of the film, I almost cared more about the fictional Rutles than I did about the actual Beatles. (And I'm a huge Beatles fanatic) It's just a fantastic, fun film for those who can appreciate the true, witty humor.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Attention All Beatle Fans: BUY THIS!
    If you're a Beatle fan, and for some reason you've never heard of this film, immediatley purchase this DVD!
    IT is the ultimate parody of Beatlemania. The Rutles was initially released as a made for NBC TV film in 1978. Created by the Saturday Night Live team and Eric Idle (Monty Python), it has a distinct British flavor and Pythonesque sense of humor. It is basically a "mockumentary". Here's an example: after "Nasty" (John Lennon) proclaims the Rutles are bigger than God, the public is outraged, and start burning Rutle records. Record sales soared, people were buying them just to burn them! It turns out that the journalist who interviewed Nasty was hard of hearing. Nasty said the Rutles were bigger than "Rod" (Stewart)!!
    The mockumentary covers the entire Beatle phenomenon up to their break-up.
    The film gained more fans on video, and is now a bonafide cult classic. The music by Neil Innes (who wrote songs for Python) is superb, and he is perfect as John Lennon. Eric Idle plays McCartney and directs. The songs parodies are also on cd. They are amazingly Beatle-like.
    The film is never critical, but made as a tribute with large doses of humor. The harsh aspects of Beatlemania are lightened. For example, Brian Epstein does not die in Rutleland, he accepts a teaching post in Australia.
    Even if you are not a Beatle fan, this film is still a lot of fun, although you may not get all of the references. ... Read more

    6. 21 Jump Street - The Complete First Season
    Director: Larry Shaw, Tucker Gates, Jeffrey Auerbach, Kim Manners, Daniel Attias, Mario Van Peebles, Jefferson Kibbee, Zale Dalen, James A. Contner, Stephen Williams, Brenton Spencer, Jonathan Wacks, Jan Eliasberg, Jorge Montesi, David Jackson, Steve Beers (II), Peter DeLuise, Peter D. Marshall, Kevin Hooks, Robert Iscove
    list price: $39.98
    our price: $29.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002F6B2E
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 707
    Average Customer Review: 4.83 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Best known today as the series that helped launch Johnny Depp to stardom, Stephen J. Cannell's 21 Jump Street was also one of the first hit programs for the fledgling Fox network, a status that lasted for most of its five-year run (1987-91), thanks to its engaging mix of youth culture and police drama. As outlined in the pilot, Depp's baby-faced Ofc. Tom Hanson is transferred to the special Jump Street division, a unit that utilized young cops to infiltrate juvenile crime. Unlike many of Fox's youth-oriented shows of the period (i.e., Beverly Hills 90210), Jump Street took its stories seriously, and addressed numerous social issues in its episodes; though some of the fashions and slang seem dated, the program remains entertaining decades later. The Jump Street set compiles all 13 episodes of the debut season, including the two-part pilot; the solid extras feature commentary by co-star Peter DeLuise, as well as interviews with fellow Jump Street officers Dustin Nguyen, Holly Robinson Peete, and Steven Williams (whose Captain Fuller replaced Frederic Forrest's Jenko halfway through the first season), as well as the prolific Cannell. --Paul Gaita ... Read more

    Reviews (12)

    5-0 out of 5 stars 21 Jumpstreet Where Are You?
    I watched the first 4 seasons of Jumpstreet and it was good. This was the first show on the Fox network to be a hit. This show pulled higher ratings than Married with Children before the departure of Johnny Depp and newcomer Richard Grieco. This show deserves to be on dvd!!!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars YM
    I'm so glad 21 jump street is coming on dvd. i've been waiting for it for a long time. I recently discovered this series and they stopped showing it on public TV so I was bummed out, but now I can buy it! yey Depp!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Woo-Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They have all these ridiculous shows on coming out on (i.e, ALF) DVD, finally a show with more substance (I'm fibbing, I just love Johnny Depp). I'm looking forward to buying this on October 26..........

    5-0 out of 5 stars 21 JUMP STREET!
    21 jump street was my favorite TV series in my childhood..and I became Johnn Depp fan since 21 jump street...*_*....With this DVD my Johnny Depp collection is complete!! ^.^....Hope all seasons will release soon!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Doug Penhall is the man!!!
    How could anyone not love this show? The cast was awesome. Johnny Depp, Holly Robinson... but my favorite was Peter Deluise. That guy was both a stud and a riot.

    I also must acknowledge the honesty the show brought to the air in terms of showing how emotionally hurt the school kids who got arrested were when they were busted by people they once thought of as friends. Some of the kids understood it was truly for their (and societies) own good, and others did not.

    My favorite episodes involved Doug Penhall marrying Marta (a beautiful girl from El Salvador), and the pain of his wife being deported and murdered by their government once she returned home- extremely touching (and not what one expects from a teen cop show!)

    This is one of my favorite series ever- and I really encourage everyone to go back and relive the first season. It's really a fun ride!!! ... Read more

    7. The Remains of the Day (Special Edition)
    Director: James Ivory
    list price: $29.95
    our price: $23.96
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00003CXC9
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 4338
    Average Customer Review: 4.71 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (70)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Subtle and Lovely
    This is not a fast-paced, action-packed, Hollywood kind of movie. It's more akin to reading a book than watching a film. That is not to say that this is at all dull or boring.

    Remains of the day is a lovely, and even tragic at times, movie about love and the more sweeping themes of life and death, among the reserved and proper English class of housemaids, butlers,and the multitudes of servants employed by large country houses in the early half of the 20th Century.

    The story revolves around Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson as the heads of their respective sexes in the household and the deep affection they have for one another, but that Hopkins cannot exhibit. Thomspon's character is outgoing and a bit too modern for Hopkin's somber and traditional disposition.

    The story tells of their meeting, and then follows an older Hopkins as he remembers his younger days and Thompson, as he travels to see her one last time.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Masterpiece from Merchant Ivory Productions!
    From the very beginning of the opening titles, set against the backdrop of the English countryside and exquisitely complimented by the music of Richard Robbins, you get the reassuring feeling that you are in for a cinematic treat. Well, 134 minutes later, your reassurances are confirmed, and within this time frame this movie manages to span the full range of emotions with such grace and dignity that you are certain you have seen one of the great motion pictures. Oscar winners Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson reunite (first paired in Howard's End) with the acclaimed Merchant Ivory film making team for this extraordinary and moving story of blind devotion-to-duty and forsaken love. Hopkins stars as Mister Stevens, the perfect English butler, an ideal carried by him to perfectionist lengths, as he serves his English master, Lord Darlington (impeccably played by masterful James Fox). Lord Darlington, like many other members of the British establishment in the 1930s, is duped by the Nazis into trying to establish a rapport between themselves and the British government. Thompson stars as Darlington hall's housekeeper, a high-spirited, strong-minded young woman who watches the goings-on upstairs with quiet disbelief. Marvelously well acted by a supporting cast that includes, among many others, Christopher Reeve as American Congressman Jack Lewis and then newcomer Hugh Grant as Lord Darlington's Godson, Mr. Cardinal, this movie captures on film a bygone lifestyle few are acquainted with, in as flawless a fashion as any you will ever see. Masterpiece!

    5-0 out of 5 stars James Ivory's masterpiece!
    This is a slow paced movie, but so well acted and directed that you miss the rhytm. You feel caught from the first images with the voice in off . The photography is splendid. The art is direction is spectacular .
    The script is a long tale from the memories of Anthony Hopkins and a failed relationship with Emma Thompson as the mistress in service of James Fox a hard enemy of the German forces in WW2.
    The film travels from the passionate speechs about the destiny of the mankind , the human condition and also the intimate portrayal of this loyal servant , keeping the formalities with absolute gentleness.
    Never before Ivory had been so inspired and convincing like this one .
    The last sequence of the film is an extraordinary metaphor.
    Thompson brilliant and Hopkins superb in this work.
    This is a heavyweight champion movie , great and marvelous . Don't miss this one!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Dignity in Remains of the day
    "Dignity in Remains of the day " by Shahzada Gofran

    An American mother lost four out of five of her sons at war in Vietnam during 1954. Yet her head is as high as Mount Everest with patriotic dignity. But it's not the same dignity that we see in Stevens's life depicted on both in Kazuo Ishiguro's novel and James Ivory's film Remains of the day. It is Stevens' dignity that provokes questions to the readers and the viewers mind. It poses them to ponder what dignity actually means in life when they read or watch the film. Stevens (Anthony Hopkins) is the protagonist whose dormant feelings and self-indulgence have been suppressed by the concept of "dignity" that he cherished with profound delicacy throughout his service life at Darlington hall. But unfortunately, that "dignity" has brought little meaning and many unhappy moments in his life. His dignity has existed like a mist in a winter morning that goes away in the glare of a dazzling sun. Nearly at the end of the novel and also in the film, the viewers get to see how dignity plays a treacherous role in Stevens's life. Nevertheless, the film did an excellent job in changing some scenes to emphasize and show dignity that is so ingrained in Stevens' life. Although the book has a greater detail of events than it is in the film, the director kept the central themes congruent.

