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$26.24 $25.88 list($34.98)
1. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the
$22.49 $15.52 list($29.98)
2. Spaceballs (Collector's Edition)
$14.99 $9.22 list($19.98)
3. The Last Starfighter
$26.99 $15.46 list($29.99)
4. Lilo & Stitch
$44.96 $37.48 list($59.95)
5. Brazil - Criterion Collection
$11.21 $8.96 list($14.95)
6. Spaceballs
$13.99 list($19.98)
7. Orgazmo (Unrated Special Edition)
$14.98 $9.33 list($19.98)
8. Batteries Not Included
$11.21 $9.09 list($14.95)
9. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
$17.99 $13.79 list($19.99)
10. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
$9.99 list($19.95)
11. Mystery Science Theater 3000 -
$13.46 $6.75 list($14.95)
12. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
$15.96 $12.03 list($19.95)
13. Mystery Science Theater 3000 -
$5.99 $4.09 list($14.99)
14. Short Circuit
$11.99 $9.69 list($14.99)
15. Explorers
$17.96 $12.72 list($19.95)
16. Mystery Science Theater 3000 -
$15.96 $12.02 list($19.95)
17. Mystery Science Theater 3000 -
$9.99 list($19.95)
18. Mystery Science Theater 3000 -
$9.97 $5.04
19. Mars Attacks!
$17.96 $13.17 list($19.95)
20. Mystery Science Theater 3000 -

1. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Director: Alan J.W. Bell
list price: $34.98
our price: $26.24
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005YUNJ
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 1126
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


With the galaxy's best-selling tour guide and a good towel, earthling Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect (actually from planet Betelgeuse) are transported, among other places, to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe and back to the beginning of time. ... Read more

2. Spaceballs (Collector's Edition)
Director: Mel Brooks
list price: $29.98
our price: $22.49
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0007O38XU
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 1075
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Mel Brooks's 1987 parody of the Star Wars trilogy is a jumble of jokes rather than a comic feature, and, predictably, some of those jokes work better than others. The cast, including Brooks in two roles, more or less mimics the principal characters from George Lucas's famous story line, and the director certainly gets a boost from new allies (SCTV graduates Rick Moranis and John Candy) as well as old ones (Dick Van Patten, Dom DeLuise). Watch this and wait for the sporadic inspiration--but don't be surprised if you find yourself yearning for those years when Brooks was a more complete filmmaker (Young Frankenstein). --Tom Keogh ... Read more

Reviews (267)

A FIRST ROBIN HOOD MEN IN TIGHTS. After viewing widescreen,fullscreen of the original dvd and the fullscreen vhs and then the TBS presentation not one of them gives you the complete picture.They all give you different corners WIDE;hides the floor and ceiling.FULL;covers elbows and noses TBS;gives you an extreme view to the far right so you can actually see the princess' OLD NOSE!! (which is barely noticible on either side of the original disc) But of course the left side suffers from lack of attention. I don't care what kind of bonus features you put in, bad picture presentation is BAD PICTURE PRESENTATION. All I had to do was read the picture dimensions on the so called "collectors edition" and I knew this was a waste of time and money. And that's a shame because the movie itself is very good and deserves better treatment than just a reissue of the widescreen side of the original disc and a second disc with a lot of fluff.

4-0 out of 5 stars Collect what? A forced pre-menu trailer?! Not all bad tho!
This is an A++ movie, but the "special" DVD release is not as special as I had hoped.

Let's look at the bad parts first!

The pre-menu "don't pirate this disc" bit is a new live-action waste of time and seems to run much longer than the old-sk00l FBI warnings, despite the new version being in english only.How much money went into producing that claptrap anyway?The usual English/Spanish/French full-screen blurbs are more than adequate.Save the disc space for a better compression rate (not that this DVD release fails where it counts...).

Along with the new, patronizing, live-action piracy bit is an advert for the remake of the pink panther movie.One I was not able to cirumvent by pressing every menu button on my remote.This does not make for a happy viewer.And not just because it's yet another remake of yet another old movie that trashes the old and can't draw in the viewers at the theatres too, making execs wonder what went wrong as they then proceed to make a remake of another old film...but I digress.I also double-checked the price of the disc and all the blurbs on the box.I didn't pay for a pathetic trailer I can't get around.I paid for a movie.Not extra advertising in every place they can shove it.

Also, for "flubs" I had read "bloopers".Unless I missed a menu, there are no bloopers - which are usually far more interesting than pointing out flubs (production goofs such as pointing out the camera tracks in one scene and a poorly set up mirror in another), most people will find or just not care about.I want actors saying the effenheimer or the sclhizzlebler because they couldn't remember a line correctly!!

On the plus side, the opening menu (disc 1) is HIGHLY entertaining if you let it sit there and just run for a while.

DTS sound is AWESOME too.Alone it's worth the price!Specially in the F/X shots, you'll be blown away by the remix - it is INCREDIBLE and exceptionally well done.

Video quality is excellent for a restored 19 year old film too.

Nice to see the trailers and featurettes; especially when they hadn't been given the restoration treatment.(not being sarky here, it's incredible what they can do to restore and preserve film these days!)

The trivia game seems trivial; very obvious questions and the response sequences are too few to maintain interest.

But all in all, the restoration and enhancement of the video and audio is well worth the price.

As for the movie itself...easily one of Brooks' best works and is a great parody of the original Star Wars series, most of which were good in their own right but this parody of the original trilogy is stingingly funny.

I sincerely hope Brooks does a sequel (prequel) to Spaceballs because the "prequel" SW trilogy is so horrendously awful that any spoof of it would rake in far more money, of that I have no doubt!!

5-0 out of 5 stars DinkDink,DinkDinkDinkDinkDinkDink !
Mel Brooks's "SPACEBALLS" is one of the funniest movies ever! From my childhood until forever this movie is a classic!

5-0 out of 5 stars One of my favorite movies
I have watched this movie from begining to end so many times that I have lost count! As a clear spoof of all things sci-fi, Spaceballs goes all the way with the references to all the most popular science movies like Star Wars, Star Trek and even Alien.It's technical crew included many of the greats who worked on the original movies that it spoofs.The story is about Lone Starr and his friend Barf who is a half-man, half dog. (He's his "own best friend".) They are on a quest to rescue a runaway spoiled Druish princess who has come too close to the Spaceballs who are trying to steal the pure air from her home planet, Druidia.It is a great story that stands all on it's own without leaning too heavily on the movies that are beinging spoofed.

3-0 out of 5 stars We needed more Schwartz in the Collector's Edition!
The movie itself is pure Mel Brooks. I really enjoy how Mel brings hilarious havoc to the sci-fi genre, spoofing movies from Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers to Star Trek and Star Wars.I am surprised that MPAA had originally given this movie a PG rating instead of a PG-13 rating since the movie is heavy on adult humor, language, and sexual innuendos - not exactly what I would call a flick for the whole family.Enough about the movie; this review is about the newly released Collector's Edition (CE), especially the bonus material.

The Dolby 5.1 sound quality has been enhanced compared to the original 2000 DVD release, but I will need to confirm this.I'm glad MGM offers a DTS track on disc 1.I have not yet compared Mel's commentary on the CE to the original release.I did make some limited comparisons of the picture quality: The colors are more vibrant (perhaps too much on the red?) and the picture is clearer to my eyes; the skin tones look correct to me. Since the video presentation is not THX quality, you will see some specks and film blemishes. The aspect ratio on the CE (1.85:1 for 16x9) is the same as the original 2000 release, but on my Sony monitor (4:3) the CE widescreen version is "slightly" zoomed in more than the 2000 widescreen released version.

I am disappointed in the Special Features. Why? For one reason, it does not include Rick Moranis.He is mentioned but is not interviewed at all - how can Mel not include Dark Helmet!In addition, you will not find any behind-the-scenes coverage (other than still photos) such as those found on the 2000 DVD release. Mel did not include any deleted scenes or bloopers (no, the film flubs don't count).However, there is a well-produced 29 minute documentary that includes the other main actors and crew members. You will learn that the actors and crew members had more laughs making this movie than the audience had watching it.If this is true, Mel should have included some of those comical moments in the Special Features.Also missing on this CE is a featurette about special-effects.The conversation between Mel and co-writer Thomas Meehan is rather boring, but the tribute to comical genius John Candy is commendable, touching, and about time.

The CE is a 2-disc DVD set.It is a shame that MGM and Mel could not/would not include more about this classic comedy.Overall I give the CE version a 3/5. The movie gets 4/5! ... Read more

3. The Last Starfighter
Director: Nick Castle
list price: $19.98
our price: $14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00000IQW3
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 1615
Average Customer Review: 4.32 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (62)

4-0 out of 5 stars CULT MOVIES 29
29. THE LAST STARFIGHTER (SCI-fiction, 1984) For young Alex Rogan (Lance Guest) living in a trailer park is boring. He wants to escape from his rural existence and go to the city where he hopes to go to College. Bot for his girlfriend Annie (Catherine Mary Stewart) the prospect of leaving her grandmother behind is hard. Alex's only real excitement is playing a video game called 'Last Starfighter', having played it so many times that he finally breaks the game's points record. Soon after he's visited by a friendly alien power. They want to recruit him as one of their elite 'Starfighters' in an inter-galactic war where his skills will prove the turning point. Here he finds an unexpected chance to finally break free and follow his dreams. But will Annie join him?

Critique: The Star Wars phenomenon inspired a slew of science fiction films in its heyday that, surprisingly enough, has continued to this day. Although the 80s produced its share of memorable films, this is one of the most appealing of the bunch. Capturing the youthful exuberance and innocence that made the Star Wars fantasy a worldwide smash. The 'once upon story' line works from the disillusioned, dreamy nature of those kids whose earthly existence leave much to be desired. Wishing they could be whisked away to another galaxy, and take part in some far-off adventure. An added bonus to the film is the pairing of the 2 young leads. Exacting the warmth and amazement of encountering such a journey, and taking their love to the infinite reaches of space.

4-0 out of 5 stars Sweet, Exciting Sci-Fi Adventure!
A combination of 'Coming-of-Age', 'Small-town U.S.A.', and Science Fiction films, 'The Last Starfighter' is one of that rare breed of films that actually become more enjoyable after repeated viewings, which makes it an EXCELLENT choice for your film collection!

Famous in film history as the first film to utilize computer-generated FX for its space scenes (producing a 'big-budget' look to more modestly budgeted film), the effects today seem as creaky and out-of-date as the 'Last Starfighter' arcade game that teenager Alex Rogan (Lance Guest) is so expert at! Don't let this put you off, though, as this story is really about the youngster, and being willing to take advantage of an opportunity to 'shine', as Otis (Vernon Washington), his best friend at his trailer park home, reminds him.

The concept of the game being a secret test for fighter pilots is clever, and when game creator Robert Preston (who is magnificent, in his last screen appearance) whisks young Rogan off to fight in an interstellar war, all of the youngster's long-stated ambitions to leave home and make something of his life are tested. In a series of amusing scenes, our hero stumbles through his first encounter with alien races, meeting the affable Grig (an unrecognizable Dan O'Herlihy, who nearly steals the movie), the pilot of his fightercraft. After almost making the worst decision of his life, Rogin comes to his senses....

... director Nick Castle (who directed the sweet and equally wonderful 'The Boy Who Could Fly') understands people and small-town life, and gives the space adventure so much charm and savvy that you'll love it, nonetheless!