    In the realm of modernism and capitalism, the English aristocracy and the formality of a butler's profession remain as an interesting story, but not as a pervasive manner of lifestyle for today's' generation. The modernism, individuality, and freedom of expression took over the habitual human thinking that was existed during the Darlington's era. Generally ordinary citizens have little right to express their opinions on issues of politics. The English colonialism and their mannerism have also had an impact on the people during that time. According to Bert Cardullo" the elegiac representation of the British imperialism and celebrates its heyday by depicting a return to the practice of social hierarchy"(The servant,1). We also have seen in the movie that the international delegates are so secluded from the touch of the ordinary people. However, one may argue though that the impact of Modernism we have seen in Remains of the day would shape and mold the English civilization gradually rather than occurring as a revolution. There were people during the Darlington era who also have similar mannerism and modern thinking as today. For example Miss Kenton who believed on her opinions and has the dignity of choosing for her own as oppose to Stevens. She opposed the idea of firing those Jews servants and she chooses to marry and quite the job for her own happiness that was impossible for Stevens. For her it is the confidence in what she values has the high dignity and self esteem just as we would in today generation.

    The dignity is a quintessential idea in the novel. In the film it is undeniably repeated many times in order to simply establish the importance of it to the readers and the viewers of Remains of the day. The idea of dignity here has revolved around from the perspective of professional success and achievements. But both Stevens and his father have been a merciless victim of "dignity". Stevens father also suppressed his feeling for dignity. He served indifferently to the general even though his son died in war because of his absurd decision ( the remains of the day). But the dignity is nothing but merely a product of social and traditional legacy passed on to the so-called English gentleman's society, which was an impediment to the growth of individuality.

    Nonetheless, dignity is not a valuable security that Stevens had thought about throughout his youth while providing service to Lord Darlington. It is unfolded at the end quite dramatically in his life. Because of the dignity he had lost an opportunity of having an affair with Miss Kenton who is Emma Thompson in the movie. Miss Kenton has implied her interests and feelings to him couple of times and tried to convey her love. Once she was invited to go out for a dinner with Mr. Benn and later proposed to marry him. And when she got back to Darlington, she asked Stevens about his opinion on it. But Stevens remained cold and formal as usual and expressed only congratulation that was inadequate and ignited subtly Miss Kenton's emotional feelings( film- remains of the day). It is his dignity once again that has not only left his life sad and gloomy, but lonely as well. Stevens' dignity was all about Lord Darlington. His satisfaction comes from providing a better service without making silly mistakes. But the honor and dignity put Stevens in an awkward position. According to one of the critiques of the Remains of the day, Jennifer Bussey " what a terrible mistake he realized that he made about both his failed romance with her and his support of Lord Darlington's Nazi sympathies. This may be no more than denial and evasion in Anthony Hopkins' performance, but there is more at work in the novel"(critique on Remains).

    Eventually, Steven's remuneration of service to lord Darlington has become a nostalgic memory only. Because of his dignity, he remained with the international congregation and did not go to see his dead father. He even had to keep his identity secrete from the outside world because disclosing his identity and his former employer Darlington would demean his value to the people of England. Essentially, his dignity made him a man who has no room for learning his feelings until the end. The director of the movie James Ivory says "he portrays a kind of butler who does not talk or share opinions, but observes and sees ways to serve the master" (ljlkjljlkj). Thus, his "dignity" and professionalism demolished his life that he could have had throughout his youth.


    Ishiguro, Kazuo: The Remains of The Day.1989; London.

    Cardullo, Bert: The servant, Eden-Webster Library. Info Trac One file Plus.

    Jennifer, Bussey article: critical essay on "The Remains of the Day"

    Ivory, Jmames: Remains of The Day. Colombia Pictures Ltd.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Price of Being Perfect
    THE REMAINS OF THE DAY is one of my all time favorite books, but when I heard about the film, way back in 1993, I was sure the book wouldn't translate well. It was far too interior and quiet. When I saw the film for the first time, I was really surprised. Merchant/Ivory, along with the extraordinary talented screenwriter, Ruth Prawer Jhabuala, seemed to have done the impossible and I knew I'd buy the DVD the day it was released.

    THE REMAINS OF THE DAY takes place in 1958 as James Stevens (Anthony Hopkins), a man of late middle age and the head butler at the sumptuous Darlington Hall, begins a motor journey across southern England to the West Country. The purpose of his trip, we learn, is to persuade Ms. Sally Kenton (Emma Thompson), once head housekeeper at Darlington Hall, to resume her old position and, perhaps, a bit more.

    Most of the story is told in a series of flashbacks and we gradually come to know Stevens, Ms. Kenton and Lord Darlington (James Fox). Although THE REMAINS OF THE DAY centers on the relationship between Stevens and Ms. Kenton, there are subtle, but definite, political undertones in this film, for Lord Darlington is, of all things, a Nazi sympathizer who wants to prevent war. I've heard criticisms of the film because this subplot wasn't explored in greater detail, but I think Ishiguro (and Ruth Prawer Jhabvala) wrote just enough. To have expanded this subplot might have been interesting, but it would have definitely detracted from the more interesting main plot line, the relationship between Stevens and Ms. Kenton.

    Almost from the beginning of the film, it's clear that Stevens and Ms. Kenton love each other. While Ms. Kenton does her best, however, she simply can't crack the wall Stevens has built around himself, the one he's been taught to build around himself, for, as long as Stevens can remember, his family has been "in service."

    Stevens is the perfect butler, but at what cost? One of the film's most telling moments comes when Stevens' father, who is himself a retired head butler, dies in the servants' quarters of Darlington Hall. Although summoned by Ms. Kenton, Stevens, because of his strict adherence to perfection in work, and his dedication to "doing one's duty," does not abandon his post at a gala dinner party to be with his dying father.

    Political disaster for Lord Darlington and personal disaster for Stevens dovetail in the film, but Stevens might just be given the second chance that most of us never get.

    The end of THE REMAINS OF THE DAY is heartbreaking, but inevitable. This is a quiet, sad and extremely introspective film, yet it contains extraordinary emotion.

    Anthony Hopkins as Stevens is perfection. Although Hopkins must show us a palette of emotions, he must show them with small gestures, mannerisms and facial expressions. Stevens is a highly complex man but he is, above all else, a man who represses his emotions.

    Emma Thompson is Ms. Kenton is also perfect, but don't expect to see a lot of her in this film. This is Stevens' story and, as such, it's Hopkins who takes center stage.

    Christopher Reeve is very good as Congressman Lewis, both as a guest of Lord Darlington and as the "new" owner of Darlington Hall. His part is small, though essential, and seeing him active and healthy only adds to this film's profound sense of sadness and loss.

    The extras in this DVD include interviews with Merchant and Ivory as well as with Emma Thompson and they are so good, they make it worth owning the DVD rather than just renting it. THE REMAINS OF THE DAY is, at any rate, a DVD I think any film lover would want to own. It's absolute perfection and one I know I'll never tire of no matter how many times I watch it. ... Read more

    8. A Month by the Lake
    Director: John Irvin
    list price: $19.99
    our price: $17.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00008L3S3
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 6599
    Average Customer Review: 3.88 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    Enjoy the fun of this sexy comedy winner! At a luxurious lakeside resort, an attractive red-headed guest (Vanessa Redgrave -- THE PLEDGE; GIRL, INTERRUPTED) has her eye on a handsome, well-to-do bachelor. But when he's more interested in a beautiful young flirt (Uma Thurman -- KILL BILL, VATEL), the mischievous redhead goes to outrageous lengths -- including a fling with a passionate younger man -- to reel in her wealthy catch! Filled with laughs and riotous comic confusion -- everyone's sure to love this delightfully sexy comedy! ... Read more

    Reviews (8)

    4-0 out of 5 stars British Romantic Comedy in Italy
    Set in gorgeous surrounding at Lake Come pre-WWII, it is tale about a British lady and major, with the triangle formed by an American girl who is a nanny to some Italians. Mix in a young Italian who falls in love with the older British lady and someone named "candlestick" and walla, a interesting film.

    At times the plot droans and moans, but overall it is worth the watch. Redgraves is her exceptional fine actress, here has to carry much, with her grace and dignity and timing.

    This is of another time and generation, so takes some patience and hanging in there.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Lake Como
    A wonderul romantic comedy set in summer prior to WWII. Starring Vanessa Redgrave & Uma Thurman. The scenery and cinematography are simply beautiful, an Older Girlie Flick.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Nice Scenery
    The acting and screen-play are poor (i could be wrong), but the scenery, and cinematography that captures it, are beautiful.

    I would suggest Enchanted April.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Perfect Entertainment
    Vanessa Redgrave is brilliant and absolutely gorgeous in this
    fine film about spending a month in Italy. Uma Thurman comes
    into the picture as a nanny for a couple of kids and she and
    Vanessa vie for the attention of Edward Fox. I am basing this
    review on the laserdisc which enchanced the movie considerably
    and I imagine the dvd will be even better. One of those movies
    that gets more enjoyable every time you watch it. And of course
    I want to go back to Italy every time I see it. A perfect
    companion piece to ENCHANTED APRIL (when will that be on DVD?)

    This is a charming film about an older, free spirited English woman, an expatriate who in 1937 Italy is interested in an older, stuffy Englishman who is on vacation at the same lakeside resort. A young American nanny, who is at the resort with the family for whom she works, catches the same Englishman's eye. Their love triangle provides many interesting moments for the viewer.

    Vanessa Redgrave, who only gets better with age, is charming as the older woman, Miss Bentley, who finds herself competing for the attentions of Major Wilshaw, curmudgeonly played by Edward Fox. Miss Beaumont, played with a certain repellent insousciance by Uma Thurman, capriciously tosses in her hat into the romance stakes. Miss Bentley finds herself playing second fiddle to Miss Beaumont. A young, attractive Italian, however, sees the charms that Major Wilshaw initially fails to appreciate, and Miss Bentley uses his interest in her to great advantage. When Major Wilshaw finally gets his wakeup call, all is well that ends well.

    Miss Bentley's wardrobe and style is simplicity itself. Clearly, she is not a woman to follow fashion trends. Yet, she is clearly a woman who will follow where her heart will lead. The young and nubile Miss Beaumont is much more of a fashion maven, yet she lacks the depths of beauty that Miss Bentley naturally has, a beauty that grows from within rather than from without. This is a lovely movie that will make the viewer dream of a time long past. ... Read more

    9. Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella
    Director: Robert Iscove
    list price: $14.99
    our price: $11.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00004Z4SE
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 2435
    Average Customer Review: 3.77 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (124)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent
    I watched this movie when it first aired and loved it so much that I bought the video. I have since watched it numerous times.

    Brandy does not have near the voice to do a Rogers and Hammerstein. I still don't understand why she was cast as Cinderella. I hope she will not attempt another musical in the future. Whitney was Whitney. She succeeded in turning the fairy godmother into her image.

    Fortunately, the rest of the cast more than make up for them. Overall, the acting was good. The singing (beside Brandy) was excellent. Whoopi Goldberg and Victor Garber were great as Queen and King. Whoopi was hilarious, but I wish she didn't have to sing. I agree with the other reviewers that Bernadette Peters stole the show as the wicked stepmother. Her singing and acting were superb. Jason Alexander was OK as the Prince's Valet, but why did he need that accent??? The two stepsisters were funny.

    The real fairy tale is newcomer Paolo Montalban. He was exceptional in his TV debut and what a fantastic voice. I hope to hear him sing again. His prince was perfectly charming, and he could dance too.

    Lastly, the mutlicultural casting is ingenious. All the actors and actresses were cast by their singing (except Brandy) and acting (except Whitney) ability. Disney didn't make this an all-white or all-black Cinderella so children of all races can enjoy it. For the people who think that this is not realistic, remember THIS IS A FAIRY TALE. If mice can change into horses and pumpkins into coaches that fly then why can't a white king and a black queen have an asian son. We don't need an scientific explanation to everything. Just enjoy the movie. ~

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great film!!
    This version took a big risk and, eventhough its tough to see, it was a woderful film. True, Brandy doesn't have the best voice for R&H but her Cinderella was a stronger character and more believable, instead of the usual weak Cinderella. Having great B'dway stars like Bernadette Peters, Jason Alexander, Whoopi Goldberg, Victor Garber, Paolo Montalban and the two step sister brought life, woderful acting, and wonderful singing to the film. Even though Whitney Houston wasn't the best choice for the Fairy Godmother she produced the movie and you have to admit she can sing. The sets, costumes, and special effects were amazing and brought out the story book mood, something the other versions never did and R&H's score was beautifully brought back to its full glory that just wasn't in the 1965 production. Though the film has a few flaws it's a great film!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Fabulous!
    My 2-year-old daughter and I have so much fun singing along with this video. She even asks me to dance during the ballroom scenes. It is a fabulous production.

    4-0 out of 5 stars great voices but ok acting
    I've seen the version with Leslie Anne Warren and thought that anyone could sing and be Cinderella better than her, and with Disney's 1997 version someone did. Brandy brings to this role some much needed sophistication and class that, unfortunately, Leslie Anne did not. The movie is filled with great music and overall ok acting, but still can't anyone make a musical that is not corny or cheesy? Did the great musical end with Grease? Paolo was absolutely fabulous and a great find. His voice resounded with greatness. It's too bad that a musical can have such great singing talent, but not much in the acting department. Still, it makes for great background noise while reading or studying.

    5-0 out of 5 stars multi-ethnic cast shines!
    Having grown up with the magic of Lesley Anne Warren as Cinderella, I wasn't sure the Rogers and Hammerstein musical could be topped, but the whole family was impressed with this one. Brandy does a wonderful job as Cinderella: demur, wistful, and understated, and her singing is beautiful (and I wasn't a fan before). The set and costumes and the supporting cast are all excellent! All of the actors manage to convey a sense of their characters' humanity (with the possible exception of Jason Alexander). The "evil" stepsisters are a hoot, Bernadette Peters is inspired, the royal parents capture every parent's concern for their offspring, and Paolo Montalban as the prince is someone anyone could fall in love with.... In short, this updated, multicultural Cinderella is worth putting in your DVD library. ... Read more

    10. Saturday Night Live: The Best of Dana Carvey
    Director: Gary Weis, Bill D'Elia, Dave Wilson, Walter Williams (IV), James Signorelli, Tim Robbins, Beth McCarthy-Miller, Christopher Guest, Mike Judge, Robert Altman, Adam McKay, Eric Idle, Andy Warhol, Robert Marianetti, Claude Kerven, David Wachtenheim, Paul Miller, Albert Brooks, Paul Thomas Anderson, Robert Smigel
    list price: $14.98
    our price: $11.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000C2IUC
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 5280
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    11. The Outer Limits (The New Series) - Sex & Science Fiction
    Director: Catherine O'Hara, Mario Azzopardi, Melvin Van Peebles, Robert Habros, William Fruet, Jim Kaufman, Dan Ireland, Martin Cummins, Timothy Bond, Ken Girotti, James Head, George Bloomfield, Rebecca De Mornay, Mike Rohl, Matthew Hastings, René Bonnière, Brent-Karl Clackson, Stuart Gillard, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jason Priestley
    list price: $14.95
    our price: $13.46
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000068V9S
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 8212
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    MGM is grouping episodes from the new Outer Limits anthology series by theme rather than chronology for DVD, and this first collection compiles six episodes that focus on matters of the heart (and other body parts). Alyssa Milano's nude scene in "Caught in the Act" will probably garner the most attention, but the disc's strongest hour is "The Human Operators," a thoughtful, award-winning take on man vs. machine that's adapted from a story by science fiction legends Harlan Ellison and A.E. van Vogt. This reworking of the 1963-1965 science fiction series is competent but lacks the palpable suspense of the original series. Also, there's no sense of new ground being broken with its stories; the original series took risks with its parables on war ("Soldier") and technology ("O.B.I.T."). The new Limits also tackles issues, but the end results pack a lesser punch. Hardcore sci-fi fans may take to this tempered-down version; all others will find it mildly diverting. --Paul Gaita ... Read more

    Reviews (8)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Nice
    I like the themed DVD series. I would have rathered by series but the themed ones are just as good. My only complaint is that MGM is really slow and need to get out the rest of these shows!!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars "The Outer Limits" - just a mystic dream
    Hi there...I'm from Germany and I like the series very much, too.
    I searched nearly the whole Internet to find episode guides and other information about the series. Today I have found out, that the copmplete series will NOT come out on DVD in our country.

    Of course, the two Discs are not bad, but where's the rest ??

    "The X-Files" is also out there, but why not "The Outer Limits" ?

    However, I'll buy the Original Soundtrack - that's enough for the moment.

    And let us hope that at least the two DVDs will also come out in our language.


    5-0 out of 5 stars Pushing the limits
    The original OUTER LIMITS series aired in the early 1960s. It was often compared with its rival (and more popular) show, THE TWILIGHT ZONE. However, there was a distinctive difference between the two shows. TZ only sometimes had stories that belonged in the science fiction genre, while OL was STRICTLY 100% of the science fiction genre.

    In the mid-1990s the show idea was renewed on SHOWTIME. Being on SHOWTIME meant that the writers did not have to worry about censors. So, what resulted was a science fiction show with a nice blend of eroticism. The current DVD is 4 of the top episodes from the seasons on cable.

    3 of the 4 stories deal with the concept of artificial intelligence, which is a "biggie" at this juncture as we stand right on the threshold of making AI a reality. The fourth story is the most "pure" science fiction story as it takes place almost entirely in outer space.

    From the eroticism side of the house, it is good to see that the nudity / sensuality is not contrived in the stories. Rather, it follows along naturally w/the storyline. For me that is the whole KEY to making eroticism "work."

    The biggest names in the casting are Alyssa Milano, Natasha Henstridge and the voice of Malcom MacDowell. The sultry Milano does a nude scene which is likely enough to entice a great many people to purchase the DVD. Milano does a memorable job of going from the innocent girl-next-door to seductive vixen in World Record speed.

    Although I have never been a huge fan of behind the scenes material on DVD, this does offer a decent package of the thoughts and perspectives of the creation of the storylines. It also gives us some insight from one of the makers of the original OL.