Guest is terrific as Alex, conveying both the humor and frustration of growing up in the trailer park; Catherine Mary Stewart, as his girlfriend, is equally good! As Alex' space-fixated younger brother, Louis, Chris Hebert has some of the film's funniest lines, and the image of him, taking his shot at the arcade game and a chance to become a Starfighter, at the conclusion of the film, is a fitting finale!

Special praise should be given to Craig Safan's rousing score, some of the most beautiful, sweeping music since 'Star Wars'!

The DVD edition IS the version to buy, with a terrific documentary on the making of the film, hosted by Lance Guest, and commentary by director Nick Castle and production designer Ron Cobb!

'The Last Starfighter' has achieved near-cult film status over the years, and is a rich experience you'll enjoy, again and again! I STRONGLY recommend it!

4-0 out of 5 stars One of my fondest memories...
One of the fondest memories of my childhood was watching this movie while eating a Chef-Boy-Ardee sausage pizza. (remember those?) Many hot summer days were spent enjoying the adventure of Alex Rogan travelling to Rylos and realizing his dreams and his destiny as a Starfighter with his navigator, Grigg. This is one of those inexplicably optimistic films that popped up in the 80's. Despite the fact that the special effects may look dated now, the story is timeless and well written for this genre. The video presentation on this DVD is rather crisp and clear but the audio could be a "little" better. Still, this is a wonderful film for kids and nostalgic adults alike. Oh, the extras are nice as well. I hadn't seen the "Making of" documentary since it appeared on HBO when I was a kid. This is a wonderful film.

5-0 out of 5 stars Thoroughly enjoyable
An interesting little film of how a dead-end kid is forced to become a galactic hero, because of his facility at a computer game, which is a secret recruiting station for starfighter pilots. The computer-generated graphics, advanced for their time, now look ridiculously crude, but it somehow adds to the quaintness of the whole thing, with marvellous performances from Lance Guest as the reluctant hero, Robert Preston as the likeably roguish Centauri who is prepared not so much to bend the rules as to smash them into very tiny fragments and Dan O'Herily as Grigg, the lizard co-pilot whose dream is to go down fighting against impossible odds!

5-0 out of 5 stars Formulaic Fun.
If you're looking for a masterpiece film that rewrites the sci-fi genre with intense drama and gritty characters, this isn't the movie for you. If you're looking for a really fun film that's a great mix of Star Wars, Saturday morning cartoons, and video games then stick this in your DVD player.

The movie's special effects hold up suprisingly well, considering that they're 20 years old. When Alex Rogan is flying the gunstar, it's like you're there with him, especially if you grew up loving this film. The characters are developed enough that you care, but not so much that it's like a daytime soap opera. Two thumbs up! ... Read more

4. Lilo & Stitch
Director: Chris Sanders (III), Dean DeBlois
list price: $29.99
our price: $26.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005JL96
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 1969
Average Customer Review: 4.25 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (414)

5-0 out of 5 stars not your average disney
not something you would expect from disney. broken family, depressed child, social services. i believe that disney has done a wonderous job, not being so beautiful world with this.

1-0 out of 5 stars Not too pleased with this one.
Disney's "Lilo & Stitch" was directed by Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois. It is about a little Hawaiian girl named Lilo and her sister, Nani, and how a destructive alien named Stitch brings them together. That's enough summary. You want plot, read the other reviews.

There are good things in this movie. Some parts are purely delightful. Stitch and Lilo can both be cute at times, and it was nice to hear some traditional Elvis. Cobra Bubbles, the social worker, is a funny guy. And some of the parts are funny, too. That's about it.

I'm an animation major, so I realize that I'm very critical when it comes to Disney. But truthfully, I was SHOCKED when I found out that people actually like this movie. For one thing, it's badly written. It needs a decent script. It's boring. The plot is choppy. Everything is twisted (not gracefully) to be about families, and worst of all, the characters are incredibly cruel to each other (for laughs, I felt) and never really turn around until the last two minutes. I thought these were flaws that were so blatant everyone would notice them. The little movie critic that lives in my head was screaming bloody murder.

Just a few things to warn parents about--Lilo is a brat, Nani is abusive, and Stitch just is there to tear things down. I'm surprised that this movie wasn't rated PG-13...I believe it was going to be, but then they took out the part with Pudgy (Lilo's pet fish) getting pecked to death by seagulls. Yeah, and you thought this was a kids' movie. One of the most disturbing parts is when Stitch & Lilo shove a little girl off her tricycle and take off with it, leaving the little girl sobbing in the dirt. If you think that's funny, you have some serious mental problems.

There's a lot of screaming, it's not very funny, and to me, very unconvincing. The moral this one left me with was, hey, it's okay to treat others like ....because Ohana means family. I won't buy that. I'd strongly suggest parents read some proffessional reviews on this movie, there's a reason this movie hasn't made much money in comparison to the Disneys of the past. "Hunchback" and even "Pocahantas" grossed over $100 million more than this one. I hope that says something. Methinks parents HAVE been doing their jobs and reading the reviews on this one. (In gentle reprimand to someone below who called parents "stupid").

As for me- if I ever work for the Disney animation studio, I'll do everything in my power to make clever, sweet, funny movies like "Aladdin" and "Monster's Inc." and keep painfully hideous movies like "Lilo & Stitch" from ever gracing the storyboards of Burbank. What the HECK were they thinking?

5-0 out of 5 stars I laughed my head off
Lord, this is the funniest Disney movie in years. And one of the most inventive. A problem in most Disney movies in recent years (well, actually, always) has been taking plots from other sources. None of the Disney animated films have been in any sense original. Contrast this with Japan's great animator Hayao Miyazaki, whose movies are almost always based upon original sources. I don't think it is an accident that the best Disney movie in a long time is based on a completely original story.

Speaking of Miyazaki, Daveigh Chase, who provides the voice for Lilo, also did the voice for Chihiro in the English language dubbing for SPIRITED AWAY. Unbelievably, she dubbed the voice for major characters in the two best-animated films of the year. I have to be honest here: I was really scared that LILO AND STITCH was going to win the. It didn't. It is very, very good, but SPIRITED AWAY is not merely the best-animated film in the past couple of decades, but quite possibly the best ever. I knew that if the voters only watched both LILO AND STITCH and SPIRITED AWAY, then the latter would easily win the Oscar. Luckily, enough did, and it won a well-deserved Oscar. But LILO AND STITCH was a very strong second, and in many years would have won.

The film is the story of the accidentally pairing of two misfits. Lilo is a Hawaiian girl who is being raised by her sister Nani, and Stitch is a genetic creation of an "evil genius" mad doctor, a powerful warrior creature. Lilo has lost her family, and Stitch, or "Experiment 626," as he is otherwise known, has never had one. The movie essentially tells the story of how each helps the other find what she and he both need most.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of a new practice: instead of creating an endless number of variations of old, traditional, and familiar stories, Disney will turn their resources to original, new, and inventive stories.

4-0 out of 5 stars Good Fun
* One of the expectations of a Disney animated film is
that it will have a top-rank / few-expenses-spared production,
with perfectionistic artwork and such features as soundtracks
by star musicians -- coupled to a not-always-inspired script.

Disney animated movies are marketed at kids, of course, and
that generally means a little moralizing sentimentality and
some political correctness. I don't criticise this as such,
since the parents would go on the warpath if Disney did
any different, but one hopes there is something more to the

By these standards, LILO & STITCH gets the expected top
production grade, and what I would say is a better-than-expected
grade for the script. It involves an alien mad scientist
named Jumba who creates a midget monstrosity, Experiment 6-2-6,
a nasty little creature with a lightning brain, disproportionate
strength, and a genetic predisposition to be as big a nuisance
and pain as possible.

Jumba is arrested and his creation seized, but Experiment
6-2-6 escapes and flies to Earth, landing in Hawaii, with
Jumba in pursuit. In an attempt to camouflage himself,
6-2-6 pretends he's a dog -- a real strange-looking dog --
and is adopted by Lilo (LEE-low, not LIE-low), a little
Hawaiian girl who is a pain to her sister and guardian
Nina. Lilo names him "Stitch" and many adventures follow.
Think of "ET with an attitude" and you kind of understand.

OK, the script is sentimental, and for all those worrisome
parents out there I can assure you that this movie HAS A
theme. (I grew up on Three Stooges, Looney Tunes, and Rocky
& Bullwinkle when nobody worried about such things, but that
was then.) Fortunately, it also has some very good
laughs (Lilo's photography hobby comes to mind for one
example) and can be off-the-wall and imaginative about it
in places. Of course it's all silliness, but this is an
animated feature about little girls and alien midget monsters,
not WAR & PEACE.

The production values are very pretty, the artwork style
has its original features, and the soundtrack work, if not
star quality like some Disney animateds, is good.
Lilo is an Elvis fan and the Elvis tunes seem to work very
well in the script, even though I'm not a fan of the King
myself. ("Elvis or Beatles?" "Beatles.")

This may not be "must-see-video" but it is recommended.
One of the signs of an entertaining flic is that it can
keep me attentive up to the closing credits, and the little
"family album" at the end, implying a whole set of stories
that I was sad I missed, was one of the nicest touches in
the whole thing.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Best Animated Disney Film in Years
I am very fussy about which Disney films I watch. So far I have purchased "Tarzan" and "Dinosaur" on DVD and though I enjoyed them I won't say they won my heart over.

"Lilo and Stitch" however had me laughing and crying in the same breath. Set in Hawaii this is a very different kind of Disney film. I loved it from the very first moment when Lilo tried to explain to her dancing teacher why she had to feed a friendly dolphin peanut butter sandwiches rather than tuna to the moment Stitch realises he wants a family of his own to belong to, this gem of a film managed to get under my skin like no other Disney animation.

The plot is quite simple; a genetically created monster escapes a prison ship and heads for earth. All he has on his mind is destruction and mayhem but fate has something else in store for him and he finds himself pretending to be a dog in order to evade the bounty hunters sent to find him. His new "owner" is a lonely but strong minded little girl called Lilo who is still grieving over the loss of her parents in a car accident. She calls her new "dog" Stitch and gives him unconditional love, something this monster has never known before. Suddenly Stitch's desire for destruction takes a back seat as he tries to help the one person in the whole universe who is not afraid of him.

There are great scenes like Stitch finding a frog in the middle of road but it is him who gets run over by a truck and not the frog but as he is indestructible all that happens is that he gets knocked out. We see the frog later on in the same road, and Stitch saves it, something he would have never done if he had not met Lilo. It is a touching scene, not syrupy, just nice and thoughtfully done. Another scene that is side splittingly funny is when Stitch steals a child's tricycle, jumps on it, grabs Lilo and tries to find his way off the Island only to be told by Lilo that "isn't it great, there are no cities on the Island?" Stitch faints when he hears this; he has been genetically programmed to destroy cities! All of this mayhem and chaos ultimately leads to Stitch having to make a decision. Does he abandon Lilo and try to escape or does he take on the powers that be that want to destroy him and try and keep his new family together?

Stitch's attempt to save Lilo when she is in danger is hilarious but at the same time quite emotional, surprising for an animated film, especially a Disney one.

The music is great and I'm a fan of Elvis all over again, the songs are really appropriate but let me assure you this is not a musical cartoon, rather it is a cartoon with a selection of songs that blend into the story and plot quite nicely.

The characters are believable, even the ex-CIA Welfare Officer who despite his gruff exterior has a heart of gold, to the obnoxious little girls who tease Lilo for daring to be different.