    If you like science fiction movies and short stories, you will like this movie. If you like erotic movies, you will like this DVD. If you like science fiction movies AND erotic films, you will LOVE this one!

    2-0 out of 5 stars Good Episodes But...
    video transfer quality was poor. Lots of video noise artifacts, making enjoyment of episodes a struggle. Very disappointed. What kind of "master" did MGM use, a copy of a copy?! 2/5

    5-0 out of 5 stars ahhhhh! just right
    i usually like television on dvd to come out by the seasons, but i am glad make that ecstatic that m.g.m decided to put these by themes. with six 45 minute stand alone episodes on each disk seperated by themes you can't go wrong......even if M.G.M follows its historical pattern of releasing a few dvds of a series and then following that up with a complete box set you won't regret buying these especially at this great price. ... Read more

    12. Maurice - The Merchant Ivory Collection
    Director: James Ivory
    list price: $29.95
    our price: $23.96
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00014NE62
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 1861
    Average Customer Review: 4.9 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    Set against the stifling conformity of pre-World War I English society, E.M. Forster’s Maurice is a story of coming to terms with one’s sexuality and identity in the face of disapproval and misunderstanding. Maurice Hall (James Wilby) and Clive Durham (Hugh Grant) find themselves in love at Cambridge.In a time when homosexuality was punishable by imprisonment, the two must keep their feelings for one another a complete secret, even though Clive refuses to allow their relationship to move beyond the boundaries of "platonic" love.After a friend is arrested and disgraced for "the unspeakable crime of the Greeks," Clive abandons his forbidden love, marries, and enters into the political arena.Maurice, however, struggles with questions of his identity and self-confidence, even seeking the help of a hypnotist to rid himself of his undeniable urges.But while staying with Clive and his shallow wife, Anne, Maurice is seduced by the affectionate and yearning servant Alec Scudder, (Rupert Graves), an event that brings about profound changes in Maurice’s life and outlook.Sparking direction by James Ivory, a distinguished performance from the ensemble cast, and a charged score by Richard Robbins all combine to create a film of undeniable power, one that is both romantic and moving, and a story of love and self-discovery for all audiences. ... Read more

    Reviews (69)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Haunting, Transcendent
    Merchant-Ivory have often been made fun of for being stuffy and repressed. I don't agree but I understand why they've been parodied. In Maurice, however, the team created something very special--an incredibly lyrical, heartfelt love story. This movie haunted me long after I saw it when it was released, and it's just as haunting now. The performances are simply grand. I wish Hugh Grant would do a dramatic role again to get rid of his mannerisms. Wilby is particularly fine, when you consider this was his first film. I've never seen Graves give a bad performance. I'm so glad to see this on DVD. Would this film be a bigger hit in the theaters if it were released now? I think so.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Forster would have approved!
    This is the one of the most faithful novel-to-film adaptations that I have seen. American director James Ivory has a wonderfully British sensibility, and the movie vividly recreates late Edwardian England in muted autumnal colours. In particular, it gives the 21st century viewer a very real appreciation of what it must have been like to be gay in such a society.

    The cast is uniformly excellent. James Wilby was not Ivory's first choice for the central role of upper-class Maurice (Daniel Day Lewis and Julian Sands were earlier contenders), but he gives an outstanding and totally plausible portrayal. Equally good is Hugh Grant, years before he found fame as the archetypal British twit. Grant's role is a difficult one; he must at first engage our sympathy and fondness, then gradually lose our respect as he seeks to enter "respectable" society. Ultimately, we come to despise his cowardice. Grant achieves all of this without descending into caricature - a considerable feat.

    Rupert Graves makes a fine Alex Scudder, the lusty undergamekeeper who seduces and transforms Maurice. Apart from a slightly inconsistent accent, he, too. seems entirely plausible and fans of DH Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover should note that this full-blooded lad pre-dates Lawrence's own gamekeeper by many years!

    An outstanding supporting cast of seasoned pros includes the late, great Denholm Elliot and Ben Kingsley in small, but pivotal roles as, respectively, a bullying doctor and a hypnotist, both of whom Maurice unsuccessfully seeks help from.

    This movie has a superb period atmosphere, a leisurely but rewarding pace, plenty of understated passion, memorable music and great script-writing. Kudos to the scenarists for being so faithful to the spirit of Forster, while at the same time adding scenes to remind viewers of the real dangers for gay men in Edwardian England.


    5-0 out of 5 stars Obsessed!
    I mean ME - I am truly obsessed with this film! I have fallen in love with beautiful Cambridge (so masculine and steeped in tradition), with the romantic Edwardian era, with the beauty of the story and especially with Maurice, the title character. Beware... if you're "susceptible" to romantic movies and is a highly sensitive person, chances are this movie will "get" to you in ways I can't fully describe. It doesn't matter if you are gay or straight - against your will, scenes and images from the film will replay in you mind, stay in your heart and affect your mood and feelings (for days, in my case - which is not a good thing because I have a major examination coming up and half my mind is still on "Maurice"!). At times, I wished I was born male like the characters, and have the privilege of a Cambridge education... wishful thinking really (though I've a girlfriend who went to Cambridge on a scholarship, to my eternal envy really).

    This film is a faithful adaptation of Forster's novel and brilliantly brought to life by the winning team of Merchant Ivory. The stellar cast comprises James Wilby, Hugh Grant and Rupert Graves; all 3 share great screen chemistry and there is no doubt that the actors gave it their "all" for this film.

    This is the story about one man's journey of self discovery about his sexuality and having to live with the prejudices of the times including class distinction (which balks at intimacy with a social inferior, in this case Maurice's desire for Alec). Many reviews have already been written about the story so I would just like to share some of my thoughts and observations of the film:

    1) the DVD (R1, released Feb 2004) is beautifully packaged and is chockful of special features including more than 10 deleted scenes, one of which is a most sensual scene involving Maurice and Alec (an "extended" scene of their first night together). The production notes/booklet also provides a treasure of information on the film.

    2) James Wilby plays "Maurice" most beautifully and sensitively. He is imperfectly handsome but is still very attractive-looking. The thing that strikes me most about Wilby's "Maurice" is that he has the MOST beautiful hair color - it's practically "golden" - not the usual blond. The color contracts nicely with the black suit he usually wears. In the novel, Maurice has dark hair, but I think a golden-haired Maurice is just perfect - a great contrast too to Clive's and Alec's dark locks!!

    3) Clive (Hugh Grant) is older than Maurice by a year. When they get together, Maurice is around 21 years of age. By the time they break off, Maurice is nearing 24. Nothing is mentioned in the book/movie about Alec (Rupert Graves)'s age - but I gather he is the youngest of the three (although most certainly the lustiest!!).

    4) Maurice's character is passionate, loving, vulnerable and super-loyal. If Clive had not rejected him, Maurice would have been "his for life". What's with Clive anyway? He's got this idea that a relationship between 2 men should be strictly platonic (no kisses or caresses, even). Thank goodness for the appearance of Alec later on, who is Clive's very opposite!

    5) In the novel, Maurice is horrified by his lust for and intimacy with Alec, who is only a servant. But one reason they are perfect for each other is because (in Forster's words): "chance had mated it (i.e. Maurice's body) too perfectly". The 2 characters' growing feelings for each other are a joy to watch.

    6) For those who question the ending i.e. whether it is even possible for Maurice and Alec to stay together what with all the difficulties surrounding them, well, let me write that Forster intended the ending to be a happy one (and who would know better than the author himself?). In the "Terminal Note" at the end of his novel, Forster wrote: "A happy ending is imperative. I shouldn't have bothered to write otherwise. I was determined that in fiction anyway two men should fall in love and remain in it for the ever and ever that fiction allows, and in this sense Maurice and Alce still roam the greenwood..." Super, isn't it?

    7) The final scene ("In the Boathouse") is wonderfully romantic and is alone worth the price of the whole DVD, so to speak.

    I don't want to forget this beautiful movie, and I can't forget it anyway. It is quite simply the most touching film I've ever seen. It deserved an armful of Oscar awards (although in reality it didn't do that well, receiving only Art Direction and Best Costume nominations). I've seen most of Merchant Ivory productions and "Maurice" is hands-down, the BEST. Don't miss it!

    5-0 out of 5 stars "May I Ask Your Name?"--An 'Easter Egg' for MAURICE
    There is no need to repeat the praise others here have heaped upon MAURICE and the DVD package. This is the way any film of quality should be treated.

    For those who will surely find it entertaining, there's a very nice EASTER EGG on this DVD:

    Go to Disc Two--select Deleted Scenes, page 2--select "May I ask you name?" and then right-arrow. A small icon will appear in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Click on that and enjoy a hidden deleted scene.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Exquisite Masterpiece
    One common complaint of the critics of this film is that the ending is rather unrealistic - that two homosexual men in English Edwardian society wouldn't *in reality* be able to fall in love and continue their romance as depicted in this mesmerizing film because of the unfortunate obstacles of being from different social classes and being completely different in their interests and unbringing. Although I feel that these critics are correct, I overlook that detail because I recognize that this film was obviously made with love by director James Ivory, producer Ismail Merchant and the cast. Another case in point: my favorite film is Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 masterpiece, "Vertigo," which depicts a retired police detective falling in love for the first time in his life and becoming obsessed with a woman whom he only meets only because of a murder plot she had agreed to take part in. Is that plot so realistic? Not particularly, although it *could* happen, just as this romance *could* have happened. Just because the plot does not immediately strike one as "realistic" does not mean that the beauty or the power of a film like "Vertigo" or "Maurice" is diminished. The film is very well cast with the two best performances coming from James Wilby as Maurice Hall and Rupert Graves as Alec Scudder. In reality, as shown on the second disc containing lengthy interviews with the filmmakers and the lead actors of this film, the three lead actors playing the homosexual characters, James Wilby, Rupert Graves and Hugh Grant, are heterosexual. Consequently, it is admirable that they are so convincing and uninhibited in their roles. In addition, the score by Richard Robbins is very memorable: it is indeed one of the two most beautiful I have ever heard, the other score being composer Bernard Herrmann's work of art - his score for "Vertigo." 10/10. A. ... Read more

    13. Bitter Sugar
    Director: Leon Ichaso
    list price: $19.95
    our price: $17.96
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00004YZG6
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 22023
    Average Customer Review: 4.19 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (52)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Bitter Sugar is Excellent!
    This movie is excellent to watch and is based on a true account that happened in Cuba a few years ago. It really sheds light on how awful, oppressive, and manipulative the Cuban government is, and also you can also see the underground struggle for personal freedom and democracy that many of the Cuban people share but can't outwardly express. This movie is a very powerful film.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Brilliant Film and Hanuntigly Devastating
    This is an incredible film that was made on a very small budget. I believe some if not all the actors worked for free. If you are from Cuba you know how realistically real and scary this movie is. Leon Ichaso, the film's director hit the nail on the head on this movie because everything in it is exactly how it is and is all true. I left Cuba when I was four but I have since gone back to visit a few relatives that I have there and I can tell you that it is devastating to walk thru the streets and see all the filth,hunger and desperation of its people. This film hit me too close to home and I was moved to tears when I first saw it. To this day everytime I watch it I can't help the tears from rolling down my face. I'm glad that this brilliant movie has been made available on DVD so that more people can see it and take a closer look at the way desperate people live in a country that was once beautiful now torn apart by the harsh and cruel not to mention unhumane regime of Fidel Castro. The film was shot in black and white which makes it all the more real since it would be foolish to do a movie that takes place in Cuba in color since there isn't any. All of the actors did an excellent job with their roles. I wish this film would've of reached a bigger audience when release in 1996 but since it was a low budget film it was only seen by most people living in Miami where the majority of its population is cuban. If you care about what really goen on Cuba today and the struggles that the people over there go thru to break free from under its fascist regime you should see it. I have it in my movie collection and is one of my favorites but I can't watch it too often because it hurts too much. Overall is an excellent movie, I was dissapointed that it was not even considered for an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign film. This movie deserved not only the Oscar but praise and recognition worldwide.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great movie
    I though the movie was stimulating. I creamed in my pants a couple times.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A fifth star for having the guts to make this movie.
    Made in beautiful black and white plus an infinite range of greys, this is a "Romeo and Juliet" in modern world story with Capuletos and Montescos being the People vs Big Brother Castro.

    It's not Casablanca but it could be a classic if the academia one day took off their mask and recognized its quality.

    As for the reviewer below, this is not propaganda from Miami. This is about people who want to be free and people -like you- who want others to be slaves. And listen up: there is no blockade, millions of sex-searching tourists with no conscience seek the island every year leaving their money at hotels where Cubans are not allowed to enter and the tips to the prostitutes.
    Cuba is a slave country, you are in your right to like it, but at least admit it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars When you have nothing, why not do nothing together?
    This visually stunning, slap-in-your-face film is ultimately painful to watch. You have to admire revolutionaires that for nationalism & personal conviction are willing to put up with so little so much of the time. Watching those young people applauding at the outdoor Castro speech rallies makes you wonder what other options they had. They either wanted to be there & feed their anti-Yankee imperialism beliefs or felt that they would be questioned for staying away. Or perhaps there was nothing better or more interesting to do than attend that outdoor group experience. When you have nothing, why not do nothing together & show solidarity en-masse.

    The fresh music & performances heard in the movie, esp. the afro cuban (more afro than cuban, interestingly enough) is a delight to hear and enjoy the proto-African flavored dances that both black & white execute in this film.

    When my uncle was last permitted to vacation in Miami--before Clinton made it difficult for the frequent immigration & visits of Cuban nationals--he was often questioned as to why he kept returning to Cuba after his yearly visits to Miami. He was well read in Marxist authors & it showed when he spoke. His Miami relatives questioned him as to why if things were so scare as he claimed they were, though not so scarce that he would repeatedly return to Cuba visit after visit during the 90s, why didn't the remaining Cubans with nary a roast chicken to eat even on Sunday, not rise up & rectify things. His reponse was: we don't rise up because all the brave & decisive Cubans have left & migrated to the USA or other ports of haven.

    Or maybe the brave Cubans are still in Cuba holding onto what little remains of a native Cuban culture & identity there still is instead of wanting the wild abandon & comfort & endless summer after a hard day at the offices or local Walmarts of Miami, USA. ... Read more

    14. The Art of Sensual Massage DVD
    Director: Gordon Inkeles
    list price: $19.95
    our price: $19.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00009Q5BF
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 8416
    Average Customer Review: 3.67 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (9)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Superb
    The experience you get from this video program is just to die for. Recommeded if you are a romantic.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Beautiful Massage, Very detailed
    Masterful and complete, with easy-to-learn instructions throughout. Absolutely everything you need to become a sensual masseur is included and the massage strokes are well illustrated. Menus at the beginning are very useful when you are learning. You can jump directly to a specific part of the body without running through the whole DVD. Thoughtully produced with the massage student in mind. Recommended.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Disappointing
    This looks like it was shot in the 70's. To set the mood, it suggests putting a relaxing record on the turntable. Very little helpful information as well. Save you money!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best Massage Video by a Wide Margin
    Quality production with tons of great technique. Works on all levels from beginner to advanced. Beautifully produced.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Not worth it
    This is too technical, too boring.

    The Playboy Complete Massage is better. Check out that review.

    The actors here are uninspiring and not too attactive as well.

    Look elsewhere. ... Read more

    15. Jason X
    Director: James Isaac
    list price: $14.97
    our price: $11.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00006FI0R
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 5095
    Average Customer Review: 3.39 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    Legendary Friday The 13th killer Jason Voorhees returns for the tenth time, this time stalking victims aboard a space ship in the year 2455. DON'T MISS OUT ON THE HALLOWEEN EVENT OF 2002! Trick or treat this year with Jason! Consumers will definitely demand this title for late-night scares or holiday-themed parties. JASON/FRIDAY THE 13TH SERIES IS A STRONG $228 MILLION COMBINED BOX-OFFICE FRANCHISE!* GORE SCORES! Horror Genre still scares up frightfully high business: Jeepers Creepers 324% Hannibal 274% Final Destination 273% Hollow Man 248% The Cell 247% LOW VHS FLAT PRICING @ $35.005. FIRST JASON/FRIDAY THE 13TH DVD WITH SIGNIFICANT ADDED VALUE! Fans of the series will buy the DVD for this alone. Paramount has only released 1-6 with a trailer as the only extra. Jason X will have two documentaries, a jump-to-a-death feature and other "tricks and treats" for fans to crave. FROM EXECUTIVE PRODUCER SEAN S.CUNNINGHAM, THE CREATOR OF THE CLASSIC ORIGINAL FRIDAY THE 13TH. *Internet Movie Database 4/12/02**Video Store Magazine 4/8/02 ... Read more

    Reviews (362)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Not So Scary, But I'm Ready to Defend This Entertaining Film
    I hear many complaints about "Jason X." It's not scary, some say, and it's true though some part of the film actually is. And some say it borrowed, probably unashamedly, many things from sci-fi classics like you know what (yeah, a spaceship full of soldiers? And a super-android? Or virtual reality?).

    The story, if you need to know, is set in ... 2455 (wow!). After they somehow succeeded to freeze Jason Voorhees with unlucky scientist Rowan (Lisa Doig), the unsuspecting crew of a professor and his students (who are mostly females with scanty clothes ... oh, not again!) bring the bodies of them into a spaceship, where the bloody killing soon starts.

    The truth is, "Jason X" knows what it is doing -- it has "Don't-take-me-serious" attitude with its definite intention to entertain us -- and it works, as long as you accept the film as it is. Look at the whole premise: Jason in outer space. That's it. And he chops, hacks, slashes, without any particular reason, but this time, he even makes us laugh sometimes intentionally. The final 20 minutes are truely, genuinely, (and awfully, perhaps) outrageous, with "Uber-Jason," Jason becoming an upgraded killer-machine.

    They are right in making those rather cheesy special effects, because we don't need "Episode 2" here. You may think this film looks like an episode from "Star Trek," and with good reasons. The main two characters are from TV-series Gene Roddenberry's "Andromeda," and provide good acting, particularly Lisa Ryder's Kay-Em character, whose riot-like fighting against Kane Hodder (with his always reliable menacing physical presense) is a real fun. Wynona Ryder should have been like that.