This is cracking good film for all ages, and I will be very surprised if most people don't like something about it, even if it is just the music score! ... Read more

5. Brazil - Criterion Collection
list price: $59.95
our price: $44.96
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0780022181
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 1538
Average Customer Review: 4.36 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

If Franz Kafka had been an animator and film director--oh, and a member of Monty Python's Flying Circus--this is the sort of outrageously dystopian satire one could easily imagine him making. However, Brazil was made by Terry Gilliam, who is all of the above except, of course, Franz Kafka. Be that as it may, Gilliam sure captures the paranoid-subversive spirit of Kafka's The Trial (along with his own Python animation) in this bureaucratic nightmare-comedy about a meek governmental clerk named Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce) whose life is destroyed by a simple bug. Not a software bug, a real bug (no doubt related to Kafka's famous Metamorphosis insect) that gets smooshed in a printer and causes a typographical error unjustly identifying an innocent citizen, one Mr. Buttle, as suspected terrorist Harry Tuttle (Robert De Niro).When Sam becomes enmeshed in unraveling this bureaucratic glitch, he himself winds up labeled as a miscreant.

The movie presents such an unrelentingly imaginative and savage vision of 20th-century bureaucracy that it almost became a victim of small-minded studio management itself--until Gilliam surreptitiously screened his cut for the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, who named it the best movie of 1985 and virtually embarrassed Universal into releasing it. This DVD version of Brazil is the special director's cut that first appeared in Criterion's comprehensive (andexpensive) six-disc laser package in 1996. --Jim Emerson ... Read more

Reviews (302)

5-0 out of 5 stars the definitive look at this masterpiece
Brazil is, arguably, Terry Gilliam's crowning achievement. Originally called 1984 1/2, this film was embroiled in an infamous battle to be distributed. The studio didn't like Gilliam's version and cut together one of their own. Gilliam went to the press and got the L.A. critics behind his movie and finally shamed the studio into releasing his version.

Criterion's 3-DVD set documents the struggle Gilliam went through to get his film shown. Disc One contains his cut of the film with an informative and entertaining commentary by the director. The second DVD contains the bulk of the extra material. Not only is Gilliam's struggle documented but also various aspects of the production are examined -- including the screenplay, costumes, art direction, etc. The final disc contains the studio's cut with a film historian's audio commentary documenting why this version sucks.

Once again, Criterion comes through with an exhaustive look at an important film of modern cinema. Brazil is a brilliant satire of a dystopian society run amok by pointless bureaucracy. Anyone who has worked a souless job in an office will immediately empathise with the protagonist's plight. Like any great work of science fiction, Brazil offers more questions than answers -- not everything is wrapped up neatly, instead the viewer is left questioning certain aspects of our modern society. Great stuff.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great movie about dreams and hope
Brazil, despite the science fiction, social commentary and surrealism, is at it's core a film about a man who trapped by the mundanity of life, imagines himself in a more fantastic world.

Jonathan Pryce stars as a tiny unimportant member of a vast hyper-capitalistic society. Life is cold and dreary for everyone. All his spare time is spent dreaming of magical romantic worlds and the beautiful woman who lives there. One day, a simple beaucratic mistake causes a monumental disaster. Not that anyone cares... they just don't want to be blamed. Sent to solve the problem, or maybe to be a scapegoat, Pryce accidentally meets the literal woman of his dreams. As he pursues her, he brings suspicion on himself of being a terrorist (the scourge of the government), and his dreams begin to invade his waking thoughts.

A suprising list of talent lend themselves to the film and is written, minus Kafka and Orwell themes, by Monty Python's Terry Gilliam so expect some obvious humor and much biting satire throughout. Depressing and magical without losing it's hope, any person who can identify with the main character should find themselves entranced.

Despite being made in 1985 the special effects prove to be suprisingly effective (although easily noticed). I personally think this movie is the second best Science Fiction film, 2001 being first, and the best 1984 type movie ever made.

2-0 out of 5 stars Much loved, but I never got it ...
This is a cult classic, but I find it over-rated. It delivers the zaniness, surreality and crazy camera work, but the film has no interest in its characters -- you'll feel nothing for them, and for me that leaves a big hole in the center of the movie.

For a movie with a similar feel but considerably more heart, try Barton Fink instead. Or even Amelie.

2-0 out of 5 stars Boring
This movie is really disappointing and boring.

4-0 out of 5 stars a bizzare and frightening film
If you enjoy futuristic Sci-Films then I would heartily reccomend this, as it presents a number of interesting and imaginative concepts.
The setting is the far future.The world is a polluted wasteland. A strange network of wires covers the ceiling of every room.
A corporation-government, Central Services, controls all trade enterprises. Any who indulge in the businesses they control (which are almost everything) without the proper paperwork are labeled terrorists. So, unfortunately, are those who criticize Central Services' inane policies.
Their Cops, clad in spacesuits that look like they came straight out of David Lynch's adapatation of "DUNE", frequently capture these "terrorists" to be interrogated, tortured, and/or executed with bizarre devices.
The "food" eaten by the characters in this film is premasticated garbage, into which are stuck pictures of what the characters believe they are eating.
The rich and powerful under Central Services rule get daily facelifts and parties,
and they strike the viewer as stupid and frightening.
The plot of the film concerns a daydreaming young paper-pusher (Jonathan Pryce) for Central Services' Ministry of Information who discovers a glitch in some paperwork that led to the wrongful arrest and unfortunate execution of Archibald Tuttle, who was mistaken for Archibald "Harry" Tuttle (Robert DeNiro), who has fallen out with the law because of his entrepeneurial fix-it man services.
Soon, a truck-drivin' gal(Kim Greist) who witnessed Archibald Buttle's wrongful arrest pleads for his release to the Ministry of Information, who label her a terrorist.
Later, The young MOI employee notices her picture in the lobby of his workplace, and decides to pursue her. He saves her from being arrested, and, in doing so, is labeled an enemy of society, which eventually leads to his tragic end at the hands of his friends(Ian Holm and John Palin).
This frightening look at the evils of technology, corporations,wrongful arrests, and totalitarian governments is not to be missed by any except the very young(if it gave ME nightmares, imagine the effect it would have on a seven-year old boy!) . ... Read more

6. Spaceballs
Director: Mel Brooks
list price: $14.95
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Asin: 0792844890
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 704
Average Customer Review: 4.37 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (238)

4-0 out of 5 stars great satire from the late eighties
Mel Brooks definitely lives up to expectations with Spaceballs. This parody of the Star Wars movies will deliver laughs whether you are a sci fi fan or not. The cast of characters (including Bill Pullman, John Candy, and Rick Moranis...and of course Mel Brooks) closely parallels the familiar cast of Star Wars, but Rick Moranis takes the cake as Dark Helmet, the Darth Vader-like figure. ("And now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.")

Personally, I found this movie amusing at 10, and now at 22 I still think it's wonderful. Most of the other reviews give you an idea of what the movie contains, so I won't get into a long explanation, but I have to recommend this one pretty highly as a great comedy.

5-0 out of 5 stars Spaceballs
The Planet Spaceball has a problem; They're slowly running out of air. However, they have a plan; Capture Vespa(Daphne Zuniga), the Princess of their peace-loving neighbor planet Druidia, which would force their father, King Roland(Dick Van Patten), to give them the combination to the air shield, which underneath contains 10,000 years of fresh air. Instead, the Princess and her droid Dot Matrix(Voice of Joan Rivers), running away from her wedding to Prince Valium(JM J.Bullock), they find her. After being offered $1 million spacebucks, which they need to pay off gangster Pizza the Hutt(Dom DeLuise), space pirate Lonestarr(Bill Pullman)and his half dog/half man sidekick Barf(John Candy)go to stop the evil Lord Dark Helmet(Rick Moranis)and Spaceball President Skroob(Mel Brooks)and along the way, Lonestarr learns the ways of the Schwartz from the everlasting know-it-all Yogurt(Mel Brooks)

This movie, along with "DRACULA DEAD AND LOVING IT" is Mel Brooks at his best. It's fricking hilarious!! Bill Pullman is great as Lonestarr, a spoof combination of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, Daphne Zuniga gives her all as Princess Vespa, John Candy is hilarious as Barf, Joan Rivers is decent as Dot Matrix, Rick Moranis is downright classic as Dark Helmet, a wimpy puny spoof of Darth Vader(He's the funniest guy on this movie!!!)and the rest of the cast is average.

Highly recommended as one of Mel Brook's best and with lines like "I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate", "You are to refer to me as idiot, not you captain!", you won't stop laughing. So see this film.


3-0 out of 5 stars because good is dumb
although not a mel brooks masterpiece this film does not suffer solely from lack of comedic inspiration. in fact i find it to be one of his best. its main problem, in my opinion, was the shift in audiences. for the most part films such as Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein catered to an audience that was, by 1987, much older and focusing on family life. plus, brooks' comedic venom was now aimed at a less familiar target in Star Wars. intially, even i had a hard time time convincing myself it was worth seeing. but after repeated viewings i realized that it was as funny as many of brooks' best. now dont get me wrong, you wont laugh as often as you did for High Anxiety but you'll laugh none the less. sadly, the core players of previous films are missing here (Harvey Corman & Madeline Kahn) and it suffers becasue of it but the times were changing and so were the films. only later on did brooks really get into a stupor with Robin Hood: Men In Tights and Dracula: Dead and Lving It, starring the one dimensional Leslie Nielsen.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Funniest Movie Ever!!!
Spaceballs, a comic masterpiece directed by Mel Brooks, is one of the funniest movies that I have ever seen. I own the trilogy of Star Wars and I watched every movie in the trilogy before I viewed this movie. After I watched Spaceballs, I found myself in a state of pure laughter as I saw Mel Brooks and John Candy imitating the trilogy of Star Wars. Anyone that wants a good funny movie to view should buy Spaceballs today.

5-0 out of 5 stars Holy Crap it was good!!
This movie was absolutely crazy and funny!! I couldn't help but laugh the whole way! My favorite moment was the spoofing scene of Alien. Sooo funny. Watch Spaceballs and get ready to laugh hard. ... Read more

7. Orgazmo (Unrated Special Edition)
Director: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
list price: $19.98
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Asin: B0006HBZEW
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 5088
Average Customer Review: 4.45 out of 5 stars
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Album Description

Asian only All Code / NTSC DVD. Directed by Trey Parker (creator of South Park)'. Joe Young is a young Mormon actor who preaches the word of God in L.A. and can't get anything from it. One day he stumbles onto the set of a porno movie being shot by well known porn director Maxxx Orbison (Ron Jeremy). Maxxx chooses Joe for the title part in his new movie Captain Orgazmo. Joe soon befriends short and skinny Ben Chapleski (his sidekick in the film), who invented a ray-gun which emits a light beam that causes the most intense orgasm in whoever it hits (called Orgasmorator). Unexpectedly movie Captain Orgazmo becomes a cult hit, and Joe's girlfriend Lisa accidentally sees the movie in the video store - and the problems begin. Includes, Interactive menu, Scene Access & Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. This film is only available on VHS domestically. ... Read more

Reviews (114)

5-0 out of 5 stars One of the funniest movies you will ever see!
I had to search to find this movie when it was released to theaters in October 1998 because of the limited release due to the MPAA's NC-17 rating. It was well worth all the struggle to get to it. I am a huge fan of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. I thought "BASEketball" and "Cannibal! The Musical" was hilarious. But when I walked out of the theater from "Orgazmo", my stomach muscles literally hurt from all the laughing I did. This is one of the funniest movies you'll ever see. It is about Joe Young (Parker), a Mormon Missionary who gets pulled into the porno industry to try to earn money for his upcoming nuptuals. He is the porno superhero, Orgazmo, and he becomes a big hit. I don't want to tell you too much, but don't miss seeing this movie. I am buying it at full price. I don't want to wait and you won't either!