    Take this film as it is -- an entertaining film (not a horror film) that doesn't pretend. I like this one simply because its attitude free from any pretenciousness. And don't miss the cameo of David Cronenberg, who appears in the first sequence.

    5-0 out of 5 stars In space, nobody can hear you die
    After the disappointing "Jason Goes to Hell", I was anxious to see someone -- ANYONE -- step up to the plate and revive the "Friday the 13th" series. Not only did director James Isaac step up to the plate, he hit it the ball out of the park!

    The movie starts out with our pal, Jason Voorhees, held captive in what appears to be an army research facility. Hoping to learn from Jason's unstoppable powers, the researchers probe and analyze his mangled body for clues.

    Silly researchers.

    Everybody knows that Jason can't be killed... well, he was killed by his "sister" in "Jason Goes to Hell", but let's just pretend like that never happened. Okay?

    So, Jason tolerates the researchers for awhile, but then he decides to strike, when they least expect it. Carnage here - death, pain and injury there. One researcher survives, and manages to freeze Jason, and herself, saving the planet from certain doom.

    Skip ahead 450+ years.

    Jason is now traveling through space on an intergalactic cruise (space) ship. The oblivious crew toys with Jason's frozen "corpse", unaware that their actions are about to create an intergalactic morgue! Of course, Jason thaws-out, and quickly starts disposing of the troublesome passengers and crew.

    Up to this point, there is nothing terribly exciting about "Jason X". It's the same old Jason, and the same old killings, just in a different setting. The movie really doesn't really get interesting until Jason steps into a machine that regenerates lost tissue and muscle. Over the years, Jason has had his fair-share of battles, so it's safe to say that the man has some wounds. The machine works overtime, repairing what it can, replacing what it can't. What steps out of the machine is a Super Jason, if you will.

    Half man. Half machine. All Jason Voorhees.

    If you thought Jason was unstoppable before, just wait until you see him now. Strengthened by armor, angered by vengeance, Jason becomes a true killing machine, in every sense of the word.

    The highlight of the movie for me, is when two of the ship's passengers battle Jason in a virtual-reality Crystal Lake.

    I won't ruin the mildly comical ending...

    "Jason X" is an intense thrill-ride that leaves you gasping for breath from beginning to end.

    Let the bodies hit the floor!

    5-0 out of 5 stars A really cool Jason movie
    This movie is really really cool. It was a good twist to put Jason in space. I dont care if people say it is dumb after so many parts who ever didnt like it shouldn't have bother watching it.

    4-0 out of 5 stars campy horror in space
    this 1 surpriced me. when i first saw the trailer i was like
    "jason in space? what the f**k r they thinking" but i saw it and now i own it. it truned out great. gory fun that you have to admitt its good.

    1-0 out of 5 stars WORST MOVIE EVER
    This is the worst friday 13th chapter of all time.Very bad movie I can say thats thrash ... Read more

    16. The Whole Wide World
    Director: Dan Ireland
    list price: $19.94
    our price: $17.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00009QUH4
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 5189
    Average Customer Review: 4.87 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    In Texas in the 1930s, young school teacher Novalyne Price meets a handsome, eccentric and interesting young man named Robert Howard. He's a successful writer of the pulp stories of 'Conan the Barbarian'; she's an aspiring author. A friendship develops into a sort of courtship. Based on a memoir by Novalyne Price. Stars Academy Award® nominee Vincent D’Onofrio and Renée Zellweger (Chicago). ... Read more

    Reviews (76)

    4-0 out of 5 stars DVD version is missing 12 minutes of the film
    I first saw this film on Showtime(cable TV)and was immediately struck by the chemistry between Vincent D'Onofrio and Renee Zellweger. There is never a slow or dull moment in the movie. You are transported back in time to the 1930s not only by the props, clothes and settings but also by the actions of the actors. They truly capture the era in their portrayals of Robert E. Howard and Novalyne Price, two star-crossed people who wanted to love one another but just couldn't make it happen. This movie has what I would consider to be the MOST PASSIONATE KISS in film history. My spine tingles every time I watch it.
    The DVD however, is a disappointment. I don't know who is responsible for re-mixing the film for DVD release but they have OMITTED 12 minutes of the film that really help to tell the story with much more clarity. They have also rearranged some of the scenes to try to camouflage their butcher job. Interestingly enough in the special feature commentary Dan Ireland, Vincent D'Onofrio and a few others begin to comment on an upcoming scene when they realize it is no longer in the picture. They quickly change the subject but not without the viewer picking up on their obvious embarrassment.
    The jacket for the DVD shows one of the omitted scenes on the back cover. Personally, I feel that any film that has been remixed, especially when scenes have been deleted for a DVD release, should be labeled as such so the buyer is aware that they are NOT GETTING the same film they may have viewed at the theatre or on TV.
    With that said....I would still buy the DVD just for the kissing scene. It is THE BEST!

    4-0 out of 5 stars THE VAGARIES OF GENIUS
    Stumbled on this heartwarming gem of a movie by accident and was pleasantly surprised. A simple yet moving tale of true love.

    Based on the memoirs of Novalyn Price, veers around her relationship with the creator of "Conan The Barbarian" and "Kull The COnqueror", Bob Howard, who committed suicide. The period is 1930s, location: small-town Texas. Novalyne is a school teacher who wishes to be a published writer, and Howard is already established as a pulp fiction maverick. Both are in their late 20's.

    As such, you'd think that's a weak scaffolding to lay a spectacular movie on, but the story tiptoes at a very good pace. The script is honest and addictive, and the chemistry between the two protags has that elusive, seductive charm of lovers without being overly somatic.

    If you think you have seen Zellweger's true class as an actress from Bridget Jones or One True Thing, you haven't seen nothin' yet! The lady is marvellous. D'Onofrio does a fabulous job of being the creative mess of a story writer.

    What I relished most, apart from the beautiful potrayal of love, was an unspoken grief of being an outlier in society -- the kind of palpable but overt ostracism that "geniuses" face simply by virtue of being extraordinary.

    Required viewing for the romantics, and some delectable worthy escapism for others.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Where's the rest of this film? 18 Minutes are missing!
    According to the Internet Movie database, the film that this DVD purports to show is 111 minutes long. According to the "technical information" on the left, however, this DVD is only 93 minutes long. What happened to the remaining 18 minutes of this film? This kind of truncation of a good film is as annoying as the dropping of the key final scene in the DVD of "The Big Easy." Columbia Tristar should know better than to offer only about 7/8ths of a film -- particularly a film as good as this one -- and try to pass it off as the whole thing. Because this film is otherwise excellent, it should be shown complete, and I will refrain from buying this truncated version until Columbia Tristar issues it complete.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Real Acting, True Gem for Discriminating Viewers
    I cannot imagine imagine how "Shakespeare in Love", Titanic (lousy script, great computers) and even worse, "American Beauty" got Oscars for actors and films etc. while a film like this which requires true acting is overlooked. While pleasing, many could have performed well in the Shakespeare film both drunk and asleep and I would not have bothered with either of the latter. The "Whole Wide World" had next to nothing by way of props or settings, it was essentially a dialogue between two actors who have to carry us the entire time and do so beautifully. My husband said it best, the Academy Awards are political brown nosing nothing more. I guess it must remain a treasure for those capable of seeing the difference.

    5-0 out of 5 stars It is true what everyone says about The Kiss
    Incredible movie and it really IS the best screen kiss I have EVER seen. ... Read more

    17. The Outer Limits (The New Series) - Time Travel & Infinity
    Director: Catherine O'Hara, Mario Azzopardi, Melvin Van Peebles, Robert Habros, William Fruet, Jim Kaufman, Dan Ireland, Martin Cummins, Timothy Bond, Ken Girotti, James Head, George Bloomfield, Rebecca De Mornay, Mike Rohl, Matthew Hastings, René Bonnière, Brent-Karl Clackson, Stuart Gillard, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jason Priestley
    list price: $14.95
    our price: $11.96
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000068V9T
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 5449
    Average Customer Review: 4.07 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    The consequences of time travel are the thematic framework for thiscompilation of episodes from the revamped Outer Limits anthology series,produced for the Showtime network. The six stories compiled here are indicativeof the new version's competent but uneventful nature; scripting, performances,and direction (all hampered by the program's low budget) rarely live up to theplots' potential or the drama and suspense of the original series. AmandaPlummer's Emmy-winning turn as a scientist who travels 50 years into the past tocommit a murder in the Season Two episode "A Stitch in Time" is the highlight ofthe disc; the rest (culled from the series' seven-season run) offer well-wornvariations on time travel themes. The full-frame disc includes "The Outer LimitsStory," which offers talking-head interviews with executive producers PenDensham and Mark Stern, as well as featurettes on each episode. --PaulGaita ... Read more

    Reviews (15)

    3-0 out of 5 stars Some good, some bad
    Time travel is a very difficult topic to have a story about, mostly because of the holes one can place in time and space. However, these in general were very good stories.

    Easily, A Stitch in Time is the best episode.... and one of the best time travel stories I have experienced in a long time. They do a very good job of exploring these holes that are created. This is also the best Outer Limits episodes that I have seen so far.

    Okay, I've got a soft spot when it comes to storied dealing with families. I really enjoyed Tribunal. Other than the fact that the main character would need to speak Yidish, English, and German fluently for this story to make sense... it really pulled at the ol' heart strings.

    Gettysburg really turned me off. Maybe I was surprised to see Prentice again. Maybe it was because of what Prentice was trying to accomplish. It seemed like there were a million different ways to change what he was trying to prevent from happening, and he chose the most complicated way to do it.

    I said, "What, Prentice again!!!" when Time to Time came on. The statement by Prenice's co-worker on what it takes to time travel would have been cute and funny if it didn't completely put a huge hole in the former two stories. It reminded me a bit of the movie, "Millennium."

    Deja Vu reminded me of a Star Trek episode where Data went through the same thing that Kevin Nealon did and also Groundhog Day (one of the best movies EVER!!!). It was entertaining once, but I think it lacked the shock and awe that the writers were going for (none of their big surprises were big surprises).

    And Patient Zero. Okay, a big hole is building a time machine to go into the past and stop something from happening because at this time you lose the incentive to build the time machine in the first place and sending that person back. So, the person shouldn't exist in the first place and the universe shoud blow up. This episode was predictable all the way and left me very disappointed.

    Overall, I really liked the first two episodes and Deja Vu. The others I never really got in to. I know that time travel is a difficult subject (I still haven't found the perfect one yet, but A Stitch in Time came VERY close), but the three episodes I didn't like forced me to dock the movie two stars. Also, I would love it if the Outer Limits didn't do themes, but released it season by season. I might have liked these all more if I hadn't watched one story after another. I also have a feeling that they WILL release them season by season in the future and I'll regret these purchases. Of course, I'll need a time machine or just have to wait to find out if I'm correct.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Outer Limits Time Travel Stories
    This DVD has 6 "Outer Limits time travel stories" of the series. Maybe with a little luck, we will see the series put out on DVD by season.

    1) A Stitch in Time - season 2 - Jamie Perrin of the FBI investigates the murder of 17 men that have been killed with the same gun over the last 50 years. The gun is traced to Dr. Theresa Givens who was 5 years old at the time of the 1st murder and to add to the mystery the gun had not yet been invented.

    2) Tribunal - season 5 - At the Birkenau concentration camp Leon Zgierski watches Karl Rademacher shoot his wife and send his daughter to the gas chamber. A time traveler who grabs Radermacher's jacket sees the event.

    3) Gettysburg - season 6 - Andy and Vince spend their weekends reacting battles from the Civil War. When their picture is taken with an old camera they find themselves on the eve of an 1863 battle.

    4) Time to Time - season 7 - A daughter travels back in time to change her father's destiny.

    5) Déjà vu - season 5 - Mark Crest builds a teleportation machine to transport some animals across the desert.

    6) Patient Zero - season 7 - A man from the future arrives in the present to kill the carrier of a plague that could destroy humanity.

    4-0 out of 5 stars For all time
    The SHOWTIMES cable channel has brought back the 1950s science fiction series THE OUTER LIMITS. In it the series has updated technology & special effects as well as theme-lines to match the late 20th century.

    SHOWTIME has begun to release some of the "best-of" on DVD via general motif. Each DVD has 4 episodes. The previous installment was called SEX AND SCIENCE fiction & the stories were a nice blend of eroticism & Sci-fi.

    The current DVD contains 4 episodes centered around the concept of time travel. Of the 4, the 2nd story [THE TRIAL] is by far & away the most poignant. It details a story about a Jewish concentration camp and is vividly moving. The 2nd story alone is worth the price of the DVD.

    3 of the 4 stories are about a time-traveller from the future (including THE TRIAL). Of all 4 episodes, the fourth is the weakest. They layer on some elements from the 2nd and 3rd stories and it all comes across as being very ad-hoc.

    If time travel is an interest of yours, here is a DVD with some fresh approaches to the topic. If you prefer erotic science fiction, I would recommend the 1st OUTER LIMITS compilation of stories. If (like me!) you are an avid sci-fi fan across-the-board, I would think both DVDs should be in your collection.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Top of the Crop to Bottom of the Barrel
    These episodes range from some of the very best of the Outer Limits (Stitch in Time, Tribunal, Deja Vu) to the mediocre (Gettysburg, Time to Time) and the out-and-out bad (Patient Zero). Still, based on the superb quality of the three good ones (Tribunal in particular is a very intelligent treatment of time travel -- look carefully at the Nazis that take the old man's daughter away from him in the flashback sequence, for example)this is worth the money.

    4-0 out of 5 stars A must have.
    Did you like the New Outer Limits? If so, this is an excellent DVD for you to own. I really wish they would come out with the seasons in box form, but this will keep me happy until that day arrives. A very well done edition. In every way. ... Read more

    18. Bachelor Party
    Director: Neal Israel
    list price: $14.98
    our price: $13.48
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005AVS9
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 4615
    Average Customer Review: 4.38 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (29)

    5-0 out of 5 stars ...a bachelor party! With chicks, and guns, and firetrucks
    "Let's have a bachelor party! With chicks, and guns,
    and fire trucks, and hookers, and drugs, and boose!" This is one of the myriad of unforgettable quotes from, in my opinion, the best comedy ever made. To be fair, I should say it's tied for Number 1 with Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I was 14 when this movie came on the Movie Channel. Many people don't know that Tom Hanks really got his start in comedy and the tv show Bosom Buddies. The characters in this movie will live forever. Even a young Tawny Kittaen, from Whitesnake videos, is in this movie.

    You'll never forget the one liners-I still use some today. "Where's the grooom?" "He's in the bedroooom." And, "Is that a foot-long?" "And then some." Buy this NOW!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Chicks and Guns and Firetrucks and Hookers !!
    Man they sure don't make comedies like this anymore. This was when Tom Hanks was at the top of his game and not some bigshot Hollywood sellout actor. This flick has all you need in a movie, strippers, hookers, a donkey, a school bus crashing into a movie theatre, fist fights, drunkeness, a guy shooting a crossbow, a naked dude falling out of a hotel window, drug usage, attempted suicide, car theft, a pimp from India, a Lesbian scene, Tawny Katean (pre implants), a woman that pees standing up and not to mention one hell'uva a big Bachelor party. Buy this movie or "Milt will come for you !"

    1-0 out of 5 stars Lame rip-off comes up for air
    This also-ran 80's sex comedy is getting trotted out again simply because Tom Hanks is in it.

    Don't waste your time -- the National Lampoon's franchise did it earlier and better. Hanks at best can affect a half-baked Bill Murray imitation.

    Yes, there are plenty of T&A shots and potty jokes, but many other movies before or since have done it much better. Try the American Pie series if you want to see authentic teenagers in adolescent hijinks. Try Animal House if you want a far funnier party movie.

    Avoid this at all costs...

    5-0 out of 5 stars Tom Hanks' best work
    I'm not big on hyperbole, but Bachelor Party is Tom Hank's best movie. It's all been downhill for him since 1984. Sure, Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, and Apollo 13 are good, but none of them merit watching a few hundred times like Bachelor Party (most viewings took place during the wee hours of the morning while I was in college).

    Unless you're an imbecile, HIV-positive lawyer, or astronaut, there's not much you can learn from Hank's more acclaimed movies. The same can not be said for Bachelor Party, however. At some point, most guys will have a bachelor party and this movie serves as a great guide to planning one:

    "Let's have a bachelor party with chicks and guns and firetrucks and hookers and drugs and booze!"
    "Yeah! Yeah yeah! All the things that make life worth living for!"

    There's a lot more you can learn from this movie too. For example, guys, if your in-laws are pressuring you to have kids, just respond as Hank's Rick does:

    "Well, there's this 17-year-old Oriental girl I have my eye on. But don't worry, you'll have some American grand kids in no time - I know this pup's fertile."

    Buy this movie (and if you do and can figure out exactly what Rick's going to do with that egg beater, please e-mail me).

    3-0 out of 5 stars The best bad comedy
    "Bachelor Party" is not a great movie, but when you compare it to some lackluster attempts at sex comedies made today it's definately a stand-alone classic.

    You probably have to be in the right mood to watch this, but don't take it as an excuse to throw naked bodies around (in fact, there's only one real scene of nudity). I was surprised at how funny this film was, and I was laughing more times than I was offended. A lot of the sex jokes are funny too ("So are you named Rob or...Mister Dick.") while some may be a little too vulgar to be thought funny by rational minds (yeah...donkies...).