5-0 out of 5 stars Jesus... Where?!!!!
Jesus... Where?!!! That's just one of the many funny lines in this movie. Joe Young (trey parker) becomes a porno superhero called Orgazmo. It's the story about a young mormon who's doing his missions in L,A when he arrives at Maxxx Orbison's house. Forced to fight Maxxx's goons, he is then recognized for his fighting talents. Needing the money to marry his fiance in a big church, Joe Young accepts Maxxx's offer to become Orgazmo. Teamed up with Choda Boy (Dian Bachar) his sidekick, there off to battle crime against villains like Jizz Master 0, nuttered man, and the assf*ck twins... Choda Boy is armed with rocket c*cks, and has a big dildo on his helmet, and Orgazmo is armed with his orgazmorator, a stun gun device wich shoots orgasms at the bad guys, pretty funny stuff. anyways... This is truly the funniest movie I've ever seen. Trey Parker really outdoes himself in this one, he is the writer, director, and main actor. I also saw Cannibal! the musical, wich I thought was hilarious, but still doesn't come close to Orgazmo. If you're a Trey Parker fan, this movie is truly a must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to give this movie 9 stars, but it only goes up to five. This is really independant movie making at it's best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trey Parker, I salute you. You keep making 'em, I'll keep watching 'em!!!!!!

reviewed by: Mems "n" a lot of stuff...

5-0 out of 5 stars I don't want to hurt you.
Easily one of the most hilarious, mormon out of water features ever made.

Better than snifffing gloo. More edgy than a torus.

5-0 out of 5 stars Hamster Style Forever!!!
(...)this movie is pretty sweet. Where else can you get Kung-fu, Porn, & Mormon Missionaries. This is the best movie ever it is so funny & has a heart. I think Trey Parker is a genius & he is pretty hot too. Plus Matt Stone's performance as Dave the Lighting Guy is the best. I can't wait till this dvd comes out so I can see all the special features. Drunken commentary rules!

4-0 out of 5 stars Lewd, irreverent, daring, and - most of all - hilarious
The careers of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creative geniuses behind South Park (the funniest, most daring, satirically sharp-witted television show in history), actually go back farther than many fans are probably aware. In 1997, not long before South Park premiered and became an instant phenomenon, Trey Parker gave the world a new superhero: Orgazmo. He wrote, directed, starred in, and even sang the opening song to this film. Matt Stone puts in a hilarious performance of his own in a relatively minor role, but this is clearly Trey Parker's baby. Most actors would run screaming from anyone who so much as mentioned the fact they appeared in a film as crude and ridiculous as Orgazmo; Parker, of course, embraces this sort of weird, over-the-top, controversial humor, and his singular daring and utter shamelessness in the interests of making people laugh are the keys to making a movie such as this work so amazingly well. Naturally, the standard Parker-Stone rules apply, so let it be known that anyone who is easily offended will not enjoy this brand of comedy. As for the state of Utah, I doubt you can even find a copy of Orgazmo anywhere.

Trey Parker plays Joe Young, a clean-cut Mormon nearing the end of his proscribed time of mission work, looking forward to the day he can leave Los Angeles to return home to his fiancé and get married in the Mormon Tabernacle - if, that is, he can somehow earn enough money to pay for it. As luck would have it, an adult movie is being filmed in one of the houses he visits; a bunch of big guys, unappreciative of the spiritual zeal of the Mormon faithful, deal with him rather roughly, and he basically goes Mormon Karate Kid on them. The director, having seen the fight, insists that Young play the role of the superhero Orgazmo in the film he is shooting. Young doesn't really want to have anything to do with this type of movie, but he reluctantly agrees to do it for three reasons: 1) he could make enough money to give his fiancé the wedding she wants, 2) he doesn't think anyone will ever find out (he is a masked hero), and 3) he has a no penetration clause in his contract (there's a double for that). Well, this stupid adult film about Orgazmo and his sidekick Choda Boy saving gorgeous and very appreciative women from evil (and ugly) bad guys crosses over to mainstream success and becomes one of the highest-grossing films of all time. There must, of course, be a sequel. Young finds himself increasingly ensnared in this embarrassing situation that has the potential of costing him his fiancé and/or landing himself a new role "sleeping with the fishes, see." The bad guys are really bad, even in real life; clearly - need I say it? - this looks like a job for Orgazmo!

Let's talk about the cast. Parker is great as the naïve young Mormon, and it's rather strange to see him portray a character who remains clean-cut and, in a weird sense, pure from start to finish. Dian Bachar is hilarious as Orgazmo's sidekick and Young's new friend. Michael Dean Jacobs is perfectly oily and crude as Maxxx Robinson, the adult film director who threatens to ruin Young's life. Matt Stone steals every scene he is in, but his role should be seen and not discussed (especially since it is sort of hard to describe). Let us not forget Sancho; what can you say about Sancho except that, well, he is Sancho. There are also, I should mention, some actual adult film stars in this film - including Ron Jeremy, who is, in my opinion, the most disgusting man to ever live. Luckily, some of the horror Jeremy inspires is assuaged by the addition of gorgeous starlets such as Juli Ashton, Chasey Lain, and Jill Kelly. Oddly enough, there is no female nudity in this film at all; the only nudity you get comes in the form of male hinders (and it ain't pretty) - the only thing that can explain the film's NC-17 rating is the barrage of sexual references and sex implements that are on display here.

Make no mistake about it: this is a crude film that many individuals will disapprove of (particularly members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), but it really doesn't go as far as I expected it to. Take away a few "unusual" outfits, and this thing becomes a rather tame R rated movie. If you love South Park, you'll appreciate the humor of Orgazmo, but those who cannot stomach our little friends in Colorado would do well to duck and cover if they ever see this movie coming. I would love to give this film five stars, but I can't: the story's engine loses a cylinder or two before the end, and - more importantly - no movie that makes me have to look at Ron Jeremy will ever get a perfect rating from me. ... Read more

8. Batteries Not Included
Director: Matthew Robbins
list price: $19.98
our price: $14.98
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Asin: 0783232047
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 3102
Average Customer Review: 4.21 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (33)

4-0 out of 5 stars Critics? HA!
Go figure..if you pay attention to "editorial reviews" for this little movie, a person would never waste a dime to see it.....but this is AMERICA and we ignore critics!!!! (Read the other customer reviews, they couldn't be any more opposite the opinion of our "critics". Hundreds of times they've hated a movie and it's been terrific, whether at the box office or when it hit video)

Perhaps there's not enough here for these two to bite into, but Mr. Maltin and Mr. Keogh should be less nasty and critical of this film and criticize something else....Patton, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, can leave this little movie alone...It's for kids, guys. Amusing, while not too heavy except some violence regarding the apartment building with some smashing and burning, which of course is repaired by the "little guys". Small flying saucers, "little guys" as Jessica refers to them, zoom all over New York secretly repairing "stuff" that's not perfect......silly yes, but who cares? It's a fantasy..... Go with it for goodness sake. Hume Cronyn (Frank Riley) and real life wife, Jessica Tandy (Faye Riley) act together in too few a number of films (Cocoon and its sequel, are a couple). Each character in the movie has his/her problems, each prays for a little help and gets it in this most curious way, feeling God answered them in this way.

It's a fantasy....don't be expecting oscar performances from anyone. Jessica thinks the local fire bombing hood, Carlos, is her deceased son, who was in a car wreck years before. She suffers from altzheimers and so doesn't remember he's dead. Referring to Carlos, as Bobby; all the while he's trying to burn their building to ashes. Elizabeth Pena, (Marissa) is a very pregnant, single female trying to exist day to day with hoodlums harassing her every coming and going at the building. She finds her knight in shining armor, Mason, a not too productive resident painter, and he ends up with our lonely Marissa. It's predictable, but OK.

Frank McRae, ex-boxer, has been punched one too many times while professionally boxing, yet somehow manages to title the movie during one of his only speaking lines.....figure that one, but that's how the movie got its name, they planned it that way!

This film may not one win any oscars, but 95% of the movies I'd bother to review, I own; this is one of them and I like a good feeling when I finish a movie.

3-0 out of 5 stars Cute Film
When you think about it, there aren't too many movies with a premise like this one. I mean, robot aliens who resemble UFOs that can procreate, raise families, and repair anything at super speed? Pretty unusual.

Something else unusual is that the plot doesn't focus on the robots but the humans who are each trying to hang on to their little piece of home. The robots offer assistance to the main characters and add some comic relief, but the story centers on the human element. The story is well-told and unfolds at the right pace. I thought the acting was also pretty good.

There's one last thing worth mentioning. I notice that the video quality has an odd fuzziness to it. It's barely noticeable and not terribly distracting but potential viewers should be made aware of it. Personally it did nothing to detract from my enjoyment of the movie.

This film was made in 1987 so don't expect the special effects to be impressive by today's standards. Remember that, suspend disbelief, and you'll find *Batteries Not Included to be an entertaining experience.

1-0 out of 5 stars Not Enough Batteries Could Power This Lame Film
Another film produced by Spielberg in the vain of "Disney-esque" family fare (i.e. HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS, GOONIES). "Close Encounters" is shrunk down to cute little "tonka toys". The gimmick in *BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED is that the aliens' spaceships (of various shapes for degree of personality) are the characters. You don't see the aliens inside controlling the flying saucers (just like you couldn't see the truck driver in Spielbergs' DUEL). The plot is as old as an OUR GANG short. An evil landlord is about to evict a diverse group of stereotypical poor residences from his tenement slum and the mini-aliens arrive in time to save the day to fight the landlord and his evil henchmen. The actors are then directed to act bewildered, angry, awe-inspired, laugh, cry, and hug each other, around the special effects-laden-E.T. spaceships...(yaaawwwnnn...zzz...zzz!). The title of this movie should be renamed to *ORIGINALITY NOT INCLUDED...or...*ACTING NOT INCLUDED...or...*DIRECTION NOT INCLUDED...or...*BRAINS NOT INCLUDED..or...!

4-0 out of 5 stars Belongs in every children's collection
... whether or not you have kids. It has some moments that might make a four-year-old cling to an adult, but every kid I know likes it. No guns, no bloody fights, no chases, and it still holds their interest.

There's plenty here for an adult - "dotty grandma" isn't a completely comic character here. She's not just a tragic figure of senility, either, though she's some of both. Mostly, she's just making her way through each day the best she can, and better than people seem willing to believe. Most of the other characters are similarly on the edge but muddling by well enough, with a little help from their friends.

I honestly can't call this a science fiction movie, despite its SF elements. It's sweet (almost sappy) and funny, the poor-but-honest folk win out over the thugs and evil corporations, and they all live happily ever after. Well, for now, at least.

If there's ever a list of "most under-rated movies", this one gets my vote. I like it.

5-0 out of 5 stars A sentimental little beauty from Spielberg
This 1987 little sentimental ditty was utterly irresistible to the public, even as critics panned it as too schmaltzy. It concerns a squadron of little UFOs who arrive on the room of a NY apartment building, one which is about to be razed as soon as the owners can manage to evict the quirky bunch of tenants. The tenants include Hume Cronin and Jessica Tandy (always and forever a winning pair) as well as a guy who plays a mentally (or emotionally - or maybe both) disabled man who speaks only in set phrases from commercials or TV jingles or product tags, such as that of the title: Batteries Not Included. As the tenants band together to save the lives of the little aliens, including a spine-tingling scene in which one gives birth, the aliens come to the rescue of the folks in danger of eviction - and the tenants, previously a disparate bunch, come together to form a community.
Heartwarming. Great family entertainment ... Read more

9. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (Special Edition)
Director: W.D. Richter
list price: $14.95
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(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005JKEX
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 1875
Average Customer Review: 4.31 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (167)

5-0 out of 5 stars Best. Movie. Ever.
The following is quoted from the Official Buckaroo Banzai website, and should be taken as canon. These guys work with the facts, and I hope this helps people who are on the fence about buying the DVD edition...

"Wow - we've just gotten our hands on the revised and final list of specs on MGM's upcoming The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Special Edition (street date 1/1/02), and you guys are gonna flip for it! These come straight from the amazing Mojo, who was an associate producer on the project. The disc was produced by Michael Arick, whose other recent work includes Forrest Gump and The Magnificent Seven. So here goes... special features on the DVD will include a brand new anamorphic widescreen transfer (presented for the first time on home video in the original 2.35:1 aspect ratio), remixed Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, 2 versions of the movie (the theatrical cut plus a special extended version with restored opening sequence starring Jamie Lee Curtis), feature audio commentary from director W.D. Richter and Reno from the Banzai Institute, a behind-the-scenes documentary and retrospective, 14 deleted scenes, the original teaser trailer, an all-new "Jet Car" special effects trailer, extensive interactive menus with new material from Buckaroo Banzai screenwriter Earl Mac Rauch, special 'watermelon' Easter eggs, Pinky Carruther's Unknown Facts subtitle track, the Banzai Institute Archives, a Banzai Radio segment, original production designs, Jet Car secrets revealed and a still gallery with never-before-seen photos. SWEEEEET! I actually ran into Mojo at the recent Studio Day event here in L.A., and from what he told me, this may be one of the coolest discs in a long time! Everything on this thing is done up as if the disc was produced by the Banzai Institute itself, and there's a ton of new and original film-themed material produced by the folks who worked on the movie. If you love Buckaroo Banzai as much as we do here at The Bits, this is a must have title if there ever was one. ... It's a adventure/sci-fi/comedy in the same vein as Big Trouble in Little China, and it's just plain fun. Don't miss it..."...

4-0 out of 5 stars Where The Future Begins Tomorrow...
This movie was unfortunately released before its time. It got good reviews in the newspapers and magazines, but I saw it on opening night in a nearly-empty theater and it was gone shortly afterwards. A few years later, films such as Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Big Trouble In Little China (same writer as BB), Men In Black, and Galaxy Quest would make audiences more receptive of sci-fi and/or fantasy movies that played as comedies. Its production values aren't the greatest, and it definitely looks dated (8o's hairstyles, clothing, and music), but it has a quirky, hip quality to it. The movie also features a lot of stars (John Ligthow, Christopher Lloyd, Ellen Barken, Peter Weller, Jeff Goldblum) who went on to bigger and better things. A campy film that could have been the start of something great...too bad it never caught on!

5-0 out of 5 stars Elvira would be proud to narrate this...!
Okay, here's the bottom line line: If you didn't like this movie you should go to the morgue and check to see if you are late... as in 'the late Mr. Smith', 'cuz you don't have a pulse or a funny bone. Peter Weller did this better than he did 'RoboCOP'. Jeff Goldblum is suave and funny in this feature, even more so than in 'Transylvania 6-5000' with Ed Begley, Jr. and Geena Davis. To V. Mejia: Calling this a boring film is the most absurd thing that I have ever heard since George Bush said 'Read my lips.'. You must have been watching a different film or the humor is just beyond you. It is hard to be funny when your audience doesn't understand little things like science and levity. If you don't laugh every couple of minutes at this film you should hit yourself in the funny bone with a rubber mallet. If that doesn't work, well, get yourself a toe tag and follow the instructions in the first sentence above. Where else could you find some calling themselves 'John Big Bootay'? Hmmm??? Buy this, show it to your kid, your grandkids and everyone else that you know. This movie is on a par with 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', 'Clue', 'Back to the Future' (I,II & III), and many other classic cult films. As Elvira would say: 'Unpleasant Dreams...'.

4-0 out of 5 stars Live Japanimation
This movie came out before Japanimation became big. If this movie was animated it would make more sense to those who don't get it. It's a parody of Japanese movies, particularly the animated ones. The bizzare costumes, the aliens, and the implied history are all aspects of these films.

2-0 out of 5 stars pure torture
Like many other reviewers here, I have tried and tried to watch this film in its entirety. But it's just not possible. This movie is tedious. The entire opening home-movie sequence is incredibly laborious. There are a few funny moments in the film, but overall, this movie is painful. The folks at the School of The Americas could probably use this movie as part of their torture training program. John Lithgow's performance is excrutiating to watch. It's uncomfortably over the top. I first saw this movie when it came out in theaters and fell asleep. This movie is BAD. People say it's a cult classic, but it's nothing like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is a true cult classic. ... Read more

10. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
Director: Joe Johnston
list price: $19.99
our price: $17.99
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Asin: B000065V42
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 6757
Average Customer Review: 3.88 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (26)

5-0 out of 5 stars A true Disney classic.
HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS is one of the better Disney, live-action films out there. It's original and unique - followed by two [HONEY, I BLEW UP THE KID and HONEY, WE SHRUNK OURSELVES] just as good sequels. This film is about a wacky scientist named Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis) who knows all about science and nothing about family or the "real world". When Wayne creates a shrinking machine, in hopes that it will shrink matter, it actually ends up shrinking his kids, Amy and Nicky (Amy O'Neill and Robert Oliveri), and his next door neighbor's kids, Russell and Ron Thompson (Thomas Wilson Brown and Jared Rushton). They escape from the trash bag and end up entering what appears to be a jungle but is actually the Szalinskis' own backyard! Now, just a few inches tall, the kids must find a way to get to the house and get their parents' attention so they can deshrink them and turn them back to their normal sizes.

This is a very funny comedy, and there are some excellent visual effects, too. Everything from the shrunk kids to riding on a flying bee - there is some truly amazing special effects. The plot is solid and so is the acting. This is one Disney comedy I recommend for every family!

5-0 out of 5 stars Great, Great, Great!
The story is about an inventor Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis) who is trying to perfect his machine which, when working, will shrink matter. The problem is, nothing he does seems to make it work. But somehow, his kids Amy and Nicky (Amy O'Neill and Robert Oliveri), and his next door neighbor's kids, Russell and Ron Thompson (Thomas Wilson Brown and Jared Rushton) are shrunk! Being only a few inches tall, they end up in the garbage bag and are taken outside. They get out but the only way back to the house is through the Szalinski's front yard. They meet up with a friendly ant, a killer scorpion, the danger of being chopped up by a lawnmower, and being drowned by a water sprinkler. Will they make it home so they can be made back to their normal size?

This movie is just GREAT! Even though it's a kids movie, it's great for adults, too. I love to watch this movie with my parents. I especially love Robert Oliveri and Jared Rushton. They did a very good job acting in it. Anybody who wants to enjoy a good movie with the family, watch "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." You won't regret it!

2-0 out of 5 stars where did the widscreen for honey i shrunk the kids go
i whould have liked it better if it were widescreen i think fullscreen movies are a thing of the past please do away with full screen if possible but if the movie was only filmed in full screen then i dont mind but if the movie can be made for full screen then it should thank you yours truely a disturbed fan of disney movies.

4-0 out of 5 stars Fun and full of adventure
Who knew cheerios in milk could be so dangerous? This is a fun adventure of a film. I still enjoy watching this film. Rick Moranis plays the bungalking inventor who shrinks his children. The special effects in this film were good.

3-0 out of 5 stars Okay...but emphasizes special effects
This is a nice kids movie...but pretty stereotypical story line. Clearly devised to show off the Disney special effects. Can be scary for a 5 year old. Kids characters are stereotypes. And of course, it is the one girl who needs rescuing! ... Read more

11. Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Brain That Wouldn't Die
Director: Michael J. Nelson, Joel Hodgson, Vince Rodriguez, Trace Beaulieu, Kevin Murphy (II), Jim Mallon
list price: $19.95
our price: $9.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004RFIF
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Mystery Science Theater 3000 experienced a changing of the guardwith this fifth-season episode. Departed series creator and lead Joel Hodgsonwas replaced by head writer Mike Nelson, playing a hapless temp named... MikeNelson, who was sent into space to cover for Hodgson's escape. The openingcredit sequence and title theme (warbled by Nelson) were also new, but theshow's basic premise--poking fun at atrocious B movies--remained the same.

Nelson's debut "experiment" is the delirious 1960 head-transplant horror TheBrain That Wouldn't Die. And while Nelson is occasionally stiff,particularly during the invention exchange (a longtime Hodgson staple, and soonto be excised), he and robot pals Crow and Tom Servo rise to the occasion duringthe film, which is filled with memorable zingers (Crow: "He's keeping her alivewith Grey Poupon!"). Rhino's DVD presents the uncut, slightly gory version ofBrain with and without the MST3K treatment. --Paul Gaita ... Read more

12. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
Director: John De Bello
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Asin: B0000B1OEO
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 5597
Average Customer Review: 3.72 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (43)

5-0 out of 5 stars Meeting Expectations
What so many people don't realize is that Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was made to be bad. It was written as a cheesy satirie of a silly genre of films. I think it achieved that. The expectations were met. There are two classic scenes: The Japanese scientist being dubbed and the slow speed car chase. They both stand out in my mind. A bit of trivia: The helicopter crash early in the movie was real. They didn't plan on it crashing, but got it on film. Nobody was hurt, but the helicopter was obviously destroyed. Jack Riley (the future Mr. Carlin on the Bob Newhart Show) was in it when it crashed.

Finally: The guy in the Arab outfit in the final scene was me. I wonder why my career didn't take off after that? Oh, well.

4-0 out of 5 stars Not a perfect DVD release...but close
Call me sad, but I've been a fan of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes ever since I saw the last half of it on Elvira when I was a pre-teen. It was one of the first pre-recorded videos I bought. I've probably seen the film at least 20 times. So, needless to say, I was quite happy when I saw that the film was going to be released on DVD.
Like many, I was disappointed that the original version of the film was not on the disc. No, this is not the "director's cut" that was released by Buena Vista several years ago. It's a new cut that retains the overdubs and sound effects of the director's cut, while restoring the Mindmaker song. However, for some strange reason, a scene of Lois Fairchild being yelled at by her boss is missing from this version. Oh well, in any version this film is a fun waste of time if you don't take it seriously (and with that title how could you).
The DVD extras are great. The commentary is entertaining but I wish they would have said something about the several different versions of the film. The two super-8 short films are a hoot to watch and show the creative process that lead to the feature film. The documentaries are quite funny - and you'll be surprised by a few of the people they got to come back and talk about the film.
This would have easily rated five stars if only they had given us the option to view the original version.

5-0 out of 5 stars FUNNY!
Even thought the movies plot's not that great, the film itself is so funny you can't help but love it. The songs are incredibly stupid, so are the characters, storyline, and pretty much everything else about the movie, but it's great! It even has great sequals! At least that's something Hollywood's never done.

3-0 out of 5 stars Who made the salad?
Yes, there are movies made to be bad. The producer of this film made a wholehearted and sincere effort to make this the most appalling and repugnant movie of all time. I'm not sure of the success since I can't make comparisons; I don't usually waste my time or money viewing these types of films. Here we get to see the havoc wreaked on one of California's finest cities, San Diego. It left me to think where the Padres and Chargers would play their home games and where the Marine Corps would relocate their west coast boot training facilities if the tomatoes succeeded in destroying the city. If you are entertained by these types of flicks, you won't be disappointed by this one. Did they ever make a sequel where the tomatoes attacked Camden, New Jersey to get their revenge on the Campbell Soup Company?