    Overall, it's a good movie. Give it a shot. Or not...whatever you want. ... Read more

    19. Chushingura
    Director: Hiroshi Inagaki
    list price: $29.99
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    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000056NWP
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 9488
    Average Customer Review: 4.52 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    Chushingura means "loyalty," and that potent Japanese theme runs like hot blood throughout this stately samurai epic. It's often called the Gone with the Wind of Japanese cinema, and while that may be a fitting cultural parallel, it gives an inaccurate impression of the film, based on one of Japan's most enduring and oft-interpreted historical events. A simmering, deliberately paced drama set during the Tokugawa shogunate in 1701, it centers on 47 loyal samurai who seek vengeance against the arrogant elder statesman who caused their master's ritual suicide. The now masterless ronin let seasons pass (and the movie occasionally seems just as long) before executing a climactic raid that is both expertly fierce and lethally efficient. Featuring a who's-who of fine Japanese actors, including Kurosawa regulars Toshiro Mifune and Takashi Shimura, Chushingura bears little resemblance to Kurosawa's action-packed samurai classics. This is a thematically dense, politically complex drama, presented here at its fullest length (207 minutes) and best appreciated after multiple viewings. Masterfully composed with painterly precision, Chushingura weaves its intricate tapestry from time-honored tenets of Japanese culture, offering a challenging but grandly rewarding experience. --Jeff Shannon ... Read more

    Reviews (25)

    5-0 out of 5 stars One Of The Two Best Samurai Films Ever Made!
    This film is one of the two best Samurai films of all time, the other being Kurosawa's SEVEN SAMURAI. CHUSHINGURA ("loyalty") is based on a real incident in 18th century Japan, wherein 47 loyal retainers of a disgraced lord take a vow of vengeance on the corrupt nobleman who caused his downfall and death. The story is timeless, the acting is uniformly magnificent, the camera work is so gorgeous that any frame of this film could be hung in an art gallery, and the music is exciting and heart-lifting. It's a complex plot, following many separate individuals as their vengeance unfolds, so first-time viewers may get confused. No matter -- it all comes together at the end. Watch for the late great Toshiro Mifune in a cameo role as a Master Spearman who becomes drinking buddies with one of the 47, and who takes it upon himself to hold off the cops in the final showdown so that his pal and the other 46 won't be interrupted before they can find and behead the bad guy and fulfill their vow. I have watched this movie many, many times, and I always find something new and wonderful in it. Now that it's FINALLY available on video, don't miss it!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Samurai honor, political intrigue, romance, brilliant cinema
    I first saw this film in the 60's in a small theater over 3 hours with one intermission. I never left my seat, in fact I started out sitting in the aisle at the back because the theater was full.

    The photography is gorgeous with brilliant winter scenes backing up intense sword fights in which you aren't sure what happened until someone keels over dead.

    Political betrayal is revenged while honor ultimately prevails. You are immersed in the feudal Japanese world and yet reminded of much the same thing happening today.

    Definitely worth seeing and buying once you've seen it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Quintessential Japanese Saga
    Chusingura (the 47 Ronin) is a tale that is as popular in Japan -and as often produced - as The Christmas Carol is in the U.S. - and just as revealing of cultural assumptions about right and wrong. There are many versions, each focusing on one of the "47 masterless Samurai" who refuse to surrender and face disgrace out of loyalty to their master. The theme (and story) will be familiar because it's been reworked many times ranging from Gilbert and Sullivan's "Mikado" to "From Here to Eternity."

    If you want to gain insight into the Japanese concept of loyalty and the price of honor above all else this is the one movie you should not miss.

    The color photgraphy and scene settings are well done and sound is excellent; the acting is also very good and does not lean heavily on over-emoting that is the sometimes "norm" for Japanese films. Sub-titles are a little light, but easy enough to see and this is one of the more accessible versions (many are not available to Western audiences as more recently they tend to be done for annual TV specfials. You won't need to know the history to follow the story - or get the point.

    It's a true story of a proud, old fashioned country Samurai who puts the Samurai Code and personal integrity above politics of reality. He's summoned to the Shogun's castle to do his duty - service to the emperor whole messengers are coming through the territory. A corrupt court official expects and demands a bribe to tell the Samurai what he must know of intricate protocol and is outraged when our hero refuses to bend. The official goads him into drawing his sword in the castle - a capital offense, leading to his forced harikiri - suicide.

    The remainder of the tale - most of it - is about how the 47 loyal retainers face disgrace and contempt, while biding their time until they can avenge their master. The film has everything: psychological drama, action, passion, greed and pathos - everything in fact that makes life worthwhile.

    Don't miss this one!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Samurai Code in Jeopardy...
    Corruption and the samurai code converge in a collision when an old man who favors greed and lust crosses the road with a young noble samurai. The collision triggers a chain of events that causes the young noble samurai to violate the laws of the Shogunate, which affects many lives. The issue of injustice remains unresolved after the unlawful event. However, for some life is insignificant when injustice remains. This epic story reveals that humans do know what is right from wrong, but fear and desire seem to influence each and everyone's choice.

    4-0 out of 5 stars A Flawed but Enjoyable Epic
    Despite the film's division into two parts, I think the Chushingura is best understood as a complicated story told in three acts.

    The first act, culminating in the seppuku of Lord Asano, details the conflict between the young lord and Kira, the Shogun's master of ceremonies, and is, in my opinion, the most interesting as it unfolds logically, tragically, and inevitably towards the spilling of blood in the Shogun's castle. Asano and Kira, at least in this stage of the film, are fully realized and three-dimensional characters, and their conflict can be understood on several levels: idealism versus pragmatism; rural versus urban; and, most centrally, a conflict between different conceptions of honor. Kira is slighted because Asano won't show him the deference he feels he deserves, and Asano cannot accept Kira's attempt to teach him a lesson without fatally wounding his pride. The characters feel real because the situation is developed so carefully, and we as viewers understand why the principal actors behave as they do.

    I think the movie bogs down a bit in the second act where the retainers of Asana plot their revenge on Kira. I also feel it is at this point that those unfamiliar with this story may find it difficult to follow the plot. Like the assassination of Thomas Becket in 12th century England, the story of the 47 loyal retainers has left the historian with not only a wealth of primary documents but also of contemporary analysis of exactly how the events were interpreted. Whereas Becket's murder resonated because of the changing perceptions of the limits of temporal power in medieval Europe, the 47 ronin reflect the changing nature of samurai honor following the pacification of Japan under the Tokugawa shogunate. Unfortunately, the movie does little to clarify the issues involved despite a three and half hour presentation. The historical Oishi, for instance, worked patiently behind the scenes for years to restore the clan's honor and holdings under the leadership of Asano's younger brother whereas Horibe represented the more radical view that the ronin owed personal allegiance only to their dead lord. In the movie, by contrast, Oishi makes reference to restoring the clan and questions Asano's judgment at the castle, but it is absolutely unclear in the context of the film whether this represents his true beliefs or is simply part of the feint to divert attention from the plot to kill Kira. It is, in fact, hard to ever discern exactly what Oishi is planning, even in hindsight. Horibe, as the leader of the other wing of the retainers, fairs worse, emerging only as Toshiro Mifune's drinking buddy (Mifune, though always enjoyable to watch, is largely wasted in a sub-plot that is completely superfluous to the story). I don't expect complete historical fidelity, but I do expect the events to develop coherently and to address the main issues of the story. I'm not saying that it is a complete mess, just that it is hard to follow at times, and it is not always clear what motivates the characters, and, as film usually does, some of the subtleties of the real events are lost.

    Thankfully, the exciting and famous battle in the snow largely redeems any momentary flagging of interest. My only quibble is that Kira has degenerated by this point into an absolute caricature of his previous self, becoming the embodiment of the man without honor. I suspect this is incorporated less from history and more from the popularizations of this story, e.g., the various kabuki stagings.

    Others have spoken of the beautiful visuals, so I won't belabor the point. Suffice it to say this alone is a good reason to watch this film. Others have also spoken of the slow pace. This is also true, and if you demand a tight focus in your movies, this one probably isn't for you. ... Read more

    20. 21 Jump Street - The Complete Third Season
    Director: Larry Shaw, Tucker Gates, Jeffrey Auerbach, Kim Manners, Daniel Attias, Mario Van Peebles, Jefferson Kibbee, Zale Dalen, James A. Contner, Stephen Williams, Brenton Spencer, Jonathan Wacks, Jan Eliasberg, Jorge Montesi, David Jackson, Steve Beers (II), Peter DeLuise, Peter D. Marshall, Kevin Hooks, Robert Iscove
    list price: $44.98
    our price: $31.49
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0007WQH2G
    Catlog: DVD
    Sales Rank: 5428
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    Johnny Depp ruled as TV’s hottest young actor in this third season of the hit series that shot him to stardom. Depp stars as undercover cop Tom Hanson, who along with fellow officers Harry Ioki (Dustin Nguyen), Judy Hoffs (Holly Robinson Peete) and Doug Penhall (Peter DeLuise), tackles tough cases of teen pregnancy, drug dealers, child molestation, army desertion, racism, homelessness, murder and more, including the introduction of Dennis Booker (Richard Grieco). Steven Williams co-stars as Captain Fuller in the Fox-TV sensation co-created by Patrick Hasburgh and Stephen J. Cannell (HUNTER, PROFIT) that Entertainment Weekly still hails as "too cool for school!" 21 JUMP STREET – THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON contains all 20 explosive episodes – including the unforgettable two-part cliffhanger finale in which Hanson wages a one-man war against the street gang that shot Ioki – featuring such guest stars as Bridget Fonda, Peri Gilpin, Dom DeLuise, Larenz Tate, Christopher Titus, Mario Van Peebles and Kelly Hu. ... Read more

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