1-0 out of 5 stars Definitely NOT a good/bad movie
Some movies are so bad, they are good...unintentionally. However, this movie actually tries to be funny and fails miserably. It is neither funny through its intended satire, nor funny because it is bad. It is just plain bad.

To get an idea of the concept of this film, picture a movie trying to be like "Airplane" or "Naked Gun". Add to that production values equivalent to a 70's porno movie.

Despite it's "reputation"....this is one to avoid. Get your kitsch elsewhere. ... Read more

13. Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Mitchell
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
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Asin: B00005S8L5
Catlog: DVD
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Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (113)

5-0 out of 5 stars Ewwwwww!
If you took Clint Eastwood's Harry Callahan and made him overweight, unhygienic, twice as rude, and only about two-thirds as good a cop, you'd have a pretty good approximation of Joe Don Baker's Mitchell, one of the most unattractive movie 'heroes' in all of MSTie-dom (and that's saying a lot).

When life gives you lemonade, a film like 'Mitchell' is enough to turn it back into lemons again. Joel and The Bots (J&TB) do a great job giving this turkey the riffing it deserves, but the episode is bittersweet, since it's Joel's final appearance on the Satellite of Love (save for a cameo in one of the Sci-Fi Channel episodes).

"Mitchell' and the episode that followed, 'The Brain that Wouldn't Die' are must-haves for MSTies because of their place in the history of the series. But this episode is also a great performance in its own right, and one you'll watch over and over again -- in spite of the unpleasantness surrounding Joe Don Baker and some baby oil.

5-0 out of 5 stars BUZZ OFF!!!
Hey kids, I don't know if Mystery Science Theatre gets better than this. While the movie in question might not be as inexplicably horrible as others that have been lambasted by Joel and the Bots, all of it's elements (cheesy dialogue, incomprehensible plot, ridiculous cops and robbers scenes, and of course, Joe Don Baker the fat slob hero) make for some great opportunities for the MST3K gang to do what they do best. What do they do best? Well they make offhand comments about the movie of course! And they're HILARIOUS!!
Mitchell is some sort of story about a drug bust, and a misfit cop who is given the assignment. At least I think so. There's also some junk about Mitchell and a prostitute, and Mitchell's life as an unloved police officer. But are plots important in these movies? NO!!! The lack of a plot just makes this funnier.
It is well that this should serve as Joel's final hurrah with MST3K, because it's a finely crafted episode, and I'm thankful we can own it on video. So say goodbye to Joel, and say hello to Mike with the next episode, "The Brain That Wouldn't Die."

Oh, and watch out for falling rocks.

5-0 out of 5 stars My, my, my, my...MITCHELL!
Joels swan song, and also a classic ep. in its own right.

what movie producer ever thought that a film that features a fat, bloated, drunken, slovenly, all around miserable and un-likable main character would be a GOOD idea?

Joe Don Baker IS "Mitchell," a cop on the case of...well, aparently he starts out on some case involving Jon Saxon but then gets assigned to sit in front of some old mobsters house for weeks on end and then comes home and gets beat up by thugs for no apparent reason and then finds hooker Linda Evans in his house, sleeps with her without question ( a VERY disturbing scene, trust me) and yet arrests her for possesion of pot.

there's some talk of a heroin shipment, Mitchell shoots some guy in a park, then there's a boat chase and a big shoot out and your left wondering what ever happened to Jon Saxon and then Mitchell sleeps with and arrests the hooker again and its the end.

I get the feeling a lot of the reson this film plays so badly is that it was edited for content...the original trailer for the film on the DVD lists it as rated R, which means Comedy Central had to chop out some offending scenes...and yet they leave in the shot of Mitchell in bed with Linda Evans grabbing a six pack of Shlitz Beer off the end table next to a big bottle of Johnsons Baby Oil, which to me was far more repulsive than any graphic violence or language they may have had to edit.

the sketches of course revolve around the escape of Joel: Gypsy over hears the Mads discussing doing away with somebody after the experiment, assumes its Joel, and sets out to find a way to get him off the ship and to safety.

I wont spoil the whole thing for those who havent seen it, but its a perfect transition as Joel leaves and is replaced by MST3K head writer Mike Nelson.

"oh my my my my Mitchell..."

5-0 out of 5 stars BYE-BYE JOEL
It seems they saved the best for last--for Joel Hodgson that is. MITCHELL is the ultimate in the bad made-for-tv movie that doubled as a pilot that thankfully never took off. All of which makes perfect fuel for Joel and the 'bots to tear into. It seems there is no end to the laughs and to the bad taste. Joe Don Baker is an absolute slob, and the fat jokes are deserved--the PC be damned!

I also liked this episode for the spotlight on Gypsy's rescue of Joel in a crate of Hamdingers!

My favorite moment is the horrific scene where Joe Don Baker's revolver slowly, unbearably rolls down the inside of his pants' leg, like some demonic sex organ or, worse, a product of incontinence. The screams from Joel and the 'bots are perfectly suited for the bad joke.

5-0 out of 5 stars The best MSTK3 episode ever!
This is the episode that converted me over to MSTK3.They give poor Joe Don Baker hell but he deserves it for a funny turkey like this.Every time I need a laugh or feel bad this makes me laugh till i'm in tears. This is $20 bucks well spent. My only complaint with the DVD is that the original version of mitchell wasn't included. MMMIII-TTCHELL! ... Read more

14. Short Circuit
Director: John Badham
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Asin: B0000UJDLM
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Average Customer Review: 3.73 out of 5 stars
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Something wonderful has happened--Number Five is alive! SteveGuttenberg and Ally Sheedy co-star in this high tech comedy adventure about NumberFive, a robot who escapes into the real world after he short circuits in an electrical stormand decides that he's human. Because he's carrying destructive weapons, the DefenseDepartment and his designer (Guttenberg) are desperate to find him. But Number Five isbeing protected by a young woman (Sheedy) who is teaching him a gentler way of life. ... Read more

Reviews (30)

5-0 out of 5 stars No. 5 is the coolest robot ever
A company called Nova has just made five military robots who can do some serious damage to bad people or anything that they need to get out of their way. However, something happens to No. 5 and he literally becomes intelligent and believe it or not, alive. No. 5 accidentally ends up at the home of a charismatic animal lover, Stephanie (Ally Sheedy). Luckily for No. 5, Stephanie grows attached to the unbelievably smart robot, and her friendship will come in handy after No. 5 finds out that a group of people want to 'disassemble' him.

"Short Circuit" is without a doubt one of the best movies of its type from the 80's, if not of all time. It's a great comedy movie and even a better family movie. "Short Circuit" is a GREAT movie for kids to watch, but anybody of any age can enjoy it.

"Short Circuit" is VERY original, parts of it such as when No. 5 (remember that he's a robot) watches "Saturday Night Fever" on TV and tries to dance, and several other parts, are funny. But best of all, No. 5 makes the movie more than interesting enough to watch over and over again.

If you like comedy movies and especially if you need a great family movie that the whole family can sit down, watch, and enjoy, I recommend getting "Short Circuit." If you like this movie, I also recommend getting the sequel that is humbly named "Short Circuit 2."

4-0 out of 5 stars A childhood favorite now in widescreen
Beautiful widescreen, better see! As a child I loved Short Circuit, and it's not so successful sequel. The expolits of the robot # 5 who thought that he was a living breathing thinking individual with feelings was a rather entertaining movie with a lot of the stuff that kids find cool in it. A crazy funny robot with some classic tag lines, lazers, and explosions, and a movie that's in general silly.
Until this DVD was released I never got to see this movie in widescreen, and now that I have I am shocked as to how much of the picture was actually missing. The more widescreen movies that I watch the less I can stand Pan & Scam. Short Circuit was a movie that really suffered when it was transfered to pan & Scam. The movie has a decent transfer, not the best, but this is certainly the best presentation of the movie I have ever seen, and it also features decent sound. It's a little lacking in the special features, but would be a good buy for those wanting to relive a childhood memory from the 80s. Unlike Bill & Ted, this movie actually holds up against the test of time, not as well as other 80s classics, but from a decade of [bad] movies, this one's still pretty funny.

1-0 out of 5 stars Number 5 Should Be Dead
I almost did not finish the film because Fisher Stevens' East Indian character Ben Jabituya was very annoying (It brings to mind such annoyances as Chris Tucker in THE FIFTH ELEMENT...and Jar Jar Binks doesn't seem so bad after all!). SHORT CIRCUIT is another attempt of filmakers in the 80's trying to do Disney type family films due to the success of E.T. An experimental robot is struck by lightning at an electronics lab dealing in artificial intelligence/robotics. It then takes on a life and personality of its own taking on the name "Number 5" (it's actual numerical name from a bunch of experimental robots of its class). Then (surprise!) the military gets wind of it and wants to destroy it (how many movies have we seen this plot device!). Then the race is on to save it..him. If Steven's/Jabituya character is annoying, the Robot is even more annoying once it starts talking and sprouting pop culture quips fed to it by humans thinking he's an alien. Overall, a film that has a couple of laughs with a fish-out-of-water theme along with some pathos to make the audience take out their hankerchiefs. However, in the end we really don't care about anyone in this film.

4-0 out of 5 stars Cute
While demonstrating the latest in automated warriors, one of them (number 5), gets arbitrarily struck by lightning, hence "Short Circuit." It (he) escapes the compound and is befriended by a ditzy mobile caterer (Ally Sheedy.)
Here is how it goes:
She mistakes the robot for an alien.
He learns what it is to be alive.
Security wants it dismantled before it takes their place.
However we know "it just runs programs" (yah right)

Will Ally discover her mistake?
Will the robot escape.
Can they recover it before it blows something up?

Careful you may find yourself rooting for Johnny Five.

1-0 out of 5 stars Image should be ashamed of this edition
Not including extras is one thing but releasing this edition without the close captioning just shows contempt for the hard of hearing. ... Read more

15. Explorers
Director: Joe Dante
list price: $14.99
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Asin: B0002V7O3I
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 2739
Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


EXPLORERS are the inventive story about three idealistic and thrill-seeking boys who combine their wits and astuteness to build their own spaceship. Accordingly, the boys blast-off into the galaxy and embark on journeys both whimsical and weird. ... Read more

Reviews (20)

5-0 out of 5 stars Imagination
I've read a couple of reviews on this movie that talk about the acting, or the costumes, or the directors, or the cast, and even comparing it with other movies for older audiences. I saw this movie when I was a kid when it first came out, and another 50 times throughout the years, and that's exactly who this movie is for, kids. This movie gets the imagination going and leaves the younger audience with a good feeling after watching it that will last though the ages. I remember wanting to be one of those kids and a few times I may have even dreamt that I was working late at night on the "Thunder Road". That's more than enough for me. I can safely say that the movie ranks right up there with "Goonies", "Solar Babies", the recent "Hook", and other adventure/fiction films that never grow old. Those with the imagination of youth will enjoy this movie and it's a shame the DVD conversion has not happened yet.

5-0 out of 5 stars A great 80's piece of sci-fi wonderment
"Explorers" continues to be a perpetual favorite film of mine ever since I first saw it the theatre in July 1985! This story enthralls it audience, albeit mostly with kids, with imagination, adventure, and, as all Joe Dante affecionados know, campy humor and sci-fi homage. Nowadays, "Explorers" has come to be quite the nostalgia film, especially when seeing Ethan Hawke and the late River Phoenix in their starting roles, each at age 15. However, it has stood up quite well in terms of its Industrial Light & Magic-produced visuals and Rob ("The Thing", "Total Recall") Bottin's intricate creature/make-up effects. Acclaimed composer Jerry Goldsmith's score is one of his best works ever, written to accentuate a whimsical & ethereal dimension that lies among the vastness of outer space, as well as in a kid's dream. While on the latter subject, the flying dream sequences really treat the audience to some eye-candy graphics and camerawork, which really jabbed me awake when I first saw them on the big screen...such scenes do cry out for a widescreen DVD version! The only real vexation I've known in this film are the aliens "Wak" and "Neek's" 50's-TV personalities.

Highly recommended for family viewing, "Explorers", along with "Gremlins", "Innerspace", & "The Howling", is one of Dante's best and most memorable works to date! It's great that Paramount has re-released it for video after being nearly out-of-print for most of the last decade. Do rent or purchase it for yourselves...

5-0 out of 5 stars One of my favorite childhood films.
As a kid, I loved this film. I can't wait for the DVD so I can give it to my kids.

Background - If an alien race wanted to make contact with humans, and do so in a way as to assure that we wouldn't shoot at them, what would they do? Contact our children.

Story - This kids in the story are contacted in their subconscious with dreams of computer components and circuit boards. They begin building the parts and find that they are building equipment that could allow them to travel into outer space. They allow the 'auto-pilot' to take them to a predesignated location where they make contact with the alien race.

The film goes through the usual childhood angst. It has the childhood crush, the school bully, etc. It stars some of Hollywood's brightest child actors including River Phoenix and Ethan Hawke, and it's easy to see why they became excellent adult actors (if only temporarily in the case of River Phoenix).

Some people have given this film poor reviews, but to me it's obvious that they are watching it from the perspective of an adult. Since I never grew up, this isn't a problem for me! Get this for your kids, or just for yourself.

2-0 out of 5 stars Explorers Finds No Audience
A film notable for having a young River Pheonix and Ethan Hawk in the leads. EXPLORERS starts out interestingly enough with a great premise, decent special effects, scientific jargon, and a likeable cast of young stars, but then it falls flat. Three pre-teen guys (two geeks and a freak) build a spaceship (a very inventive and high concept idea by the screenwriters). Then, they go off to find aliens. Once the young "explorers" meet up with an alien race who speak "American television",because the aliens have been receiving the televison signals to their planet, the story becomes vague, muddled and somewhat of a letdown. Also, the alien(s) repeating quotes from film and television programs becomes irritating and old right away. Overall, there are high production values to the film, interesting script ideas, and a likeable youg cast, but ultimately falls short. For a story that dares to explore, it goes nowhere.

5-0 out of 5 stars I was 13 when this came out! I loved it Classic Sci Fi!
I liked this movie and still do! I just wish Hollywood or whoever is in charge to release all the hard to find 80's classic's on Dvd I'm talkin about Explorers, Flight Of The Navigator,Escape From And To Whitch Mountain Freaky Friday late 70's but it was a classic from Disney! I got Tron Cool movie as well I have quite a few Dvds from the 80's accept not all of them I'm looking also for the Cartoon's from the 80's KIDD VIDEO,THE SMURFS,GALAXY HIGH,SPACE COWBOYS,Master Of The Universe! My Sister (Whos older then me) would like to Find My Little Pony And StrawBerry ShortCake And Star Bright the Care Bears As Well! Well Gi Joe Season (1) Is out now at Best Buy And WalMart! but I think its time they release all the 80's Cartoons before I grow Old! And the hard to find **Awsome 80's Movies! ... Read more

16. Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Eegah
Director: Michael J. Nelson, Joel Hodgson, Vince Rodriguez, Trace Beaulieu, Kevin Murphy (II), Jim Mallon
list price: $19.95
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Asin: B00004RFIE
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 8313
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

17. Mystery Science Theater 3000 - I Accuse My Parents
Director: Sam Newfield
list price: $19.95
our price: $15.96
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000633TA
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 5295
Average Customer Review: 4.57 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

"Joel, don't you have anything better to do than psychoanalyze a bunch of robots?" Apparently not in this hilarious installment of MST3K, in which Joel Hodgson and the robots of the Satellite of Love deconstruct this starched and stiff juvenile delinquent drama with everything from art projects to a giant mobile representing the hero's roiling subconscious. Square high school kid Jimmy is on trial for murder in this cautionary drama told in flashback, in which we learn all about this nice boy driven to lies, crime, and the arms of a nightclub floozy by a negligent father, an alcoholic mother, and his own utter stupidity. The film's cheesy nightclub number inspires Joel and the bots to put on their own version: Gypsy lip-synchs the lyrics while the other three pop in and out of costume to play the entire audience. "Seriously, Joel, who would you accuse?" --Sean Axmaker ... Read more

Reviews (56)

5-0 out of 5 stars This is the one where the kid accuses his parents.
This was the first Joel episode I watched and I thought I was going to have a stroke I was laughing so hard (or maybe it was because I smelt toast. I'm not sure). The short about truck farming is dark, and not even Joel or the 'bots can really save it. As it is, a lot of the farmer jokes fall a little flat (and yes I get them. I am from Nebraska). As it is, the segments also are not anything to write home about. Although the one where Joel tries to analyze the 'bots psyches is probably the best, in my opinion, segment.

However, the movie is pure gold. It's a 1940's morality play created to get parents to realize that they can't just go out and party day and night and ignore their stupid 20 year old kids. Jimmy is so slow that he gains mob ties without trying to, and goes on the lam just long enough to decide he has to come back. Add this and the songs that Jimmy's love interest belts out and it really is no wonder the MST3K team made this into a great episode.

I recommend it highly and think that every MiSTie should see it, but not over the great eps like "Manos: The Hands of Fate" or "Mitchell."

Just remember that should you ever get in trouble with the law just accuse your parents and you'll get off scott free.

5-0 out of 5 stars Oh, my mom. She's swell...........Liar! liar! liar!
Well, even though this isn't one of the best mst3k episodes i've seen, it still made me laugh till I passed out. The Truck Farmer short is so depressing. And, I kid you not, but I swear that I see my grandma and great grandma in the fields picking vegetables! And they did do that work back then in that area! "My Grandma" is the one where Joel comments, "A preteen is put to work, her beauty will soon fade." Too bad they're not alive anymore to back my story. But the movie was hilarious, with that poor dumb clod Jimmy, who's one big liar, and a real complicated haircut. There's a drunk mom, a corpse for a dad, and a girlfriend with a weird profile. Also the mob is involved somehow. Add a hamburger garnished with french fried potatoes and you got I accuse My Parents! Enjoy!

5-0 out of 5 stars One the funniest, most charming episodes with Joel as host
This DVD from Rhino offers up one the funniest -- and most charming -- episodes of the legendary TV show "Mystery Science Theater 3000," where they take on a 1944 drama/gangster movie/message flick called, "I Accuse My Parents." There are few episodes of the show I recommended higher for all-around quality.

For those of you unfamiliar with "Mystery Science Theater 3000," (MST3K for short) it is a ninety-minute show featuring a silhouette of a man and two robots (Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot) in movie theater seats projected in front of a bad movie. The hosts provide hysterical, satiric, and culturally-savvy wisecracks to accompany the movie. The episodes also includes sketches and songs and adds up to some of the most hilarious comedy you will ever see.

"I Accuse My Parents" is episode #507, from the last days of Joel Hodgson's run as host. Although the movie itself is actually not that bad, this episode comes at point in the show's development when the writers and performers were at the peak of the powers, and the result is one of the most hilarious episodes, and one that really grows on you with its sense of warm parody. It's a good episode for newcomers as well, since the film is average enough so that its awfulness doesn't distract from the wisecracks. (I've noticed that when I show an episode of the show to a friend who has never seen it before, the worse the movie being parodied is, the more my friend focuses on the movie instead of the hosts. This, therefore, is a good "training" episode.)

The camaraderie between the cast is quite wonderful here, and the warm, jocular style of the Joel years is at its strongest. After Mike Nelson took over as host (a few episodes later), the comedy style became more satiric and antagonistic toward the film. I love both hosts, but there is something rather magical and pleasant about the comedy of Joel's stint as host, and this episode displays that style perfectly. It is one of quintessential Joel Hodgson episodes.

The movie is a competently shot 'B' programmer from low-budget studio PRC. Our hero is Jimmy, a really stupid high school graduate who has to get a job at a shoe store despite his skills at essay writing (he won an essay content and mentions it endlessly). While lying to impress a girl, Jimmy idiotically ends up getting into debt and having to go to work as a courier for a gangster, while he also romances the gangster's girl Kitty (played by actress Mary Beth Hughes, who also appears in another MST3K episode, "Last of the Wild Horses.") Well, pretty soon our poor fool is in trouble with the law and the mob and on the run. And when it all explodes in his face, whom does he accuse? Yep, the title gives it away: His Parents! And why? Because they drink and argue. See, it's all their fault.

What makes this episode so dang funny is not that the film is particularly rotten looking or the acting is awful, but because the film's premise and main character are so stupid. The hosts lance into the characters at every point: Jimmy's incessant lying ("I liberated France while you were out dancing"), Jimmy's constant bragging about winning an essay constant ("Welcome to the Annual Essay Awards Ceremony!") his alcoholic parents who keep throwing money at him ("I'm up here with the D.T.s, honey! Would you get the yellow lizard out of the bathroom?"), Jimmy's rank stupidity ("Sir, I just don't get the holy spirit. Is it a bird?"), and the extremely obvious gangster organization ("Organized crime, please hold...organized crime, please hold...). This is a very 'character'-driven episode, and it's hilarious. There's also some great sketches between movie watching. In one sketch, Joel and the Robots psychoanalyze Jimmy to show that more than just 'drunk folks' are behind his problems. (Crow, or course, determines that Jimmy is just stupid.)

This DVD is a laugh riot, and a quintessential Joel episode. It feels like plunking down on the couch and watching a film with your best buddies; I think that's the main charm of the Joel years of the show. Newcomers and old fans alike will want this classic. (There are absolutely no extras on the DVD, however, but the episode is such a gem, it doesn't matter.)

4-0 out of 5 stars Joel and the 'bots save another lame movie from obscurity
Sometimes I think the greatest contribution "Mystery Science Theater 3000" made to society was reintroducing hundreds of terrible movies that most people would never have watched again and warned us all how not to tell a story. Case in point -- "I Accuse My Parents." A young man, ignored by his parents, falls into a life of crime by becoming a courier for a mobster, is blissfully stupid enough not to NOTICE he has become a courier for a mobster, falls for the mobster's girlfriend and then lays the whole thing at his parents' feet when he winds up in court. And all this from a kid who actually won an essay contest.

The movie, naturally, was meant to preach a point about parental responsibility, and does it in such a heavy-handed, "beating you over the head" sort of way that even the title seems like a sermon. Thank Heavens for Joel and the 'bots. As always, they tear this terrible flick apart with their usual wit, savvy and sheer zaniness. From a hysterical spoof of the nightclub scene in the movie to the fastest one-liners ("Do you think he'd ever accuse us?"), they make yet another turkey bearable.

As with most MST3K solo DVDs, this one is pretty sparce in the special features department. On the other hand, what is there to really add to something like this? Sure, it'll most likely appeal to fans of the show only, but if you're not a fan of the show, you don't know what you're missing anyway.

5-0 out of 5 stars "Maaaad About The Boy!"
A Classic MST3K right from the start! We all know of Tom Servo's huge ego, but when Crow paints him entirely pink, all Servo can do is admire his "nakedness" in a mirror and sing "I'm just maaad about the boy!" Until Joel and Crow pop his balloon by reminding him that he has no legs and his arm's dont work!

The short, "Truck Farming" reminds us how greatful the Mexicans are to come across the border to harvest our delicios carrots so young white people up North can receive their proper nutrition in winter! Plenty of 'bot cannon fodder here! It gives plenty of incentive for children to bend and stoop for a living!

The main movie is an example of Doctor Spock psychoanalysis, but set in the World War 11 generation, and they even attempted to make it a musical! Sure, the father is wooden and the mother is a Honky Tonk lush, but the son's problems do not rise out of that, they rise out of his constant LYING, LYING, LYING! and sheer stupidity! As the "mobile" skit by Joel and the bots exemplify, all his excuses are tiny little things to that huge "STUPID" floating mobile that always interferes and blocks the view of the others!

THe bots do an excellent job in trashing all the stupid songs we have to endure in this stinkburger, and this movie envites all the commentary that can be vomited on it!

Get this one! ... Read more

18. Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Red Zone Cuba
Director: Michael J. Nelson, Joel Hodgson, Vince Rodriguez, Trace Beaulieu, Kevin Murphy (II), Jim Mallon
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If Coleman Francis had never existed, he would have been invented by the writers of MST3K just for the perverse enjoyment of ridiculing him. Here the director of the jaw-droppingly inept The Beast of Yucca Flats tries his hand at a jailbreak film, which takes a surreal veer into an American invasion of Cuba apparently hampered by military budget cuts ("Once all seven of them are in place, the invasion really begins") before ending up in an American tungsten mine. Why? Who knows, but the bots have a ball skewering the film with some of their funniest comments ("I want to hurt this movie but I can never hurt it the way it hurt me") and Mike Nelson becomes so disturbed he turns into Carol Channing. Believe it or not, costar John Carradine rasps out the theme song "Night Train to Mundo Fine" (which was the film's original title). --Sean Axmaker ... Read more

19. Mars Attacks!
Director: Tim Burton
list price: $9.97
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Asin: 0790731452
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 2239
Average Customer Review: 3.47 out of 5 stars
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It's enlightening to view Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! as his twisted satire of the blockbuster film Independence Day, which was released earlier the same year, although the movies were in production simultaneously. Burton's eye-popping, schlock tribute to 1950s UFO movies actually plays better on video than it did in theaters. The idea of invading aliens ray gunning the big-name movie stars in the cast is a cleverly subversive one, and the bulb-headed, funny-sounding animated Martians are pretty nifty, but it all seemed to be spread thin on the big screen. On video, however, the movie's kooky humor seems a bit more concentrated. The Earth actors (most of whom get zapped or kidnapped for alien science experiments) include Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito, Martin Short, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rod Steiger, Michael J. Fox, Lukas Haas, Jim Brown, Tom Jones, and Pam Grier. The digital video disc features an isolated track for Danny Elfman's score, as well as a few other clever and nasty little Martian surprises. --Jim Emerson ... Read more

Reviews (163)

4-0 out of 5 stars Hollywood Attacks
"Mars Attacks!" a film by director Tim Burton, was like a 1996 who's who of the movie industry. Stars were not attracted by a script that showed high art or the greatest feat of the screen writers guild, but rather the chance to work on a fun movie with an amazing director.

"Mars Attacks!" is viually appealing, special effects were state of the art for the time of the movie, and the concept built around a "Topps" trading card set was a wonderful parody of 1950's sci-fi/ horror movies.

The all star cast: Jack Nicholson, Annete Bennning, Michial J. Fox, Glenn Closse, Natalie Portman and Tom Jones (to name a few), were all in rare and wonderfully funny form.

Unlike the majority of director Tim Burton's work, this film is by no means "dark," but both funny and satirical at the same time. The movie is well made, fast paced, funny and a feast for the eyes.

This is by no means high art (or even middle art for that matter), but worth a watch. A definite must for any Burton fan, or fan of those cheesy old sci-fi movies that it is poking fun at.

5-0 out of 5 stars Campiness at its best!
Hollywood has made movies from books, TV shows, even other movies. However, "Mars Attacks" may be the first time a movie was made from a trading card.

Back in the late 1960s, Topps Cards created a line of Mars Attacks trading cards. However, these cards were pulled off the shelves after only a few months because the aliens depicted on them were considered to be too gruesome. My, how times have changed.

Director Tim Burton has taken those old trading cards and recreated them into this Sci-Fi B-movie throwback. In the process, he has created a movie that is pure, guiltless fun.

"Mars Attacks" also benefits from an all-star cast, including Jack Nicholson (in a dual-role), Michael J. Fox, Sarah Jessica Parker, Pierce Brosnan, Martin Short, Danny Devito, Glenn Close, Natalie Portman, Tom Jones, Annette Bening, Lukas Haas, Jim Brown, and many others. The fact that you get to watch the aliens disentegrate (and otherwise kill) many of these stars only adds to the fun. Unfortunately, Tom Jones wasn't one of those unlucky stars. Maybe someday a sequel will be made that will rectify that. :)

Oh yeah........ did I happen to mention that Congress gets vaporized? This proves that the Martians aren't all bad!

The DVD comes with many extras, including quite a few production notes that helps you to understand how the movie came to be. This is one movie that you will want to see over and over again (especially anytime that Congress is getting on your nerves).

3-0 out of 5 stars mars attacks-an all star cast
well theres not much of a story.mars attacks.stars are many.jack nicholson is the president.christina applegate is a rednecks ol that wyona ryder?maybe not.danny devito plays a gambler.wayne newton as well wayne newton.the kids can watch it,but it could freak out the real little ones.tim burton directs this one so it is great as is one of his best films.there are many creative ideas and imagination galore all throughout this one.the aliens are abselutely hysterical.christina applegate is in it but only for a second.then theres this chick who cheats on michael j fox with pierce this guy always stealing someones woman on his movies?anyway,shes tacky.the hippie chick in it is hot but very deeply emotionaly disturbed.this is a really funny movie and everyone but jack nicholsons personal best.the special effects are not fantastic but the ideas that go into them are very creative.

5-0 out of 5 stars Destined to be a CLASSIC!
When I first heard that Tim Burton was going to turn the Mars Attacks trading cards into a movie I couldn't imagine how he could adapt them for the big screen for under 100 million, but when I saw it I said to myself, "FINALLY! Some has found a good use for CGI!" This very funny sci-fi comedy is destined to become a classic and is one of the most imaginatively produced films in ages. Featuring tons of great cameos by stars - particularly Jack Nicholson, who plays a dual role and Tom Jones - Mars Attacks also boasts a great score, lots of wild, funny action and, yes.... LOTS OF GREAT DEATH SCENES! Yes, folks, it is DAMN FUNNY when people get killed; heck, SLAUGHTERED, in this film! Yep, death CAN be funny, especially when it happens to movie stars who are all so obviously movie stars in a fantasy movie. I only wish they could have killed a "better" class of movie ACKters, the ones you WANT to see die, like Will Smith, Bruce Willis, Steven Segal, Arn-OLD, Julia Roberts, any model turned actress and virtually EVERY movie star who came to prominence from the time this film was released until NOW (and beyond, it seems). With today's atmosphere, where the world over, especially here in the U.S., people are so insanely and blindly freaful of a coming apocalypse, it's always good to bring it all out on screen, particularly when it's done in such an over-the-top fashion as this. I wouldn't be surprised to see this film become a big hit it it were re-released to theatres today (HEY, ANYONE OUT THERE REMEMBER ANOTHER LITTLE CLASSIC BY THE NAME OF DR. STRANGELOVE, WHICH CAME OUT DURING THE HEIGHT OF THE COLD WAR AND IN WHICH THE ENTIRE EARH WAS DEVASTATED IN THE END????!!!!) Sheesh, some "people"!

5-0 out of 5 stars It is a comedy.
Neglected masterpiece, misunderstood and unappreciated by far too many. It is not perfect, perhaps could benefit from some extra production time, but the film's incredible inventiveness, brilliantly wacky humor and fantastic sets, more than compensate for its shortcomings. Great, brutal fun. ... Read more

20. Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Manos, the Hands of Fate
Director: Michael J. Nelson, Joel Hodgson, Vince Rodriguez, Trace Beaulieu, Kevin Murphy (II), Jim Mallon
list price: $19.95
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Asin: B00005S8L6
Catlog: DVD
Sales Rank: 4850
Average Customer Review: 4.47 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (179)

5-0 out of 5 stars Manos is Positively the Worst Film I've Ever Seen
The five stars are for the MST3000 version. You think "Plan Nine from Outer Space" was bad? This film makes "Plan Nine" look like "Citizen Kane." It's worth seeing just to see how bad a movie can be. One sees such scenes and what can say, but, "Salieri!"

5-0 out of 5 stars a true classic of MST3k
Please ignore the 2 star review below. This guy is obviously commenting on the movie itself, while this page is about the MST3k episode. As for Manos, taken on its own it is undoubtedly the worst, worst, worst movie ever made. Some people say Ed Wood was the worst director ever. Well, at least he knew how to keep the camera focused! What can you say about a movie that's so bad even Dr. F and Frank apologize for it?

However, the MST3k episode is fantastic. The worst movie ever makes for one of its best episodes. I was lucky enough to tape it while it could still be shown, but you can get it on video now. So what are you waiting for? Pop the tape in the VCR and get ready for an experience you'll remember forever!

Look, it's a field! And another field, and another field...

5-0 out of 5 stars One of MST3K's trademark episodes.
It has quite a few of them. Episodes that immediately come to mind when you think MST3K. There's "Red Zone Cuba." And "Prince of Space." And "Mitchell." In fact, I'd estimate there's about a dozen or so in all.

But this is THE trademark episode, the one that MSTies--usually a very divided community--can all agree on as being wonderful. And wonderful it is.

The only bad thing I can find in this whole episode is Joel's invention of the Cartuner. It just didn't work for me and the skit lasted too long. But everything else is nigh-perfect. Hired! Part II (Electric Boogaloo); the riffing on the Master and his ridiculous robe; "I don't believe it, they just dissolved to the same scene"; the Mads apologizing; "She's my baby, she'll understand"; the anguish caused by the teenagers and the cops; HANDS: THE HANDS OF FATE; and so much more!

And we mustn't forget Torgo!

2-0 out of 5 stars Hands of Boredom
I am normally a die hard fan of MST3K, but this is their best work. I bought this video because I heard it was funny and it was a waste of money. My friends and I coundn't stay awake durring the film. We tried many times to whatch it but it never improved. If you are looking for a good MST3K movie whatch The Angels Revenge or The Pod People, don't waste your time on this movie.

5-0 out of 5 stars ...Huh?
Yeah that's right...Huh? This is, without question, one of the worst movies Joel and the Bots have EVER been forced to watch! Here's a run-down of the plot: 1)A family is seen driving in open country for about an hour. Why? Who knows. 2) The family arrives at a or motel and these four (or is it five) innocent people meet the scariest, most horrible thing you will ever see in a MST3K episode...a peg-legged creep with disturbing sudden urges to touch people. 3)Plot cascades in to non-sense as the family dog gets killed by something, and these people meet up with 'Master' and his wives.

The commentary throughout this movie is hilarious. I couldn't tell you about the skits in-between movie sections cuz I never watch them...but nevertheless, the movie part, anyway, is great! I can tell why Manos(which means 'Hands' in spanish): Hands of Fate is the most popular episode of MST3K. I can also tell why Torgo is one of the most joked about characters in MST3K.

So, this episode is in my top five favorite episodes, along with... "Mitchell", "Cave Dwellers", "Eegah", and "Shorts II". See them all! ... Read more

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